15+ Anime GIF Websites to Visit for Best Gifs Collections in 2024

With its origins in Japan, anime is an animated storytelling medium that has gained popularity across the globe for its diverse range of genres, captivating plots, and distinctive artistic styles. In the digital age, fans of anime have found new and creative ways to express their love. The fascinating world of anime GIF is one example of this kind of artistic expression.

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The Anime GIF Craftsmanship

Anime GIFs, short for Graphics Interchange Format, are animated stills from short-lived anime movies or television shows. These iconic scenes, character expressions, and amazing action sequences are all condensed into a looping format in these animated segments. Anime GIFs are popular because they offer viewers a visual feast while being a quick and simple means of expressing emotions, humor, or intensity.

Why do GIFs matter so much?

GIFs come in handy when you need something that’s exactly in between an image and a video. If you wanted to incorporate a few actions into an article, you would have to use a series of images or a 6-second video, which is not only difficult to make visually appealing but also difficult to produce as videos themselves. Using a GIF is the most appropriate option in such circumstances.

We’ve put together a list of examples to show how different companies use GIFs to explain simple product steps.

Why do GIFs matter so much?

Exchange and Growth

Anime GIF production has developed into a separate art form. Viewers use a variety of tools and software to extract, modify, and combine scenes into GIFs. They can also add effects and subtitles or change scenes to create humorous or unique variations. Social media sites dedicated to anime, such as Twitter, Reddit, and Tumblr, serve as vibrant forums where fans share their works and contribute to the ever-expanding anime GIF collection.

Navigating Ethically and Copyright

While there’s no denying that the anime GIF culture is a celebration of creativity and enthusiasm, it’s important to be mindful of copyright and ethical considerations. While some studios and artists make money when GIFs are distributed for advertising, others might be more cautious with their intellectual property. Maintaining a healthy and morally pure anime GIF community requires observance of copyright laws and respect for the original creators.

Enchanting and Unparalleled

One remarkable feature of anime GIFs is their ability to condensibly capture the essence of an entire series. The heartfelt character expressions, the exciting action, and the comedic brilliance of particular scenes show how these GIFs transport viewers back to the magic of their favorite anime moments in a bite-sized chunk.

Enchanting and Unparalleled

Impact on International Fandom and Culture

Anime-related GIFs have developed into a global vernacular among anime enthusiasts. These animated images promote connection and communication among supporters and are shared via forums, social media sites, and messaging apps. GIFs are a fun way for fans of anime from different backgrounds to interact with other anime fans and share their enthusiasm. The appeal of anime is universal and transcends linguistic boundaries.

Top Websites for Anime GIFs

The most well-known websites for anime GIFs are as follows:

1. Tumblr

2. Tumblr

In 2007, David Karp launched Tumblr. The platform’s operational framework is a cross between microblogging and a social media website. It also hosts content that goes beyond GIFs and microblogs. You can find quotes, pictures, videos, and audio on Tumblr. There’s also an “Asks” section on the website. Users can ask questions, and members can answer them. GIF anime works best with it.

Facts and statistics about Tumblr:

  • It hosts more than 500 million web pages.
  • Over 15 million posts are published every day.
  • Users can upload audio, text, photos, GIFs, videos, and live videos.
  • For $3 million, Automattic purchased it.
  • There are apps available for Android and iOS.



Jack Cooke, Henry Lockwood, and Alex Chung founded Giphy in 2013. Together, they created what we believe to be one of the world’s most important GIF platforms. Giphy’s collection includes representations of reactions, entertainment, sports, food and drink, animals, action, anime, animation, emotions, and gaming. Action, news, and political GIFs are available by clicking the Categories link, even though these categories are reachable through the main menu.

Furthermore, Giphy has taken extra steps to guarantee that its content is more accessible than most other GIF providers. Giphy expands the possibilities for self-expression by providing users with easy access to its extensive library of GIFs via partnerships with brands and a variety of platforms. GIF anime works best with it.

3. Ezgif

5. Ezgif

GIF editors and creators, like Ezgif, are some of the best out there right now. The application allows users to resize or blur images for use in GIFs, add text to images, and create GIFs.

During the GIF creation process, the platform allows users to manually arrange and edit each image that they include. You can also add other effects to your GIF, like overlays, duration reduction, speed adjustments, color filters, and more.

4. GifBin

6. GifBin

One could argue that Gifbin’s UI is the most uncomplicated and intuitive. Upon accessing the official website, a screen will appear from which you can choose between different animations by using the icon that looks like this. It also has a Browse icon on the homepage that you can use to view recently added GIFs. Among the many categories are the animated videos that have received the most views, comments, and laughs. Apart from controlling the sound of a GIF, the platform also allows for adjusting the GIF’s size and playback speed.

