7 Best Potato Peeler Options For Your Kitchen

A superb Potato Peeler is required for a perfectly peeled potato. There are various options available, whether you want a smooth glide to julienne or just want the peeler to handle all the job. When you’ve finished peeling, slice, dice, or mash the potatoes for the perfect dinner side.

The OXO Good Grips Swivel Potato Peeler is the best potato peeler because it combines sharp, easy peeling with a comfortable, non-slip grip. Thanks to its rubberized handle and the brand’s dependable warranty, it narrowly beat out the Spring Chef alternative (our #2 recommendation).

To find the best potato peeler, we put over 50 of the highest-rated alternatives on the market to the test. We then whittled our list down to the top seven. We employed the following criteria to do this: blade quality, grip, speed, and format. Continue reading to discover more about the OXO Good Grips Swivel Potato Peeler and our other top picks for today’s best potato peelers.

Best Potato Peeler Options For Your Kitchen

Starfrit 093209-006-BLCK Electric Rotato Express Potato Peeler

The Rotato Express, our pick for the best peeler machine, does all the work while you prepare other ingredients. You don’t need to touch or hold it as it peels because it takes care of everything once you’ve inserted the fruit or vegetable and hit the button. This electric potato peeler is also extremely sensitive, making it safe to use even on tomatoes. It has a non-slip base, so you won’t have to worry about it moving about while peeling potatoes. Because it is battery-operated, this electric potato peeler is also portable. It also includes 2 replacement blades, a thumb knife for paring potatoes, and a 6V adaptor, and it’s available on Amazon. For quick paring, the thumb knife comes in handy.

OXO Good Grips Potato Peeler

Our #1 Pick is the OXO Good Grips Potato Peeler With dual swivelling stainless steel blades that allow you to peel in both directions, the OXO potato peeler prioritises comfort, making it ideal for both left-handed and right-handed cooks. Our top selection also has a large, thick rubber handle, making it the best potato peeler for arthritis-prone hands.
Even for people with more sensitive wrists, its design requires less strength to operate successfully. It’s a pressure-absorbing rubber handle that provides excellent grip and minimal hand tension. Finally, OXO offers a satisfaction guarantee for life. If you’re “not satisfied,” the corporation will replace or refund your money. Food preparation will be helped by the best chopper.

KitchenAid KC112OHAQA Classic Euro Potato Peeler

This potato peeler maintains its sharpness for a long time thanks to the use of a high-carbon stainless steel blade. There’s also a sheath included for when you’re not using it. Its plastic body is robust and dishwasher safe, and its compact size and plastic blade cover make it easy to store among other kitchen items. The unique shape of the Classic Euro Potato Peeler makes it a very simple potato peeler to use. When it comes to fantastic kitchen accessories, the best spray bottle may be used for a variety of tasks.

Kuhn Rikon 3-Set Original Swiss Potato Peeler

This potato peeler is one of the few models on the market that employs carbon steel, which is known for its sharpness and is preferred by professionals in the food business. This y-model potato peeler gives you more control when peeling potatoes. It peels potatoes, lemons, apples, and even the uneven surface of celeries with ease, thanks to its straight edge blade. A set of three is included, which is ideal for home chefs or business locations. When it comes to kitchen window washing, the best extension squeegee has you covered.

Precision Kitchenware Ultra Sharp Stainless Steel Dual Julienne & Potato Peeler

With its sleek stainless steel blade and body, the Precision Kitchenware Peeler can be used as both a potato peeler and a julienne peeler. This peeler can even handle the rough skin of butternut squash because to its steel-backed resilience.

Despite the fact that the blades on this peeler are extremely sharp, it comes with a protective cover for safe storage. With its sharp serrated blade, it also produces the best output with the least wastage. If anything goes wrong with this model, you can rest easy knowing that it’s covered by a lifetime warranty. It’s also easy to find on Amazon.

Spiralizer Die-Cast Magnesium Potato Peeler

Spring Chef Premium Swivel Potato Peeler

The two stainless steel blades on this potato peeler allow for perfect peeling and keep their sharpness even after frequent usage. This is also our favourite carrot peeler because the sharp blade makes peeling lengthy things like carrots or zucchini a breeze. The blades’ swivel mechanism makes peeling from any angle simple.

The handle is lightweight and ergonomically built to make it easy to hold and use. You can peel multiple potatoes without interrupting your flow, albeit it does take some time to dry after washing. The fact that it’s dishwasher safe earns it extra points. While cooking, the best digital pocket scale will assist you in weighing materials.

How We Tested

We bought a variety of popular, well-reviewed peelers (some Y-shaped, some traditional) and used them to peel a large carrot, a baking potato, and a Gala apple. We rated each one based on how comfortable the handle was, how sharp the blades were, how many swipes it took to peel uneven pieces of produce, and whether it only removed the peel or also removed some of the flesh.

We also assessed the type of metal utilized in the blades, as well as whether or not the peelers were dishwasher safe and any other features. We also put five serrated peelers to the test by peeling Compari tomatoes and evaluating them using the same criteria.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which electric potato peeler is the best on the market?

Our pick for the best electric potato peeler is the Starfrit Rotato Peeler, which handles all the jobs with just one button click. It also has a non-slip base, so you can peel your potatoes without fear of slipping.

Which julienne peeler is the best?

Precision Kitchenware Dual Julienne & Potato Peeler is our top selection for the best julienne peeler. Its serrated blade makes long, thin potato slices with ease.

Is there a potato peeler that works automatically?

Yes, automatic peelers such as the Starfrit Rotato Peeler are available. With automatic potato peelers, all you have to do is place the fruit or vegetable you want peeled in the machine, and it will peel it for you at the touch of a button.

Is it better to use a serrated or straight blade?

Serrated blades are ideal for softer foods with glossy or waxy surfaces, as well as julienne veggies. Straight blades, on the other hand, are best for tougher fruits and vegetables because they allow you to remove the skin without wasting much of the flesh.

Is it true that your peelers are superior?

Y-shaped peelers are preferable for large, round foods like apples and potatoes, because they provide more control and dexterity. It’s also more versatile and less taxing on your wrist.

Is it possible to use electric potato peelers?

Electric potato peelers are perfect for people who work a lot in the kitchen and would rather assign certain jobs, such as peeling potatoes, to others. Electric potato peelers are also beneficial to the elderly or those who prefer not to strain their wrists when peeling potatoes.

What’s the difference between a Y peeler and a swivel peeler?

Peeling larger fruits and vegetables with Y-shaped peelers provides you with more dexterity and control. Swivel peelers, on the other hand, are great for removing potato eyes and peeling smaller items.

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