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AXXo Movies is an important name that comes to mind for all those who stream free HD movies from the Internet. AXXo Movies delivers, without losing its definition, high-quality movies in minimal sizes.

For years, it supplied hundreds of movies from multiple torrent pages. Still, now AxxoMovies has taken passive mode and provides torrent versions of HD movies directly from their official websites: and Anybody looking to download aXXo Movies HD Movies must visit these websites to grab aXXo Movies HD Video torrents.

What happened to Axxo Movies and How to get it unblocked?

AXXo Movies is one of the most famous film distribution sites to date through the torrent database. The platform is well known for downloading premium and best-quality films on release. The man behind aXXo Movies, Axxo, the prolific uploader, was once used for popular torrent sites such as Kick-Ass torrents.

As far as the material is concerned, they stick to film. That means that on this platform, you can find almost any movie of decent quality. Thousands of lovers of torrents visit this site daily to watch free films from Axxo.

However, it has easily attracted many ISPs around the world due to its immense fame. And as a result, XXo movies have been banned in several countries. So, if you’re a real aXXo Movies fan disappointed with why aXXo Movies doesn’t work for you, I’ve included a list of tricks below that will help you access aXXo Movies.


Axxo Movies Proxy & Mirror Sites



1 Online Very Fast
2 Online Very Fast
3 Online Very Fast
4 aXXo Alternative Online Very Fast
5 Online Very Fast
6  Online Very Fast
7 Online Very Fast
8 US Proxy Online Very Fast
9 Online Very Fast
10 UK Proxy Online Very Fast
11 Online Very Fast


Alternatives to Axxo Movies


It might not be the best site, even while it seems to be a Russian torrent platform, Pakistan gets the most traffic. The pages have a huge archive, but because it offers resources for web hosting, they don’t always remain up for that long. When it is going, it is one of the best places if you are hunting for a few obscure names. So, you don’t have to think about not being able to reach the original site, when you always only have the same torrents. I hope you’ve been helped by this list of places like Torrent King.


LimeTorrents is one of the top choices if you are searching for legal torrents. The website has a huge archive of new material that is continuously updated and the legal torrents are also the biggest on the web today. It is considered one of music’s greatest torrents. Since the site provides you with a lot of information about content, you can quickly decide if it is worth downloading.


If movies are your specialty and you enjoy all the new movies, one of the top places that you should start checking out would be Torrent9. The pages concentrate only on movies and provide a huge index to ensure that you can locate what you are searching for. The torrents on your bandwidth are also known to be very easy. It also has a large user base of dedicated seeders to guarantee that, with little work and waiting times, you can stream some of your favorite content.

The Pirate Bay

Although the Pirate Bay does switch around a lot, for a very long time it has been around in some way or another. It is known to be one of the most common torrent download sites and has features that allow you to see if a seeder is trusted. The search engine is very usable and for new content, uploads are normally readily accessible.


This is one of the easiest ways to get you into the groove of things if you are new to BitTorrent. You can quickly download and search what you are searching for here, with a simple interface. One of the main reasons why people usually want to use it for their searches is definitely the clean GUI, and we also suggest it.


RARBG would be the best place to consider if you are heavily invested in the film. It has a complex page with information that can teach you what you need to do when it comes to your files. In comparison, the top 10 rankings will guarantee that you recognize a movie’s success and make it easy for new releases to be identified.


TorrentDownloads is another of those sites that can provide you with torrents of simple and succinct nature. The platform has a clear details page and it would be easy to find something you may be searching for with a huge database. All the data about each of the
torrents you might choose is also shown. If you’re searching for book torrents, so the best choice for you will be torrent downloads.


Although not a torrent site itself, Torrentz2 is an archive that lets users locate the best
torrents from a wide directory of various torrent sites for the content they are searching for. It will allow you to search some of the latest torrent sites and find the right choice to satisfy your requirements. It is useful for discovering older material that you would have difficulty finding on your own.


While EZTV has accused them of stealing their content, the site remains online. You may not be able to find anything here that you are searching for, but for high-quality content, it regularly ranks well. One of the downsides is that, from time to time, the web will go offline, but still finds a way to reappear. EZTV torrents would be an excellent choice if you are hunting for torrents of your favorite TV shows.


That’s the end of How to Unblock aXXo via the websites of aXXo Proxy and Mirror. I hope it was helpful. So here are some of the better working proxy and mirror sites from aXXo. As the official website has been shut down, you should use these pages. Otherwise, the aXXo torrents or alternative pages that are still popular in torrent space can still be used and you’d get most of the torrent info.

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