The ability to view different identifiers associated with the GIF in real time is the application’s most beneficial feature. More GIFs of the same kind will show up when you tap on the categories. But because of its mustard and brown color scheme—which lacks the vibrancy of other apps on the list like Tenor and Imgur—users may find the interface a little boring. Think about this as well if you choose an anime GIF.

5. Tenor GIF

3. Tenor GIF

Tenor is a popular GIF search engine that lets users upload and share GIFs with one another. You can quickly express any emotion with the platform’s vast collection of GIFs. Tenor is supportive of your goals, whether they involve making someone feel special or inundating them with profanity. Users can also create GIFs from almost any kind of image or video by using the GIF creator tool on the platform.

GIF Keyboard, an Android app, is Tenor’s most noteworthy feature. You can download the keyboard app from the Google Play Store and use it to convey your feelings in conversations. You can add a caption to go with your GIF. GIF anime works best with it.

6. Imgur

4. Imgur

An enormous collection of viral content from websites like Reddit, Twitter, and others can be found on Imgur, an online community for exchanging photos and GIFs. One of the best places to create GIFs is Imgur, which lets users convert videos to GIF format. Additionally, users can add text and perform other editing tasks with the platform’s excellent GIF editor. Additionally, Imgur has a built-in generator that you can use to create parodies. GIF anime works best with it.

Imgur is one of the better substitutes for Giphy since it provides three different categories for GIFs and memes to be downloaded: “Highest Scoring,” “User Submitted,” and “Most Viral.”

7. Gfycat

9. Gfycat

For those looking for a one-stop shop that provides high-quality resources to create GIF parodies, Gfycat is a great option. Users can create their own GIFs or alter ones that already exist to add uniqueness, in addition to having access to millions of GIFs.

The best thing about Gfycat is that it has amazing GIF categories—celebrity, popular, and trending—with the gaming category being one of the most well-liked. Well-known games like Fortnite, PUBG, Counter-Strike, Star Wars, Dragon Ball Fighter Z, Dark Souls, Mario Kart, Far Cry, Minecraft, GTAV, and others will serve as inspiration for the best gaming GIFs.

8. Reaction GIFs

10. Reaction GIFs

Reaction GIFs were created in 2011. Even though not much can be found online about the company, its influence is significant. Even so, basic classifications like Yes, No, and WOW!Dance Party, GIFs from PopCorn, Funny, Love, and WTF? Are there response GIFs that offer an even wider variety of content? GIFs can be found in many different categories, ranging from “Abandoned Thread” to “Yuck.” If that doesn’t help you find the perfect GIF, you can also use the search fields “My answer is…” and “I am feeling…” Keep that in mind when choosing an anime GIF.

Reaction GIF data and information:

  • Over a hundred million people visit websites each month
  • Over 30% of all visitors are from the United States of America.

9. ImgPlay

7. ImgPlay

ImgPlay is one of the best gif-making apps for iPhones and Android smartphones. It has received ratings of 4.8 stars on the Apple App Store and 4.0 stars on Google Play. The application has a unique GIF editor that lets the user choose multiple images and create GIFs or slideshow-style content. Additionally, you can add a new element to already-generated GIFs to make them more lively.

You can also alter the way your GIF plays back or add a boomerang effect to it. The app also makes it possible to share GIFs created by ImgPlay instantly on social media sites like Instagram, WhatsApp, and Line.

10. Gifs.com

8. Gifs.com

As the name of the website suggests, Images.com offers all the tools required to produce the best images possible for social media sharing. The application is noteworthy for its ability to incorporate whole YouTube videos, which can subsequently be altered and transformed into GIFs. To create a GIF, just copy and paste the URL of the YouTube video into the text field, then crop and remove the desired portion. Text can be added to images in a variety of text designs that are used for reaction GIFs and GIF memes. The GIFs may also include PNGs or external images that are accessible through the platform.

GIFs can also be cropped, flipped, blurred, and inverted on this platform. GIFs.com’s experimental features, like Warp and Ping Pong, are exclusive. Similar to the boomerang mode, the Ping Pong mode gives GIFs a wave motion. On the other hand, the time warp function allows the playback velocity of the GIF to be changed. Think about this as well if you choose an anime GIF

11. Make A Gif

13. Make A Gif

The first Giphy-like website you should check out if you’re looking for animated GIFs is Make a GIF. This website essentially serves as a platform for the production of animated GIFs for the internet. But there are a ton of free GIF collections available on the website as well. To view a page with GIFs, click the “Browse GIFs” link located in the main navigation of the website. GIFs can be filtered using a wide range of categories, such as action, animal, gaming, and many more. You can also find the GIFs you want with the help of the search function.

