Top 10 Best Driver Updater free Apps for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7

Are you looking for the Best Drivers for Windows in 2022? No worries! This is one of the best article for you to get driver easy reviews; let us start! For every PC, windows need Drivers to work efficiently and fast performance. In your computer’s smooth hardware running, the PC’s best driver updater plays a fundamental role.

You can experience repeated crashes, no vibration, excess heating and other reliability-related problems using compromised or old-fashioned system best driver updater that may lead to hardware failures. Holding booster drivers up-to-date eliminates problems with these systems and assures that the machine operates in optimum condition. The fastest way to upgrade them is to get the best free Windows PC best driver updater app.

We prepared a list of entirely free, best driver updater to save you from the headache of picking an ideal one, meaning you can download and install the new compatible drivers without losing a single penny. As most of the online tools available do not have the functionality they claim to provide, it is suggested that the best driver updater apps be chosen from the list below to ensure the validity of those programs.

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Best Driver Updater free Apps for Windows 10, 8, 7

Below are some of 2022’s best driver updater upgrades that will help you cope with ageing hardware and improve the system’s overall performance and reliability. Let’s take a look at this best driver updater program and get to know the right one for you in the comprehensive list below without further ado!

#1. Ashampoo Driver Updater

Ashampoo Driver Updater

Another dedicated and free best driver updater for scanning and installing drivers on a Windows laptop or desktop device comes here. Not only does this easy-to-use utility replace obsolete or mismatched drivers with the latest ones, but it also helps to unlock your Windows PC’s full performance. Besides this, several other excellent features make it one of the best web-based driver updates available.

Ashampoo Driver Updater’s Features

  • Downloads drivers recommended by the manufacturer to keep your PC in pink condition.
  • Built-in scheduler to perform driver scans on a chosen day and time.
  • Offers assistance to more than 150,000 hardware devices.

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#2. Driver Genius

Driver Genius

Driver Genius is a free best driver updater that will not only keep your drivers up to date, but also backup and restore drivers, clean up invalid drivers and garbage files, and fully customize your device as well. You can upgrade the drivers of your devices with only a single key. In addition, you can backup drivers to zip files or auto-installers that can be executed separately and installed with a single press.

Driver Genius Features

  • The database contains more than 150000 official system driver models.
  • Protects the hardware by controlling CPU, GPU, and HDD temperatures.
  • Improve the performance level of your device and SSD speed with the hardware info tool.
  • Windows Upgrade/Degrade with System Transfer Assistant.

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#3. IObit’s Driver Booster

IObit's Driver Booster

A lot of users have the question,’ What is the best Windows 10 driver update? ‘, and IObit’s Driver Booster is the clear answer to that. Driver Booster 7 is a fast and easy-to-use application, and provides more than 3,000,000 computer drivers without any human interference to help you upgrade obsolete drivers and game components. The great thing about this program is that it addresses typical Windows problems effortlessly, such as the blue death screen, machine crashes, network errors, and more.

Driver Booster’s Features

  • Comprehensive database of device drivers.
  • Quickly deep-scan whole machine for drivers with missing or compromised devices.
  • Provides upgrades to drivers for external equipment such as a mouse, printer, webcam, etc.
  • ‘Auto Driver Update’ option for real-time download of the new driver updates.

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#4. BIOSTAR Drivers


Biostar Drivers, I don’t feel this commodity could be justified under any other name. One of the top free best driver updater upgrading applications that offers extensive hardware inventory details and is compliant with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP. The new update (dated 17 Oct.’19) of Biostar Drivers supports more than 600K drivers and addresses a few bugs related to the display of the UI. There is a built-in scheduler in the best free driver upgrade program that will allow you to operate on your own to verify if there are any new changes for the installed drivers.

Biostar Drivers Features

  • Massive driver database.
  • Continuing update to correct glitches.
  • Free trial with quick uninstallation option for 60 days.

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#5. DriveTheLife Driver

DriveTheLife Driver

Another best driver updater that downloads and installs the new official drivers is Driver Talent, previously named DriveTheLife, meaning you don’t have to manually check for the correct drivers yourself. One of the most remarkable aspects of this software is that, even without the need for an internet connection, it upgrades out-of-date drivers to the newest models with just one touch.

