Best Hidden Spy Apps for Android 2021 (Ranking)

Do you know that there are ways to track someone’s phone and spy on their activities without them knowing? Yes, it is very much possible if you find both effective and hidden spy apps for Android devices.

These spy apps are very helpful if you decide to track your kids, partner, or an employee’s activity, or you can read how to restrict apps on android. It also can be useful. A fascinating thing about spyware apps for Android is that you get to see everything on your target’s phone while you remain invisible.

There is an endless list of reasons why you might want to spy on someone’s phone, but those reasons are best known to you. What we can help you with is choosing a top-rated spy app that can guarantee quality results.

Features of the Best Spy App for Android

We didn’t just call these spy apps the best tracking tools for nothing. They have proven to be the best. After thorough and extensive research, we made a list of features and unique characteristics that make them best for tracking someone else’s phone.

Check out the features that make spy apps the best tool for spying on someone:

  • They work discreetly, and they leave no sign of evidence on the person’s phone.
  • They are easy to use and operate.
  • They are cheap.
  • They work on different devices: Android, Windows, or iOS.
  • Different spy apps have additional features for a better user experience.

Though you can get some hidden spy apps for Android free, they are not so effective and might not be up to the task.

To exploit the full benefits of spy apps, you may have to subscribe to one of their packages. The good news is that most of these apps offer a free trial period that allows you to test the app and determine if it will suit you or not.

Top 10 Spy Apps to Track Android Device

There are many spy apps out there, but a large number of them don’t give you all the features you need. Here we have outlined the top ten best spy apps for tracking someone else’s Android device.

1. mSpy

mSpy allows you to access the entire phone of whoever you are tracking. Using this tool, you get access to their call logs, text messages, locations, web history, social media platforms, and a lot more.

mSpy app is our top pick for the best spy app for Android because it offers a variety of tools and options, including website restriction. It has a simple, user-friendly interface for affordable prices. Its efficiency is outstanding compared to other spy apps.


XNSPY is a good option as it offers some useful tools at a low price. XNSPY allows you to listen to calls and conversations on your target’s phone and monitor their social media activities.

XNSPY offers extra features to screenshot the target’s phone for quick data update and remotely lock another person’s Android device.

3. Spyera 

Spyera offers the basics of a typical Android spy app, including eavesdropping on phone calls and audio messages, determining real-time locations, spying on someone’s social media activity, and seeing everything that is typed on that person’s Android.

Spyera features ambient listening. Since you can see their current location, why can’t you just hear them too? Turn on their microphone from your device to listen to what’s happening around your target person.

4. KidsGuard Pro

KidsGuard pro is a very convenient tool for monitoring your kid’s daily activity. You can see where they are and where they have been too.

Aside from common features like spying on all their activities on Android devices, KidsGuard pro is unique in the sense that no root is required to access its full functionality.

5. uMobix

After a 5-minutes setup, you are good to go. uMobix gives you access to your target’s messaging apps, social media platforms, call logs and activity, web history, current location, and many others.

uMobix will notify you when your target is online, and you get to see their battery level and networks they are connected to.

6. iKeyMonitor

Unlike other spy apps, iKeyMonitor also lets you set a limit to your target’s screen time or prevent them from using certain apps or visiting particular web pages.

iKeyMonitor is one of those spy apps for Android devices that lets you install them without rooting the target device.

7. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is not just an Android spy app. It is also compatible with Windows and iOS. The key feature of Hoverwatch is spying on your target’s social media.

Though you can use Hoverwatch to do other things like recording calls or tracking messages, this app is also unique in the sense that it allows you to save a contact from your target’s phone to your device or video track them via their front camera.

8. Spyic

Like every other spyware app for Android, Spyic is undetectable and leaves no trace when you spy on someone’s phone.

Spyic offers common spy features. However, suppose you are more interested in acquiring information from a target’s SIM card. In that case, Spyic is the one for you, as it offers options for tracking SIM cards and extracting various data from them.

9. Aispyer

Aisyper allows you to see all that is going on on installed apps and social media platforms on your target’s phone. In addition, you can control and restrict the apps and social media installed on the device.

Aispyer features the keylogger that allows you to see what your target user is typing. However, this feature is not a unique one; most spy apps have it.

10. Mobistealth

Mobistealth spying tools include keylogger, photo tracker, call recording, and social media spy, amongst others. Mobistealth also allows you to record sounds around your target’s Android device.

With Mobistealth, you can record and save your target’s calls and listen to them whenever you want.


Now, we have provided you with the top ten cheap hidden spy apps for Android phones. All of them work well and remain discreet on your target’s phone. However, some of them have more to offer and even perform more efficiently than others. mSpy is a perfect example here. It provides a lot more than regular spyware for Android devices.

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