Top 5 Apps to Improve Memory

It’s no matter how old you are. It’s no matter if you are a senior or a student — both of you can improve your memory in the same way.

There are no secrets to training your brain. You can develop your mental abilities just by using your phone for several minutes a day. You can use special apps for improving memory where you want. For example, if you want to spend your time between classes or if you’re waiting in a line.

We’ve prepared the top five apps that can help you improve your memory. Read about each of them and choose what appeals to you most.

1 Lumosity

The top of our list is captured by Lumosity.

Based on Researchers

Researchers that underpin brain training apps cause more confidence in their quality. And Lumosity is one such app. The fact is that it is created operating on the promise of more than 100 researchers across the globe.

More Than 50 Minigames

If you like to try a lot of minigames without focusing on two or three options, Lumosity is the best bet for you as it offers you more than 50 games. It takes a lot of time to try all of them; therefore, you’ll explore this app fully and probably won’t say that it’s boring!

Fit Test

After sign-up, you have to complete a ‘fit test’ that sizes up your abilities. When finishing it, you’ll receive results comparing you with other Lumosity users. Also, this app shows you what of the five cognitive functions you should train more than others.

Suitable for Children

If you have children or a young sister or brother, you can offer them this app because it has bright and colorful games for kids like e. g. Highway Hazards. Apart from improving their memory, they get positive emotions.

2 Elevate

Choose the Elevate app if you want to improve your logical thinking.

Good for Adults

You can’t offer this for children because it requires you to concentrate more on text, not on colors. Also, such an app provides you with a goal of which game before its start as developers want you to understand the gravity of such training.

Improve Your Critical Skills

If you want to improve your critical skills, develop your logical and analytical thinking, Elevate is the best bet for you. The more your critical skills are improved, the more productive your work is because logic is the basis of all things. For example, if you develop your logical thinking, you start to study better because you find causal faster.

Get Your Progress Analysis

With Elevate, you can get an analysis of your progress every day, week, and month. It’s good if you want to monitor your progress and see even little shifts in it. In addition, you see progress in improving each of the cognitive functions separately.

3 Peak

This app is suitable for you if you need to set reminders.

Offer It for Children

Like Lumosity, this app is suitable for kids. For instance, you can offer them a game called Turtle Traffic where you act like a turtle swimming through the sea and collecting jellyfish.

Get Your Personal Improvement Plan

Peak provides you with your personal development plan. It means that you receive a plan where you can see what cognitive function you should train more often than other ones and how often you should train.

Set Reminders

If you’re a person who constantly forgets about meetings, classes, events, the list goes on, you can set reminders for days when you should train. This will send you an alert; therefore, you won’t forget about improving your memory.

4 Fit Brains

This app is the best choice for scientists.

Personalized Training Programs

Like Peak, this app also provides you with a personal workout plan. Fit Brains has more than 500 patterns of plans; hence, your personal one will be as exact as possible.

Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

If you’re anxious about your emotional intelligence and believe that you should develop it as soon as possible, Fit Brains is the best bet for you because its apps are aimed at improving your EI.

Compare Your Progress With Other People

It’s more interesting to train when you know other people’s results. Hence, the app provides you with this opportunity. After finishing the games, you can see your results in comparison with other users’ results.

5 CogniFit

This is an unusual app created both for people who want to improve their memory and scientists.

All Games are Checked by Scientists

CogniFit developers say that all games are tested by scientists by being underway general population studies. Hence, if you find an app with a scientific basis, you can consider CogniFit.

Good Tool for Researchers

If you’re a researcher or a scientist, this app is the best bet for you because it offers its users some studies that can help with studying and sizing up the cognitive functions of their patients.

Offer It for Children

Although this app is created mostly for researchers and scientists, your kids can use it, too. This is because it’s very colorful and bright.

The Bottom Line

After a while, you’ll notice that you think fast and can build logical chains. If you’re a student, you’ll also notice that you write essays better because you can structure information for them more quickly. You’ll find new ideas and material for your essays faster. Go now and check your progress of how fast you process the information.

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