All in all, when it comes to scanning and upgrading system drivers, the performance of
this driver upgrade program is very impressive, marginally faster than other comparable resources on this list.

DriveTheLife Features

  • Scans on both faulty and incompatible hardware drivers without any effort.
  • Enables users to install, delete, save, and recover drivers.
  • It provides all common manufactures with official driver download links.
  • Multilingual assistance.

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#6. Driver Hub

Driver Hub

Driver Hub is a fully free best driver updater that takes care of all driver-related problems and improves your computer’s performance and reliability. The software auto-scans your entire PC until installed and identifies system drivers that require urgent intervention.
After the scanning is complete, the new Windows drivers are downloaded from the official
manufacturer’s pages and activated in less than a minute on your computer or laptop. This driver upgrade program provides more than you can anticipate for a free version, taking into account its fast and unbelievably crafted gui.

Driver Hub’s Features

  • The software is user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • It requires drivers, including printers, Bluetooth, video cards, scanners, and other external equipment for all hardware devices.
  • Updates PC drivers and solves reliability problems to boost the experience of users.
  • The device is completely safe and free of viruses and Trojans.

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#7. Auslogics Driver Updater

Auslogics Driver Updater

For almost 10 years, Auslogics has been in the industry and has always been regarded as one of the best driver updater apps that delivers on its promises. The free Auslogics driver updater should be installed for anybody who wants to avoid performance issues and ensure smooth hardware service.

It’s a short and intuitive software that 20 million users worldwide trust to address driver-related issues and improve the performance of Windows. In addition, the software has a simple, clutter-free interface, enabling you to browse and execute your desired functions quickly.

Auslogics Driver Updater Features

  • It automatically detects drivers working on older models and upgrades them.
  • Full backup of current drivers is required before upgrading them.
  • Downloads & Installs only official driver versions suggested by an expert.

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#8. Smart Driver Updater

Best Driver Updater

If you want system drivers to be revived? Then, here is the best driver updater program that can quickly detect and update the obsolete drivers in your device to improve your PC’s performance. You no longer fear installing faulty or compromised drivers with the Smart Driver Updater, or you don’t even need to waste hours trying to patch your out-of-date drivers.

Smart Driver Updater Features

  • Quick, simple to use, and intuitive interface.
  • Updating the obsolete drivers with initial drivers to optimize the device hardware.
  • With fast scanning capabilities, Driver Reviver is enabled.
  • Protection features such as backups, recover wizard, exclusions, and timetable include.

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#9. Driver Easy

Driver Easy

An incredibly good free PC best driver updater for those who want an extra boost to their Windows devices’ reliability and performance. This app lives up to its name and makes it so much easier to upgrade Windows drivers. There are two versions of the software: Free & Pro. This free software version of the driver updater requires you to import and install the appropriate drivers one by one, while the Pro version makes this task even smoother by downloading them automatically for you.

Driver Easy’s Features

  • Recognizes all redundant, missing, and mismatched drivers easily.
  • Allows all troublesome device drivers to be downloaded, installed and upgraded with a one-click button.
  • Offers direct qualified drivers from the official manufacturer.
  • Accelerated downloading speed of drivers.
  • Offline search, point for auto backup & restore, and some other features.

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#10. DriverSupport


DriverSupport is considered one of the best tools for Windows 10 best driver updater to upgrade ageing drivers. It comes with a fantastic matching technology for computer drivers that allows users to identify and install the new updates according to the individual vendor and PC type. This PC driver updater is definitely recommended if you are the kind of person
who likes to keep their computers running smoothly without making a lot of effort.

DriverSupport’s Features

  • Provides access to device-specific drivers with ease.
  • Real-time tracking of equipment.
  • Slick and contemporary user experience.
  • Assists in quickly diagnosing and addressing hardware defects.

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Now that you know what the latest free best driver updater software is, it’s time to start installing old system drivers with these fantastic programs. Not only can these programs remove the possibility of downloading a corrupted or malware-infected driver, but they also improve the computer’s performance and hardware capabilities.

Both of these Windows best driver updater upgrade tools listed above are fully free to use and ensuring that your device is still loaded with the most recent driver updates. Get the best Windows PC driver upgrade and fix all compatibility and hardware related issues with just one click.

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