Creating a GIF is one of the best alternatives to Giphy. This website also offers an API so that developers can use its GIF library.

12. GIFGIFS.com

14. GIFGIFS.com

That being said, GIFGIFS.com is probably not a copy of Giphy because it offers resized GIFs. There won’t be the kind of GIFs that show Tony Stark laughing at someone or Taylor Swift hugging a friend. The GIFs on this page are mostly made of clipart rather than real photos. Furthermore, this website uses categories such as animals, anime, clothing, and so on to further organize the GIFs that it provides. Apart from being able to view GIFs, there are numerous tools for editing them, such as rotating, resizing, cropping, and so on. Think about this as well if you choose an anime GIF.

13. Best Animations

15. Best Animations

Best Animations’ GIF assortments are sufficiently random. It has the advantage of having a dedicated page for each GIF, but it also has clipart-sized GIFs (like those on GIFGIFS.com) and funny GIFs of people (like those on Make A GIF). Think about this as well if you choose an anime GIF.

14. Fg-a.com

16. Fg-a.com

Comparable to GIFGIFS.com, which offers animated GIFs of clipart instead of real images, is Fg-a.com’s collection of GIFs. This website has GIFs related to American holidays, such as Mother’s Day and Independence Day. Therefore, fg-a.com might be a helpful resource if you’re looking for a GIF to go along with a message for a special occasion. Not every GIF icon has its own page on this website, unlike Best Animations.

15. Imgflip

11. Imgflip

Online, Imgflip initially surfaced in 2011. The proprietary online content generator on the website allows users to create images, GIFs, and charts. Additionally, a communal feature has been added, allowing users to share content with their peers. Additionally, Imgflip offers a Pro plan. It gives users the option to remove the Imgflip watermark from content, blocks ads while navigating the website, and provides more storage, better image quality, and longer video lengths.

Imgflip data and statistics:

  • An annual total of 11.2 million visits
  • Integrating Slack and API capabilities

16. Reddit GIFs

12. Reddit GIFs

Almost everybody has heard of Reddit. Steve Huffman, Alexis Ohanian, and Aaron Swartz founded it in 2005. Another name for it is the website’s homepage. Furthermore, Reddit eventually became a resource for GIFs even though it never intended to. Within Reddit’s community-building framework, a group emerged centered around GIFs. Think about this as well if you choose an anime GIF.

GIFs with Reddit community data and facts:

  • Launched in 2009
  • Two hundred participants
  • Supported file formats include gif, gif, ogg, mp4, and webm.
  • There are apps available for Android and iOS.
  • There are sister sites on Reddit for a tonne of other categories.


Anime GIFs stand out as a dynamic and captivating medium in the constantly evolving field of digital expression, allowing fans to relive their favorite anime moments. These animated series serve as a bridge that connects a global community of anime enthusiasts, in addition to serving as a source of personal entertainment. Amid the everlasting charm of the anime world, anime GIF provide a delicious platform for fans to express, share, and relive the magic of their favorite animated adventures.

FAQs about GIFs of anime:

1. What precisely is an anime GIF?

Animated GIFs are GIFs, or graphics interchange formats, made up of pictures taken from anime movies or TV shows. Action scenes and character emotions are among the fleeting moments captured by these recurring, ephemeral animations.

2. How are anime GIFs created?

Anime fans can extract, edit, and compile scenes into GIFs by using a range of tools and programs. With the addition of scene remixes, effects, and subtitles, fans can make unique and customized GIFs.

3. Where can I find anime GIFs?

Anime GIFs are widely shared on social media sites, anime forums, and specialized websites. Popular websites where people find and share anime GIFs include Tumblr, Reddit, and Twitter.

4. Can I make and share GIFs of my anime?

Without a doubt! Make anime GIFs: A lot of fans enjoy making their own. Make sure you have the right tools and software to extract scenes in compliance with copyright laws. It’s highly advised that you share your work on social media sites dedicated to anime.

5. Do you have any questions about anime GIFs’ copyright?

It is imperative to remain cognizant of copyright considerations. GIFs can be distributed for promotional purposes by certain studios and creators, but others might be more protective. As always, give credit where credit is due, and if in doubt, check the content’s copyright policies or get permission.

6. I want to include anime GIFs in my videos and articles. Is that okay?

It is important to follow copyright guidelines when using anime GIFs in your writing. Some GIFs may be considered fair use, while others may require express permission from the copyright holder. Check the anime’s and its creators’ copyright policies in particular.

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