Top 7 Best Free Audio Editing Software Updated in 2022

Actually audio editing software are a real must nowadays for succeeding your projects. No matter what field you are working on, you will need an audio editor. Today, we will talk about the top best audio editors. As a result, you will find your passion for best audio editing and looking for best audio editing software free.

In this article you will learn about Best Audio Editing Software free in 2022. Each audio editor has plenty of editing controls. Like that, you can manipulate your audios in the right way. This is including recording from scratch your audios.

After that, you can copy, paste, merge, and delete your different audios. Truth be told, your timeline is also super handy.

7 Best Audio Editing Software Free in 2022

Here are best free audio editing software for PC in 2022:

1. Audacity


No one can deny that Audacity is the most robust free audio editing software in the market today. You can have access to a wide set of editing tools. This is including a destructive waveform and a steady editing tracker for your audio. Actually, Audacity offers many features that normally exist only on paid versions.

The editor contains a tremendous library dedicated to effects. In other words, you will be able to reduce the noise on your audio and repair them in a very speedy way. In addition to that, you will have the best support for the external audio.

You can use the sound generator plugin available in VST, LV2, and LADSPA. Moreover, you can import and export your audio in multiple types of formats. Actually, Audacity is the symbol of professional flexibility. This is one of the popular name in the field of audio editing software and mixing.

2. Ocenaudio

audio editing software

Ocenaudio is a free track editor and one of the best audio editing software. You can make your edit very optimized. One of the top advantages of such an audio editor is the optimized UI of the dashboard. You can easily start working in your audio timeline without any distractions. You can add markers to your specific audio or even edit a marked channel. Accordingly, you will be able to handle the data before finalizing the audio and finally export it.

With Ocenaudio, you will not just find the trimming and the classic editing features. On the contrary, you will find great audio effects features. The Vst plugins can handle the best manipulation for adding your special effects to your audio. They are super easy to use and you can learn how to implement them in zero time. Actually, you can just highlight the part of the audio and apply them to your changes.

3. TwistedWave

audio editing software

TwistedWave is one of the best audio editing software in 2022. If you want to get rid of the laggy problems in your audio then TwistedWave is your final destination. It exists in a web app and mac os based app too.

If you want to gain time, you can use the online app in order to edit your audio and export them. However, you need an average speedy internet in order to produce the file easily. The free plan can handle a limited 5 minutes duration for your audio. You have only 16-bit audio which seems kind of restricted. Unfortunately, you will even get a low level of storage without a premium plan with TwistedWave.

4. Hya-Wave


If you want to optimize your time and efforts then you have to try the Hya-wave audio editing software online. It is a web-based app that allows you to edit your audio in a professional way. Simplicity is the core of the audio editor. You will have a very simple and easy to operate user interface. Moreover, the learning curve is very shot and you can start merging, editing, deleting any fragment of audio you need.

Unfortunately, the main downside of Hya-Wave is that it does not support multi-tracking. On the other hand, you can obviously, cut, crop, clear, and manipulate your audio with the want you want. In addition to that, you can use the cloud to save your projects. Before that, you can compress them without losing quality.

5. WavePad

audio editing software

Pitch and speed changes are possible. You can only edit one audio file at a time as it doesn’t support multi tracking. The new version of WavePad audio editing software is very handy thanks to the plenty of embedded features. You can edit your audio in a very short delta time. In fact, you can install and use it in a few simple steps. You can even manipulate your videos into audio files.

You can remove the noise and oppress your audio automatically. Another upside of WavePad is the analysis tool that can handle astonishing quality for your projects. However, the tool is restricted to advanced users.

6. Wavosaur

audio editing software

Wavosaur can seem very old but you will be surely astonished by the features once you try it. The size of the whole file is about 13 MB and the user experience is magnificent. It represents one of the godfathers of music production in history. Wavosaur supports VST special audio effects.  Besides, the load of the analysis tools will turn your audio into a real masterpiece. It also has some detailed analytical and statistical features like min and max value per channel as well as RMS power.

You can also analyze 2d and 2d spectrum with sonogram. There is a real time oscilloscope which can monitor the input and output audio and generate waveform. What makes it standout from other audio editors is volume envelop automation.

7. Soundation

audio editing software

It stands for the most steady web app audio editing software. You can manipulate several audios at the same time on your timeline. The use of software is easy. You can trim, edit, delete, add, and merge your audio in very basic steps. The dashboard is very clean and everything is clear and significant. Soundation lets you change the color of your features to customize them for your needs. Actually, Soundation provides plenty of plugins effects. It has the best stimulation for popular music software called Logic. It is similar to the gurus in the rea of music composition and audio arrangement too.


To sum up, we can say that choosing one of the previous audio editing software can make your passion comes true. In other words, you will be able to make your own music from home without the need for physical music gear for sure.

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