Angular Components as Solutions to Web Development

Need not mention but let’s just recall, angular momentum units developed and backed by Google, is an open-source and undoubtedly one of the most preferred and used frameworks for web app development all across the globe. In this article we will discussed about Angular component and angular material components.

All it takes is just to hire Angular component developers and get a mind-blowing application for your business developed!

What’s Behind such Fame Received by Angular?

The credit goes to its features and functionalities for winning hearts. Speaking of the same, there are some Angular components that have led to amazing web development solutions with their use. We have added some major and well-known Angular components ahead in this write-up.

But before having a look at them, it is first important to know the true essence of angular 2.0 components.

Let’s get started!

What are the Angular Components?

The Angular components are known to determine views representing sets of screen elements framework is allowed to choose between. They define classes, having program logic and data. In simpler words, they are the pieces of code that can either be dependent or independent on other lines of code and have a class, template, and metadata.

Angular components are reusable as well, thus, minimizing the time invested and effort of the developer.

Angular Material Components Library

Angular material components Design UI component library is developed by the Angular team itself. The components it further provides involve buttons, form controls, navigation, building blocks for presenting content, data tables, popups, and modals, etc. to use in web application development. By making use of common interaction patterns, you can even try your hands over tailor-made components.

1. Dragula

Dragula has a thing that can be referred to as the drag-and-drop technology that allows you to not just make your app development process with Angular simple but accelerate it as well. In comparison to all other drag-and-drop libraries and frameworks, Dragula is different with its ability to be applied to layout creation along with actual product content.

For example, using Dragula, you can drag the content in multiple directions. You can hire expert Angular developers to make the best use of Dragula for scaling up the development game of your Angular application.

2. NGX-Bootstrap

NGX-Bootstrap is an open-source project licensed under MIT. Powered by Angular, it offers its users with an extensive range of components. Its long list of robust elements contain alerts, taps, buttons, pagination, popover, progress bar, dropdown menus, modal dialogs, custom tooltips, and much more.

3. Ng2-Handsontable

Ng2-Handsontable has been created in JavaScript and is a data grid component performance somewhat similar to React, Vue, and Angular. It helps with some amazing and matchless features like custom buttons, borders, data sorting, grouping, scrolling, filtering, checkbox, context menu, header tooltips, data binding, validation, etc. It also has a bunch of plugins for quick and effective solutions.

4. Ng2-Charts

Ng2-charts, licensed under MIT, comes with a variety of amazing looking charts for Angular2, which is based on Chart.js. One exciting and trending feature is that it is available in both dark and light themes. It has one directive known as the baseChart for all sorts of charts.

5. Nebular

This Angular 8 UI library we know as Nebular has been developed with the intent to achieve beautiful designs that suit your brand completely. It has in store a lot ranging from four visual themes, a robust theming engine with support of custom CSS properties mode, global features like layout, card and more, navigation, forms, modals & overlays, extra features like alert, icon, spinner, etc. CDK (Сalendar Kit), data table, and so on.

6. Ng2-File-Upload

While you may not consider file upload something important initially, it becomes an important aspect later that needs to be paid attention to. If your application is the one having features like chats, messaging, or data sharing options, you must offer your users a way to upload files for that particular data. It must have a provision to upload or download in order to exchange different files.

7. Ngx-Progress-Bar

Your need for simple progress bar control for your applications based on Angular 2 and using Bootstrap 3 design get fulfilled well by Ngx-progress-bar. Its nature as a native component eliminates the need to use jQuery. Ngx-progress-bar also diminishes the need to apply Bootstrap by coming up with proper CSS class names.

8. Ngx-Dropdown

For all the Angular2 apps using Bootstrap3, Ngx-dropdown, licensed under MIT, is an excellent dropdown alternative to be used. You can use it without using Bootstrap by simply removing the class names. It is so famous that it receives over 853 downloads a week at

9. Fuel-UI

A creation of Fuel Travel, Fuel-UI has a range of some plausible native Angular 2 components, pipes, directives, along with animations for Bootstrap 4. Accordion, dropdown, modal popups, alert boxes, progress bar, scroller, menu, pagination, sliders, TextExpander, tags, TimePicker, tabs, etc. are some UI components it provides for developing the desired web apps.

10. Ng2-Start

Ng2-start, as you can imply from the name, is an Angular 2 starter pack with WebPack. Now while the development of the app template takes a good investment of time and effort, making use of the ng2-start kit here allows you to fasten this process.


Who doesn’t want push notifications? Everybody does for them being so effective! You can use Ng2-notifications for native push notifications. There is the Notification API that lets web pages control the display of notifications on the end of the users. This API works in sync with present notification systems as well across various platforms.

The Bottom Line

There is no doubt that Angular Components is a comprehensive framework with plenty of impressive qualities. All its components let you construct applications that are efficient inside out across all platforms. The options are available in such a massive variety that you can make a choice of the relevant one easily based on your requirements.

In the end, just make sure to hire independent developers who can dedicate his/her time and focus on the accomplishment and success of the development of your application!

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