12 Best Stores Like Nordstrom Rack Online 2023

You probably enjoy Nordstrom Rack if you like luxury apparel but detest expensive costs. The mid- and luxury-tier brands carried by this Nordstrom affiliate are identical to those of the parent firm, but at steep reductions.

The idea behind Nordstrom Rack is rather simple, It is essentially a full-sized version of Nordstrom’s sale department. Items are delivered to Nordstrom Rack when Nordstrom has a surplus of merchandise from a previous season or when they unintentionally purchase too much inventory from a designer. Everyone is searching for sales and outlets of Nordstrom Rack near me.

The outcome was a whole store full of luxury items on nordstrom anniversary sale. But as all thrifty fashionistas are aware, the secret to creating a wardrobe that surprises and delights is to constantly be on the lookout. It won’t do any good to go to just one store. In order to see a larger selection of deeply discounted designer goods, you should frequently visit other stores that are comparable to Nordstrom Rack dresses.

What is Nordstrom Rack?

With its main office in Seattle, the department store chain Nordstrom rack has subsequently grown throughout the US and into Canada. Originally a shoe store, Nordstrom today offers a wide range of clothes and cosmetic products for men, women, and children in addition to shoes. In addition to running six-year discounts across all of its normal locations, Nordstrom also operates Nordstrom Rack, a series of off-price discount stores. With bargains for every budget, Nordstrom rack dresses provides a little bit for everyone, from well-known designer labels to popular young adult fashions.

Benefits of shopping at Nordstrom Rack

The benefits of shopping at Nordstrom Rack include the following:

  • Super Discounted Rates: Prices are now lower. Nordstrom Rack has lower prices on many items, such as clothes, shoes, accessories, and home goods. These things are sold at Nordstrom Rack because Nord strom shops have too many of them or they are out of season.
  • Large collection: Nordstrom Rack has a large collection of items from many names. That means all the people on your shopping list can find something.
    Nordstrom Rack has more than 300 shops in the US and Canada, all of which are in convenient places. It’s now easy to find a Nordstrom Rack store close to you.
  • Online shopping: You can also shop at Nordstrom Rack online. In other words, you can shop from home and have the things you buy sent to you.
  • Nordstrom Rewards: People who shop at Nordstrom Rack can get Nordstrom Rewards points. You can trade these points in for Nordstrom Notes, which you can then use to buy things at Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack.

Nordstrom Rack is a great spot to find a wide range of goods at lower prices. Both shops and online shopping are easy to get to and use. People who shop at Nordstrom can also earn nordstrom gift card balance that can be exchanged for Nordstrom Notes.

12 Best Stores Like Nordstrom Rack That Are Available Online

The good news is that there are many Best Stores Like Nordstrom Rack available, including big department stores, smaller chains, and niche shops. We’ve compiled them all into a useful list below.

1. T.J. Maxx

T.J. Maxx

Similar in concept to Nordstrom Rack, T.J. Maxx does not have a parent firm from which to obtain its merchandise. Instead, T.J. Maxx conducts business with designers and producers directly, purchasing their excess or goods that they produce at a cheaper price, especially for discount shops.

They provide a variety of well-known but marginally less reputable brands at great costs as a result. T.J. Maxx will offer some treasures for you if you’re not just interested in high-end designers but are also content with mid-range yet respectable names. If you’re also looking for home décor, T.J. Maxx stores are well worth a visit because they often also include a sizable jewelry department and more substantial home and kitchenware sections. However, since the stores are sometimes a touch untidy, it’s important to note that the shopping experience at T.J. Maxx is a little less upmarket. Typically, shoppers must waste time searching through random things before finding what they like.

2. Revolve


Revolve, one of the nation’s fastest-growing online apparel retailers, has achieved great success by strategically using influencer marketing events and social media to spread brand awareness. Revolve specializes in the appeal of the night out and social net worth. They provide apparel from a variety of premium labels and market their goods under phrases like “date night” and “leather loves.”

Revolve has turned traditional advertising on its head by pursuing micro-influencers to market their business, holding events for people who have a following already formed, and fostering trust within their employees and that following. From $100 sustainable denim to $300 shirts for a night out, this trend-setting business offers a wide variety of pricing.

3. ThredUp

ThredUpThere is a connection to be drawn between clearance shopping and thrifting. When you eventually locate the ideal item for a ridiculously low price, both shopping methods are very fulfilling, but they both involve a little more research and seeking than usual.  We’d venture to say that ThredUp makes shopping even simpler than Nordstrom Rack.

This online thrift shop offers a remarkable browsing experience that enables customers to completely tailor their search until they locate the precise item they seek. Similar to Nordstrom Rack, ThredUp offers a wide variety of well-known brands, and occasionally you may even discover items that are brand new with all the tags still attached.

4. HauteLook


Similar to Nordstrom Rack but entirely online, HauteLook is another Nordstrom affiliate. You can actually combine orders from the two stores as they have a shared web platform, which makes getting free delivery simple. HauteLook, however, focuses exclusively on flash nordstrom anniversary sale occasions, unlike Nordstrom Rack. By subscribing to the retailer’s email, you may find out about upcoming discounts a few days in advance and take advantage of incredible savings while lounging at home.

Although HauteLook works with many high-end and mid-range designers, beauty enthusiasts frequently have the best luck thanks to flash deals on names like Urban Decay and Shiseido. However, it’s important to note that HauteLook’s delivery is often rather sluggish, so avoid ordering something that you’ll need right away.

