10 Best Plant Identifier Apps For Android & iPhone

Best plant identification app: We experience this frequently since we love plants. You spot a pretty tiny plant at a park, cafe, friend’s home, or any other location. You look at its photo and admire its attractiveness. Then, you could consider purchasing the same plant for your home, but you might be too bashful to ask the owner for the name of the plant, or there might not be someone present to do so.

What if we told you there was a quick and simple technique to identify the plant? Any smartphone will allow you to quickly determine the breed and type of any plant you come across. For identifying plants, there are a tonne of free apps available in various online app shops. After recognizing a plant, these best plant identification apps may help you learn all there is to know about it, including its name, breed, average age, maintenance advice, and more.

These top plant identification apps are not the only ones available. All of these ideas, however, are untrustworthy. The best plant identification app is thus provided below to further assist you.

Best Plant Identification App in 2022

Let’s continue our article by looking at the best plant identification apps for 2022. The best 10 free apps for identifying plants are shown below.

1. Plantix


The best plant identification app’s functions are enhanced by the Plantix app. A network of agriculture specialists is present on the app. These professionals can assist you in learning the specifics of any plant and can easily instruct you on how to care for any plant. Not only that, but the app also has more than 500 experts who are always ready to help you.

  • For greater support, the app’s UI is accessible in more than 18 different languages.
  • In addition to several other languages, they include English, Hindi, and Marathi.
  • You can use the app to get care and treatment from qualified professionals in the same field.
  • You may use Plantix to find growth advice if you want to expand your company as a whole.

Download for Android

2. LeafSnap


The best plant identification app for you is called LeafSnap. Because it can readily notify you of any app, you may think of the app as an encyclopaedia for plants. The app’s accuracy rate of over 95% is one of its best features. As a consequence, you may quite simply trust the results. The magnificence and viability of the LeafSnap app are not adequately represented in the aforementioned description. Any sort of plant, including cactus, succulents, herbs, flowers, and more, may be found in detail on the app.

  • LeafSnap allows you to know the taxonomic classification of a plant in addition to its name.
  • The app is highly functional and can locate apps anywhere.
  • The app’s database has more than 27,000,000 scans for better, more precise, and quicker results.
  • If you’re a fan of plants or a gardener, you may store a collection of your favourites inside the app.
  • The app’s user interface is much simpler to use than most other similar apps, and it loads quicker. If you can’t scan a plant right away, you may take a picture of it for now and use the app to identify it later.

Download for Android &  iOS

3. PlantSnap


The PlantSnap app is the next name on this list. The best plant identification app available to you offers a variety of functions. Over 600,000 kinds of plants, trees, shrubs, cactus, and more are quickly and accurately identified by PlantSnapcan. You may also look at some shrewd gardening advice to learn how to take care of the plants of your choosing. The features of the app are shown below, if you’re interested in learning more about PlantSnap.

  • The app functions fairly well and can quickly identify the species of thigh from all around the world.
  • PlantSnap has the same options for identifying plants as most of the best free apps for identifying plants.
  • Additionally, you may learn about any flowering plant with the help of the app.
  • The app provides trustworthy advice for growing and caring for certain species of plants.
  • The app is easy to use and has a nice look and feel. It also has a lot of features.

Download for AndroidiOS

4. Planta



Why not start our top apps list with the best plant identification app? One of the most popular and widely used tools for plant identification is planta. The app provides the user with a variety of cutting-edge features for a better experience. Along with identification, the app can make it simple for you to care for your plants. You get reminders from the app to water the plants when they need it and when it’s required.

  • You may use the app to scan any plant’s picture. You will then be able to identify it and learn how to care for it.
  • The Dr. Platna feature of the app can advise you on how to care for ill or insect-infested plants. Planta will inform you of the ideal medications or fertilisers needed for these issues.
  • For information on fruits, vegetables, cactus, succulents, herbs, orchids, blooming plants, and all other kinds of plants, see Planta.
  • On both iOS and Android devices, you may download and use the app.

Download for Android

5. PlantNet 


PlantNet is the next best free plant identification app, so let’s go on with this list of the top free apps for that purpose. The app is really practical and trustworthy. You may easily obtain all the necessary information about the relevant plant with just one scan of it. PlantNet may be your rescuer even if you are a novice and have no background in botany.

