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A cloud-based data input service is called Ninox. It organises your data in a central and smart workspace. Ninox manages a tremendous quantity of data effortlessly. Select from numerous perspectives, including Kanban, Gantt, cards, and diagrams, to visualise your data. It allows you to store, filter, categorize, and sort data in a way that best suits your needs, as well as conveniently display and retrieve that data.

You can quickly and easily construct forms, views, and graphs. Here are some accessible alternatives. Alpha Transform, Microsoft Access, Nintex, Flowz, Zuitte, IBM DB2, Xebra, C++Builder, Kianda , and Kintone are a few of these alternatives that we will be exploring in this post.

What is Ninox?

Ninox is a cloud-based data input service. It organises your data in a central and smart workspace. Ninox manages a tremendous quantity of data effortlessly. Select from numerous perspectives, including Kanban, Gantt, cards, and diagrams, to visualise your data. It organises the data in your own style and gives functions like store, filter, group, and sort to easily see and retrieve the data. You can make as many forms, views, and graphs as you like with only a few clicks.


Best Ninox Alternatives in 2023

This is a article to Ninox alternatives. Here we address the introduction and list of Ninox alternatives accordingly. You might also check out these:

1. Alpha Transform

Alpha TransformThe Alpha Transform no-code app builder lets corporate users or developers transform any paper form or manual procedure into a mobile app in minutes. Business users may take full advantage of all the possibilities of the smartphone to quickly construct data-collection apps. Power users & developers may build additional app features for field service and dispatch applications with Alpha TransForm’s built-in programming language. Extensive integration and offline capabilities are built-in.

2. Zuitte

ZuitteAn all-in-one company monitoring tool is called Zuitte. Mobile phones are becoming a regular part of most people’s lives, and this has trickled down to the workplace. With Zuitte, it is now possible to use a mobile app as a tool to keep tabs on and manage a company. With over 50+ tools that are utilised by businesses on a regular basis and the ease of utilising only one application, this is what Zuitte likes to provide to its consumers. Whether it’s thorough research and analysis, social media management and automation, establishing solid marketing plans, or simply monitoring the entire business operation with your fingers; Zuitte delivers it all. By splitting access responsibilities and permissions into their sub-accounts, Zuitte gives all of the employers the ability to collaborate on an app.

3. Microsoft Access

Microsoft AccessMicrosoft Access is a relational database programme that comes with the Microsoft Office Suite. It lets users enter, manage, and run reports on a larger scale. Those that need to quickly organise a lot of data should use it. Microsoft Access users have an easier time keeping track of data since the software makes it easy to archive data for later retrieval, analysis, and reporting. Users will have easy access to well-organized data in their databases thanks to this feature.

4. Kianda

KiandaKianda is a no-code development platform that allows citizen developers, corporate users, and knowledge workers to take ownership of digital transformation. No longer do you have to wait for months or even years to adopt a new system. Instead of coding, you may create and deliver applications and whole business processes. Every concept may be transformed into practical solutions using no-code development.

5. Xebra

Xebra The Xebra software is an enterprise-wide analytics hub. The programme provides a mechanism for automating routine tasks like sending out invoices and interacting with customers. Work with your team to acquire a real-time risk analysis of your firm with pie-charts. Keep tabs on employee spending to determine income. It supports mobile Android. The programme is used by independent contractors and small to medium-sized businesses.

6. Nintex

Nintex is an additional option for Ninox. Using the Nintex Process Platform, you can rapidly and efficiently standardise your workflows and automate business processes to save time, money, and enhance the experience for both customers and employees. It has software solutions for every major industry and business area, including visual process mapping, workflow automation, digital forms, and robotic process automation.

7. Salesforce platform

Salesforce platform
Salesforce is a cloud computing service that specialises in customer relationship management.The cloud platform used with salesforce technology is known as Software as a Service (SaaS).This facilitates communication with present and future clients and business partners. This technology enables the preservation of client connections as well as the acquisition of new clients. It brings together different functions like marketing, sales, customer service, supply chain management, data analysis, and many more to give customers a full picture of the company.

8. Avaza

AvazaAvaza is powerful software for managing product teams, allowing them to do things like plan resources, talk to one another, keep track of time, and keep track of spending. It has a tonne of features that may help teams save valuable time. Teams may get a lot of work and discussions finished in no time, including exchanging activity feeds and data on the fly. At present, more than 60k enterprises scattered over 150 countries depend on Avaza to get their work done.

9. IBM DB2

The greatest alternative to Ninox is DB2. DB2, one of IBM’s relational data management systems, was put on the market. Because database servers are no longer a bottleneck, this IBM solution offers relational database servers that are packaged for consumers. To achieve best-in-class system performance with AI techniques, DB2 uses cutting-edge architecture. DB2 is able to manage and schedule workload execution using workload management. With the current edition of DB2, it strives to go hand in hand with the method of working of data scientists.

10. C++Builder

c++ builder

C++Builder is an integrated design and development tool for contemporary applications. Are you prepared to design the finest user interfaces (UIs) of your life? Our VCL framework for Windows (FMX) visual framework for developing cross-platform user interfaces lays the groundwork for stunning, user-friendly UIs that are compatible with Windows, macOS, and iOS. You may develop your master UI layout once and then simply alter platform- or device-specific views without having to duplicate your design work.

11. Flowz

FlowzFlowz is a cloud-based management platform for remote business services that helps you grow your business. You may use it to plan, coordinate, and collaborate on projects from beginning to end. You can store, sync, share, and work together on your files from a single spot with Flowz. Coordination of tasks and smooth, secure, real-time video conferencing with your team may boost productivity and communication. You can mail, sign, and handle an endless amount of papers with simplicity. For better project and job management, it helps to keep your company’s calendars coordinated and structured.

12. Kintone

Kintone is a “no-code” business application platform that lets non-technical people build strong apps, processes, and database structures for their teams and enterprises without having to write any code. Users of Kintone may build apps that automate business procedures, collaborate on projects/tasks, and quickly report on complicated data with only a few clicks. There are hundreds of ready-made apps for CRM, project management, inventory management, and many other uses.


Alternatives to Ninox, including as Microsoft Access, C++Builder, Nintex, the Salesforce platform, IBM DB2, Oracle database, Flowz, Avaza and Kintone, have been covered in this article. Each has advantages and disadvantages. You can select one of them based on your needs and convenience.

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