5. ShopBop


In a way, ShopBop is like a Nordstrom that only operates online. The fashion company uses seasonal sales and a reward program to entice customers to their website, where they offer clothing and accessories from hundreds of high-end brands. In a fashion-conscious college town, ShopBop first opened as a brick-and-mortar store. However, after being bought out by Amazon in 2014, it was forced to close.

They now operate as an Amazon subsidiary, giving off a more upscale impression while charging more to match. With the ease of Amazon delivery and a stylish, searchable website, this one-stop fashion resource is ideal for fashionable pieces and designer goods.

6. Marshalls


You may as well go to Marshall’s if you’re already going to T.J. Maxx. The two stores are affiliated with the same business; therefore, they have some intended parallels as well as differences. Generally speaking, both stores are likely to have the same brands and pricing. But Marshalls truly excels when it comes to shoes. Whether you’re buying shoes for yourself or other members of your family, if you’re a complete shoe nut, head to Marshalls first.

Additionally, shopping at Marshalls frequently feels a little calmer than shopping at T.J. Maxx, which makes it more akin to Nordstrom Rack. Perhaps this is due to the blue color scheme of the store.


The OUTNETWhat Nordstrom Rack is to Nordstrom The Outnet is Net-A-Porter. If you’re not acquainted, Net-A-Porter is an online store that specializes in selling luxury apparel and accessories, as opposed to Nordstrom, which offers a wider variety of pricing points.

As a result, The Outnet’s inventory likewise skews disproportionately toward high-end and luxury goods—albeit at large savings. Designer clothing is frequently available for 50% to 75% less than its retail cost. We’re talking about really prominent labels like Valentino, Zimmermann, Alice + Olivia, and Stella McCartney. The fact that the store is a Net-A-Porter trademark ensures that everything is authentic.

8. Bloomingdales Outlet

Bloomingdale’s, a well-known American luxury department store, was established in New York City in 1861 and is well-known for serving an upmarket, fashionable clientele. Despite being acquired by Macy’s Inc. in the early 2000s, Bloomingdale’s has managed to distinguish itself from the larger chain department stores by maintaining a high degree of style.

Bloomingdale’s inventory of fashion and lifestyle items often ranges from $100 to $300 per piece, with online and in-store discounts to increase sales. Bloomingdale’s aims to make luxury accessible. The most popular brands at Bloomingdale’s are Calvin Klein, UGG, and Saint Laurent. Bloomingdale’s is the one store you won’t want to miss if you’re seeking cherished luxury things in a glitzy package.

9. Poshmark


Poshmark isn’t like other internet retailers. The users themselves purchase and sell clothing and accessories on the marketplace. Poshmark primarily focuses on women’s clothing, although users are also able to sell menswear, children’s items, and home goods on the website.

Poshmark is primarily used by actual ladies who are purging their wardrobes following thorough KonMari organizing sessions and those who like to frequently change up their outfits. As a consequence, Poshmark’s brand selection is pretty similar to that of Nordstrom Rack, featuring both expensive designer clothing and recognizable mid-range labels like LuLuLemon or J. Crew.

Poshmark also offers authentication for things costing more than $500, which is a very cool feature. By doing this, you’ll have confidence that a frequently counterfeited Chanel or Hermès purse is authentic if you find yourself tempted by one.

10. Neiman Marcus Last Call

Neiman Marcus Last Call

For fans of expensive clothing, especially those who don’t mind purchasing items from prior seasons, LastCall is the Neiman Marcus Clearance Shop. The Neiman Marcus website’s online Last Call area is still immensely fascinating to browse through, despite the fact that many actual Last Call stores are currently closing.

Neiman Marcus LastCall has a ton of Alexander McQueen, Badgley Mischka, and Akris options, all at the best rates we’ve seen. Neiman Marcus regularly has the greatest savings when compared to Outnet and Nordstrom Rack for the same high-end merchandise.

However, there is often a little less inventory because this is a true nordstrom anniversary sale area. However, if you have a certain item in mind, we advise always checking to see if it is offered through LastCall before opting to make a purchase anywhere else.

11. 6pm

6pm shopping

With the exception of Zappos’ bargain division, 6pm, no one can compete with the retailer when it comes to online shoe purchasing. Zappos by itself is a reasonable place to shop, but 6 p.m. ups the ante with astounding discounts on shoes from well-known, reputable companies like Steve Madden, PUMA, Adidas, and Dr. Martens.

But 6 p.m. doesn’t simply provide footwear. Additionally, the store carries clothing and accessories for men, kids, and women. The majority of the options are in the mid-range price bracket, with names like Tommy Hilfiger and Bebe that are already affordable at full price but become much more alluring when extra discounts are applied.

12. TheRealReal

TheRealReal shopping

Consignment store The Real Real specializesn  high-end designer clothing and accessories. TheRealReal is a step up from Poshmark in that all of its things are transported to a single location, where they are validated, and are then sold directly from there rather than between buyers and sellers. The fact that The Real Real sells designer clothing from many eras is another feature that sets it apart. Unlike other clearance stores, which often only offer goods that are 1-2 seasons behind, you can discover both antique clothing and more recent arrivals here.

It’s important to keep in mind, though, that TheRealReal’s verification procedure is far from flawless and that clones occasionally manage to bypass it. Fortunately, the business provides a substantial nordstrom rack return policy if that does occur; however, you might wish to get your purchases independently validated by a company like PurseForum or by a website like that.


You shouldn’t have to give up style, quality, or even brand awareness because you’re on a tight budget. You might have to give up on the newest trends, but if you build a wardrobe that lasts from season to season, you probably won’t mind too much.

No lack of stores exists that sell high-quality products at reduced prices, so whether you’re shopping in person or online, be a wise consumer and check out each one.

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