Best Things To Do After Waking Up To Stay Healthy

Before going to bed each night, we come up with vague ideas of what our day would be like, praying for it to be as smooth as the surface of a pebble. We have our tasks lined up before us and a busy day that sometimes makes us want to run for the hills!

Jokes apart, mornings are the best and most productive part of the day. They not only add value to your life but can also raise your mental well-being and happiness quotient. Apart from the fact that mornings set the tone and pace for your day, they also affect your short- and long-term health. Disturbed sleeping patterns or a restless night will most definitely end up as a lethargic sluggish day the next morning.

If you wake up well-rested and energized, you will carry that energy with you throughout that day, not only within yourself but rather spreading it out as a positive vibe in your surroundings. If you start your day on the wrong foot, then God help those who must bear with you!

Even though not all circumstances can be controlled by us like the traffic, there are a few things that can help encourage your day in the right direction. I hope you find the following habits help to make your mornings start happy and energized.


Eating a healthy breakfast is an initial boost to your body for the day. Avoiding quick fixes with added sugar such as cereals or juices can be helpful in the long run. Take your time and make a healthy, hearty breakfast which will give your body an energized feeling until lunch and will have your brain working much faster. Your breakfast must ideally constitute of fresh fruits, lean protein, whole grain cereals, and low-fat dairy.

Invest in good protein bars that have low fat and sugar for a quick snack and energy boost in the morning. You may like to get them from Built Bar by using Built Bar Coupon for bundle offers that help you save a considerable amount of money, all while delivering great quality and 11 different flavors.

All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.”

John Gunther

Waking up early

Waking up early in the morning can do wonders because it helps us save time in getting ready and also relieves us from the extra stress that comes from having to hasten and rush our morning tasks. Early rising can help set your routine at a good pace, improve your mood and enhance productivity.

“Lose an hour in the morning, and you will spend all day looking for it”

Richard Whately

Make your bed

As mundane and tiresome as it may sound, making your bed will give you a feeling of achieving a task which will, in turn, motivate you to do another task. If you have a bad day at work, you will at least come home to a bed which has been made.

Making the bed brings with it a sense of calm and uniformity in an otherwise distracted state of mind. Starting your day in an organized manner instills a sense of balance and responsibility and also calms the nerves.

Drinking water

Water is the most basic necessity of our body. Even more useful when it is after an entire night of deep slumber and dehydration. This is because it helps kick-start your metabolic system. Add in slices of lemon, cucumber or drink up straight but make sure to replenish your body’s hydration stores.

“Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.”

  1. H. Auden

Fresh Air, & Sunlight

We all know how essential sunlight is for our bodies. Couple it up with fresh air, and you have yourself the most inexpensive therapy to fight and ward off depression, anxiety, and mood swings. Take a trip to your backyard, water the plants, and soak in that much-needed early morning sunlight that is the most beneficial.

Not only does it help with stress, it helps boost your immunity system, strengthens bones, and also helps you sleep better at night!


Being active in the morning will make your day a whole lot better. Start with some stretching that helps you really wake up and also encourages blood circulation in your body. Hop out for a quick run or a jog around the block to activate and strengthen those muscles.

If you are not one for heavy exercise, do indulge in some light cardio as it lowers the risk of heart diseases, promotes blood circulation, and improves brain function. Thus, maximizing your brain and body functions.

Stay Positive

Self-appreciation and self-care is the most important thing for building positivity within ourselves. Make positive discoveries about yourself and pen them down for reinforcement. Saying them out loud while looking at the mirror will also make you feel empowered.

Indulge in activities that you enjoy, like playing your favorite music or reading a good book. You may even want to spend quality time with your family and friends over breakfast at home or at a café on your way to work. Invest in people who encourage and uplift you. Call a friend, sibling, or colleague who makes you smile while getting ready or walking to work.

Plan Ahead

The significance of planning cannot be stressed enough. The way your day pans out is partially dependent on how you planned it the previous night. Small tasks like selecting an outfit, managing files, planning breakfast, and ensuring you have the ingredients may seem unimportant but will save you from decision fatigue and also precious time. Believably, some of your plans will not work but be prepared for that and have a positive outlook about it.

Every morning is a fresh start, promising new opportunities. No matter how bleak times may seem, there is always that ray of hope that urges you to keep moving forward. Remember to keep believing in yourself. Wishing you the brightest mornings ahead!

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