  • Over 37,000 distinct types of plants are included in the app’s knowledge.
  • This reduces the likelihood of an unsuccessful image identification.
  • With just one swipe of the smart app, you may learn about the flora of the world.
  • As soon as the image is recorded on your smartphone, the app will provide you with convenient access to the results that are connected.

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6. GardenAnswers


The GardenAnswers app is ranked second in 2022’s top plant identification apps. The app is highly effective and offers convenient tools to quickly identify any species of plant. The app provides information on whether or not the plant you are looking at is diseased, freeing you from having to use paper for identification.

  • With the aid of this app, you may benefit from quick plant identification. Simply point at the plant and scan it to quickly get the solution.
  • The app will notify you in time even if there is a pest infestation in the plants. You may scan it.
  • The app upgrades its functionality to be even more helpful to you. You can get in touch with several plant experts here and ask for their help in fighting plant diseases.
  • Using the app, you can easily share the photographs and plant results with other social networking channels.
  • To keep track of all the events and actions connected to plants and the app, you may establish an account on the app.

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7. iNaturalist


You may look at the nearby plants and animals with iNaturalist, which delivers on its promise. The app is therefore the following-best plant identification app/identifier app in 2022. You may easily obtain the necessary information about any plant thanks to the app’s intelligent and engaging artificial intelligence. To learn everything there is to know about the iNaturalist app, let’s take a closer look at its features.

  • The best thing about the app is that you can get very accurate information about different kinds of plants in less than a minute.
  • INaturalist is a reliable app that connects you to a network of more than 400,000 scientists who can help you learn more about any species.
  • The app also allows you to share your observations with others after you’ve recorded them.
  • You can use the app to search for plants and animals all around the world.
  • The app’s UI is really simple but nonetheless cutting edge. But with iNaturalist, you can easily acquire the necessary results.

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8. iPlant


Consider iPlant if you’re seeking the best plant identification app for iPhones or iOS devices. Along with precise plant detection and identification, the app is also rather quick. The app is quite quick, unlike other ones, so you don’t have to wait more than a few minutes for the results to show up. The app can quickly recognise the plants that were scanned using your device’s camera.

  • You may also go through your photos to find the plants.
  • The app’s layout is straightforward and designed for both amateur and experienced iPhone users.
  • All of your scans and discoveries will be saved automatically in the history tab of the app.
    You can get access to them as needed.
  • Also, the app has a tool that makes it easy to share photos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, and other social media sites.
  • The app has a Google search feature to help you find the information you need in depth.

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9. What’s that flower?

What’s that flower?

What’s that flower is an app that is really simple to use. The app’s name simply provides a sufficient explanation. You may learn the name of the plant or flower by using the website What’s that flower? Therefore, if you see a gorgeous flower, simply pull out your smartphone and scan it with the top plant identification app to learn more. To assist you in finding the exact flower you’re searching for, the app has over 100 different filters.

  • It lists more than 1400 different flower species and families.
  • You may add your favourite flowers to the area marked “favourites” and look at them whenever required.
  • If you purchase the pro edition of the app, you may keep more information in it, including your observations and the taxonomy of any plant.
  • The app features a number of editable filters that may be used whenever you want, even when offline.
  • For the time being, only Android smartphones may download the app.

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10 Plant Identification ++

Best Plant Identification App

Plant Identification ++ is the last title on this list of free plant identification apps. The plus version of any standard plant identification app is called Plant Identification ++. You may quickly learn facts about the plant of your choosing with the aid of the app. The app uses advanced AI technology to identify the plant you show it to and tell you what you need to know about it.

  • In addition to plants, trees and flowers are other examples of botany.
  • The app keeps tabs on the history of the photos or plants that were taken. As a result, you may refer to the photographs that have already been clicked.
  • The app features several sections, including tree and plant types. There are thus far lower odds of identification failure.
  • Additionally, you may distribute to others the images you’ve taken and recognised using Plant Identification ++.

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Conclusion: Best Plant Identification App

These apps, which work with both Android and iOS smartphones, make it simple to identify and learn more about a certain plant, flower, or even tree. Simply take a photo using the app’s camera, and the app will begin scanning the database. Other apps allow users to learn about the plant from professionals in botany and agriculture. Also, some of the apps we’ve already talked about let you get professional gardening and plant care advice from experts who have been approved.

We are available to assist you if you have any questions about the best plant identification app that was previously mentioned. You may use the comments area below to ask for help and support from us. We’ll do everything in our power to assist you. We also want to review the guide and would love to hear your thoughts.

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