Alternatives to Watch Game of Thrones Free online

The most popular TV show and the masterpiece Game of Thrones free (GOT) is undoubtedly not a one-time watch. If you wish to enjoy it again and again, either online or offline, then you are in the right place.

Let me tell you; you can now watch Game of Thrones free. The story behind the show is such a perfect piece, and It is mesmerizing to see it alive in the episodes. Game of Thrones ran on HBO for more than eight years, from 2011 to 2019. The eight seasons of the show were equally gripping.

In the US, the series had more than two million viewers. The current viewer count has now exceeded to more than 11 million users. You can watch GOT online free all episodes of the eight seasons at HBO and related channels, but unfortunately, they are not free.

It would help if you bought the subscription. But as we know, when there is a will, there is always a way. Now you thought, where to watch game of thrones for free. Let us find you some of the websites for watch GOT online free, where you can watch your all-time favorite show.

Online Alternatives to Watching Game of Thrones Free

Instead of buying the DVDs of all eight seasons of capturing series Game of Thrones, you can think of using some more cost-effective options like those online channels that provide you access to their libraries. Therefore if you have a PC OR MAC, you can access the Game of Thrones for free through these channels. The following websites do not even need any subscription and allow you to watch GOT.

1. Sockshare

Watch Game of Thrones Free online

Game of Thrones All eight seasons are available to watch on this website. It is a leading website for streamed video content with a bulk of movies and TV shows. You will be one of the thousand people who enjoy the content. As with youtube videos, you will encounter a few paid advertisements while watching the episode. You can find the website easily through a google search engine.

2. FMovies

Watch Game of Thrones Free online

Many of us may not have heard of this website. However, it is not so popular yet an excellent streaming channel. Along with the eight seasons of Game of Thrones, it contains a whole list of famous movies and TV shows. If you have not visited the site yet, then search it on google and explore your favorite content. You can choose between normal or HD streaming. Again, a sound internet connection is key to enjoy your free online experience.

3. Putlocker


Equally popular as Sockshare, Putlocker is home to countless movies and TV shows. The entire Game of Thrones episode for free, along with the related content, can be accessed so easily through the site search bar. Downloading the paid episodes will not only cost you money but decrease the available free space on your PC. Ensure you have a sound internet connection, and it should be fast enough to speed up the buffering.

4. Watch Series TV

Watch Series TV

Although this site is new, the episodes are not only available easily but in chronological order. If you are excited enough to share your free discovery, you can share the link with the available share options on the page. This website is unique in a way that allows you to share the content through social media.

Cable Alternatives

1. HBO add-on, HBO GO, and HBO Now


If you have subscribed to Sling TV, Direct TV, Amazon Prime, or Hulu, you can include HBO as an add-on. You can simply enter a request to your cable TV provider. The offering is almost free or may charge you a little and will provide you access to HBO. Consider the cost of subscribing to the HBO channel separately or downloading the paid episodes online. The HBO add-on will save your money. If you are fortunate enough to get a free trial of many cable channels, HBO may be one of them.

If you are residing in the US and have already bought HBO’s premium subscription, you can have access to HBO GO. HBO Now also allows access to the movies and shows available on HBO. It is very similar to HBO Go, although it is a stand-alone service. It can be used without the cable or satellite subscription and works well on tablets and phones to stream it easily.



With the support of Chromecast, Miracast, and WiDi, SPB TV is a free application that enables you to watch TV Shows on your Android devices. No need to mention again, you need a steady internet connection for the best streaming experience. Not only you can have access to the complete series of watch GOT online free but enjoy more than 200 channels from all around the world. SPB TV is an excellent watching experience for the viewers as all HBO Channels are also available.

3. Yidio


This excellent free video streaming service is embedded with Prime Video, HBO Now, and Roku as well. It provides multiple coverages to streaming services. You can select from several links to open the episodes.  This platform allows you to stream all eight seasons with a fast internet connection and without any subscription. Each episode can be bought free of cost for once.

4. Kodi


Are you a Kodi user who wants to watch Game of Thrones for free on Kodi, then this article is for you?

Free and open-source software Kodi is not only a media player but also a video streaming hub. It has one of the largest sources of movies and TV Shows.  Kodi is fantastic as it supports almost all types of file formats. It is possible to browse, import, and play media files from your computer or any local network. Kodi can be easily run on several devices like Linux, Windows, IOS, and Android devices. You need to install the required add-on that will find out your favorite episodes of GOT.

IOS Alternatives

If you are an Apple user, you still have the option to watch your favorite show on all Apple devices in a way very similar to Android solutions. We will list the following applications that are made especially for IOS.

1. Moviebox


All eight seasons of Game of Thrones are available free on this popular and free website. You need to stream and download movies and TV shows. Moviebox is another name for the android version of Showbox. You can download it easily on your Apple device. Moviebox being very similar to Showbox, allows you to taste all the perks offered by Android’s Showbox for free.

2. Hotstar


Available in India, the US, and Canada, Hotstar is a movie and a TV Series streaming website. It is an add-free source to watch all episodes of Game of Throne, but you need to subscribe first. You can watch Latest News, Star TV shows, Previews, and Highlights, and of course, you can watch GOT online free on it.

3. HBO Max


HBO Max fully integrates with all Apple products, and it offers all the best things about Warner Media and Apple.  Whether it is the iphone’s Apple TV app or it is on iPod, iPad touch, or simply Apple TVs, you can stream through the content for countless hours and, of course, your favorite and most demanding Game Of Thrones for free. However, it is currently supported only in the US and related territories. It is a premium service.

Game of Thrones, one of the most popular and demanding TV show.  Its popularity isn’t limited to the US, but millions of fans across the globe like it. However, the disadvantage is that the streamers outside the US cannot catch the latest episodes.

It is due to the lack of a regional broadcasting license. But the geographical web content restrictions, you can still watch Game of Thrones on Android from anywhere with a VPN.

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