Top 10 Best Free Gramblr Alternatives Updated For 2023

You can be well notified of Gramblr if you are an active Instagram user. This third-party program was first released in 2008 and was mostly used to post photos and videos to your Instagram account from your PC.

Since the famous program was deleted from its official website, here are a few alternatives to Gramblr that you may want to suggest. If you’re looking for a user-friendly and powerful alternative to Gramblr, our blog has you covered, so let’s get a brief understanding of Gram blr before we go on to explore its potential alternatives.

Both these applications have plus points of their own, but pick them carefully. With a download link, we will send you the specifics of each program. So you can import and get to use the software.

What does Gramblr mean?

Gramblr is a versatile and free program that runs on laptops and computer devices effortlessly and does not require any smartphone support. It is used directly from your desktop to post photos and videos to your Instagram account.

Can you use Instagram and ever notice your phone hanging and want to share something with Instagram? Only download and link the Gramblr app to Instagram and post a video or picture with it. You will enjoy Instagram like a pro without the presence of a smartphone.

List of top Alternatives to Gramblr:

Ever experienced, or you’re going to witness Gramblr not running in the future, don’t get strained. In addition, you now have their alternatives with maximum advantages and find
the top trusted and secure websites and apps like Gramblr to download here.



It’s another free option to improve Instagram’s organic growth. This tool manages your actions to increase your impact on social media. In addition, auto-like, auto-follow, auto-unfollow, auto-viewing stories and auto-comment features are also available.

IGAssistant’s features:

  • Audience targeting people who would want your ads to attract
  • Full automation
  • Secure to use
  • No download is necessary
  • Free trial for 3 days
  • Customer care 24/7
  • Can administer limitless accounts



With this impressive app, lighten up your Instagram account. With it, you can conveniently post pictures without using a smartphone on your Instagram site. Flume is
Gramblr’s best alternative. It takes to your desktop machine the world of Instagram. This app’s pro version helps you to directly share videos and images.

Flume features:

  • It can move between many accounts seamlessly.
  • With full support for square and initial formats, get quick access to direct messaging.
  • It can be used for group chats and for photo and video sharing.
  • Use it to see your recent events and get updates from the desktop.
  • Flume can also provide you with helpful stats linked to your fans and feedback if you are using an Instagram Company profile.



Upload pictures with this free-to-use tool on your Insta account. With minimum effort, it helps to plan beautiful and highly entertaining Instagram posts.

AiSchedul’s Features:

  • It can be used for scheduling multiple posts on Insta and for days and weeks.
  • It also supports posting through a shared forum on multiple accounts.
  • Using it in a hassle-free and effortless way to plan, publish, and repost your stories.
  • It also lets you tag others, and promotes Geo-Tags as well.
  • The instrument is powered by an automated hashtag searcher, which can be used to produce content and posts that are highly engaging.
  • It can also be used for automatic responses to your Instagram account’s comments.

Desktop for Instagram


Using this great app instead of using It. It will help you upload, save and open your Instagram account with HD photos. It comes with a feature that is easy and quick and functions much like a smartphone app. Display updates, plan several posts and share a single click with your Insta feed on Facebook and Twitter.

Desktop for Instagram Features:

  • Upload pictures from your PC
  • There is a full screen mode available.
  • Reproduce full-screen Instagram images
  • No download limits



Ramme is second on our list of the best alternatives to Gramblr. Choose this lightweight web program if you don’t want to compromise on the accuracy of your pictures and overall product features.

Ramme’s Features:

  • The most suitable instrument for influencers who can not afford to sacrifice the consistency of their profile.
  • It is a tool rich in features that can be used to upload images, create Insta posts, send direct messages, and many more.
  • It comes with easy-to-use features and user-friendly functionality.
  • It is a lightweight instrument that does not place unwanted pressure on the energy of your laptop.




Share by GetUplet any moment that matters most to you! For Mac users, it is a platform that takes you closer to your fans on Instagram. Uplet is specifically designed to inspire Instagram with your identity. It is, without a doubt, a helpful app for posting images and videos from a Mac to Instagram. It has never been so quick to post images and videos on Instagram. So, in our view, if you are an Instagram user and you have a Mac, then you can probably try this program at least once.

GetUplet Features:

  • You should apply the actual captions from the Mac keyboard support to the images and videos.
  • Uploading straight to Instagram
  • Bulk uploader for Instagram
  • Upload numerous high resolution images
  • Edit photos

Windows Instagram App

Gramblr alternative

A strong answer to It is the Instagram app for Windows 10. The tool is lightweight in nature and can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store free of charge.

Windows Instagram App Features:

  • To access your direct messages, view recent likes and search your accounts
  • Add photos to your Instagram account directly from your PC without any effort.
  • Only right-click and select the New Post option on the App icon.


Gramblr alternative

Bluestacks will serve as a nice substitute for you if you have been a frequent user of common software such as Gramblr and Later. BlueStacks is compatible with both Windows and Mac desktops and can be downloaded at no cost. By signing up, you build an account and enjoy quick uploading of photos directly from your PC. It also promises quick maintenance and control of your Instagram account in addition to this.

BlueStacks Features:

  • Import media from everywhere, like Dropbox and Google Drive, etc.
  • Check for the material and find it in a jiffy.
  • Turn Instagram profiles for convenience.
  • Content performance review.


Gramblr alternative

Later is another optimal choice for Gramblr. It offers a simple way to plan your Instagram stories and content and arrange them.

Later Features:

  • It will turn between multiple accounts smoothly.
  • Automatically prepare, schedule and post your Instagram feeds.
  • It comes with a calendar of visual material and plans the posts like a breeze.
  • You will also use it to keep your content synchronized and to merge your laptop, Dropbox, Google account, and other accounts effortlessly.


Gramblr alternative

InstaZood is another alternative to Gramblr. One of the most easy ways to get from your PC to your Instagram account. The built-in Instagram bot promises to add more followers to Instagram. You just need to make an Instagram profile that is accurate and beautiful. In short, even on your mobile devices, InstaZood is the perfect way to handle your overall Instagram account. So, if you want to get more followers fairly fast, you can give InstaZood a shot.

InstaZood’s Features:

  • The Instagram bot can even work for smart devices easily, so you can handle all your operations.
  • Providing your account with high-end protections.
  • Guarantees to provide the customers with full technical assistance.
  • Almost all types of activities can be automated, including likes, tweets, follows, and views.


Gramblr alternative

Use this strong alternative to Gramblr to post Instagram images straight from your desktop with ease. Without signing in and logging out, the tool allows you to handle several accounts. It will meet all your multi-posting needs. Besides this, you still have access to many filters for hashtags and photos.

Grum’s Features:

  • Displays images on a grid
  • No upsetting reminders
  • Pleasant user interface


If Gramblr was your Instagram friend, please return to your blog to find other similar sites that you can use instead of Gramblr to upload photos from your laptop. It is completely dead and does not allow the upload of pictures directly from your laptop on Instagram. Fails to open the official website or provides a 404 error message. Some of the more special account management and image sharing features have all the resources listed above.

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