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Ad Spy tools: The affiliate marketing industry is highly competitive. Affiliate marketers still make a lot of money, even though the market has become very crowded over the past few years. However, the outcomes don’t come easily. To achieve your goal, you must consistently perform at your best.

You must utilize the best Ad Spy tools with the broadest range of cutting-edge capabilities and be aware of what other affiliates are doing. Internet marketers must monitor their rivals and always strive to stay one step ahead of them.

These are the top 7 affiliate marketing Ad Spy tools in use today and how they may help you! In this article, we’ll learn everything there is to know about the top advertising tools. From the most effective to the best Adspy tool, we’ll discuss them all.

What do Affiliate Marketing Spy Tools do?

A spy tool is a library of landing pages and creatives that are utilised across a range of traffic sources, in a variety of geographies, industries, and ad formats. Based on the features provided by various ad spy tools, you can view and frequently download the most popular, most clicked, longest-running, and most effective landing pages and creatives.

To provide you with the most recent information on top performers, they are updated every day or even every hour. There are numerous types of Ad spy tools, some of which specialise in a specific traffic source, such as Facebook or native advertising, while others offer a wide range of options in a single package.

7 Best Affiliate Marketing Spy Tools

Selecting a Adspy tool may not be as challenging as selecting a traffic source due to the abundance of options! However, there are enough possibilities available to warrant some initial investigation. After telling you what to look for in an affiliate marketing Ad spy tool, we can now give you some of our top Ad Spy tools picks:

#1. Adplexity


One of the biggest and most sophisticated surveillance tools available to media buyers is called Adplexity. Additionally, it’s divided into several push, mobile, native, desktop, adult, e-commerce, and carrier alternatives. Without going into great detail about each edition of the ad spy tool, it is difficult to enumerate all the advantages of Adplexity. The design appears to have an astonishing number of search and filtering options, and the community as a whole finds it to be highly user-friendly.

Just to point out some of the best aspects of Adplexity Push: It contains the most push traffic data from over 80 countries; 10 push traffic sources; 90 carriers; and 100 affiliate networks; and it lets you view what advertisements are served on carrier traffic. Affiliate marketers may filter advertising using Adplexity’s keyword, advertiser, publisher, and affiliate network filters. Once you have your findings, you can filter the affiliate marketing ad campaigns based on when and what times of the week they work best, whether they are running on desktop or mobile, which traffic source they are using, and what placements they are using to drive the most traffic.

Each of the several alternatives has a special benefit to offer, and they all collect data in real-time. Prices range from $149 to $249 for the tool, depending on the configuration. Check the list of networks that are supported to see if your favourite traffic sources are on it. If they are, you can use the detailed information about each campaign that is provided.


#2. Anstrex


Native, push, and dropshipping solutions are all three provided by Anstrex. It’s a fantastic, reasonably priced application that provides lots of data insights. The community really likes Anstrex because it is easy to use, has a clear interface, has the best price, and has a huge collection of easily downloadable landing pages and creatives. Anstrex Push gets more than 3 million ads from 92 countries, 15 traffic sources, and 38 affiliate networks.

Keywords, ad networks, categories, nations, devices, affiliate networks, tracking tools, and other criteria can be used to filter the results. You can also check each campaign’s CPC bid history and search for advertising in other languages using English keywords. And these are only a few of the outstanding qualities worth highlighting! Anstrex is the most affordable spy tool in terms of price and features. It costs $59.99 for native ads and $79.99 for push ads, for a total of $124.99.

#3. Dropispy


Dropispy is a crucial and reasonably priced advertising spying tool. The second one gives you all the tools you need to make progress as quickly as possible in any field. Are you shocked that Dropispy has surpassed Adspy in the rankings? Read our in-depth comparison of Adspy and Dropispy to find out why this choice was made. You have the chance to learn more about the titanic battle between the two best advertising tools, Dropispy and AdSpy.

The software’s functions include an ad-spy tool and a shop spy tool. With the help of its adspy programme, Dropispy can track ads on social media, gather them, and store them in a sizable database so that anybody may access them. So, once you have access to the tool, you can learn everything there is to know about the competition. In fact, the app makes it easy to find the “winning product,” look at all web ads and copy the most effective ones to improve marketing strategies through innovation, and know everything about the products your competitors are selling.

#4. SpyPush


If you’re wondering why we chose to focus on the push versions of each spy tool instead of the other options, it’s because we needed a fair way to compare them while adding SpyPush, a spy tool that only works with push traffic. The community is astounded by how simple and rapid the search flow’s response is. The programme is ideal for novices due to its low cost and straightforward user interface. Additionally, for those newbies who want to test out an ad spy tool while on a tight budget, the free edition that affiliate marketers have access to for 14 days is ideal.

SpyPush has the top 10 push notification networks as well as more than 2 million push ads from more than 95 countries. You may sort the results by country, ad networks, devices, languages, popularity, activity, “first display” date, and other criteria. You can filter the results using keywords (including in a foreign language). Additionally, comprehensive information on landing pages, creative leaps, and creativity is available. You may download land and creatives with only one click for a monthly fee of $49. We think that’s a great offer for beginners!

#5. AdSpy


As an online business, you are aware of AdSpy. Among web ad spy tools, this tool is frequently considered the best. The fact that the instrument carries and assumes this reputation is also not insignificant. The tool’s large database gives you all the information you need to get into any online business. The tool’s useful features and extensive selection of search, filter, and sort choices will enable you to rapidly identify a winner, fine-tune your marketing efforts, and, most importantly, innovate more swiftly. Despite having everything you need to start dropshipping, the tool’s advertising pricing is too exorbitant to allow you to even imagine using it whenever you want.

#6. AdPeriscope

AdPeriscope spy app

AdPeriscope is a spying app that solely displays sexual advertisements. Since it was manufactured by Anstrex employees, there may be some similarities between the two goods. The general consensus is that AdPeriscope delivers on its promises. It’s a fantastic tool with a huge selection of pornographic advertisements. Additionally, it is believed to provide outstanding value for the money. It has stock from more than 50 countries; all of the major adult networks; and more than 150 mobile carriers.

You may sort your data by length, ad strength, date-seen, and Alexa rank of the landing page after searching by keywords, ad-network, country, mobile carrier, device type, language, and third-party trackers. Even better, you can set up a vault of favourites. AdPeriscope, which costs $89.99, is a must-have for advertisers who target mostly adult visitors. While the native option alone costs $59.99, the push choices are priced at $79.99. However, the monthly cost for dual packs is $124.99. This is a fair price for fantastic data coverage.

#7. Mobidea



The advertising network Mobidea has its own espionage software! Mobidea gives you the choice between two ad types: native and push, and it has a large selection of advertising that you can track. Mobidea has the potential to outperform even the most venerable spy tools. In addition to the amazing data coverage, the Mobidea Push Ads Spy Tool provides insights into precisely which traffic sources work best with a certain offer, as well as the most recent statistics on which devices and nations are being targeted. Additionally, you may find out just how much each campaign’s rivals are offering to pay for clicks. While the native option alone costs $59.99, the push choices are priced at $79.99. However, the monthly cost for dual packs is $124.99, a fair price for fantastic data coverage.


Spy tools are necessary for staying on top of your competition. They let you gain inquisitive insights into what’s going on in the industry and help you make choices regarding your future business moves.  The most important thing to remember when choosing a spy tool is to decide exactly what sort of ads you’ll be spying on. Also, make sure to check if the spy tool’s inventory includes your favorite traffic sources and ad networks.

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