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With more travel on the horizon, it’s time to think about buying the things that no jet-setter should be without, and travel adapter should be at the top of that list. If you’re still using the one you bought at Dubai airport 20 years ago, it’s time to upgrade to one with at least one USB port and the ability to keep you connected in at least 150 countries.

A small LED light that turns on when the power is on is a feature to look out for. The prongs should also be able to slide into place easily and quickly when not in use. You don’t have to worry too much about surge protection, though, because most travel adapter have it built in these days.

We’ve included a number of travel adapter options that are made for smaller gadgets like iPhones and iPads because leisure travellers today are more likely to bring a lot of smaller gadgets than big ones like laptops. We put our travel adapter collection to the test by using them with a variety of gadgets. We paid close attention to how easily the adapters could be switched out and how well the prongs stayed in place.

We quickly saw the value in some extras that we hadn’t thought of before, like dedicated pouches with clearly marked compartments or extra-clear markings that showed which country a certain travel adapter was most likely to be needed in.

Top 7 Travel Adapter to Charge Your Devices

Checkout top 7 best travel adapter to charge your devices on your holidays in 2022, take a look please!

1. OneAdaptr all-in-one world adapter with USB-C & 3 USB charger

This all-in-one adapter has three USB ports, a USB C port, and the ability to work in 150 countries. You can connect up to five devices to it. It comes in great packaging, in this case, a box that looks like a book and closes with a magnet. It looks and feels too good to just throw away. This adapter comes with its own color-coordinated drawstring pouch, which is a nice touch when it comes to packaging. The way the prongs slid out was our favourite part. Unlike other adapters, which needed a separate button to be pressed, we just had to press and hold the same button we used to slide out the prongs.

Buy now £35.96

2. Mophie charge stream global travel kit

This adapter was made with smart phones in mind. It comes in a sturdy pouch with clearly marked compartments for the different parts, which include a wireless charging station, five interchangeable adapters, a micro-USB cable, and a car adapter. We didn’t have a phone that could be charged wirelessly, so we couldn’t test the wireless charger with it. However, we could still charge our phones the old-fashioned way, through the USB port. When we used this adapter, we loved the super-bright LED light that came on, as well as how the different parts fit together quickly and securely.

3. Anker 65W 3-port charger

This is another very small adapter made for charging phones and laptops with USB-C ports. The tiny size of the different attachments might be a problem for people who tend to drop things. But we really liked how easily they fit into the body of the main unit, which has a lot of power. Two USB-A ports and one USB-C port (the type most Samsung users are used to) offer a total of 65W of output, which can be used to power three devices at the same time. We really liked the sky-blue trim, and the bright blue light was a nice change from the usual red one.

4. Samsonite worldwide adapter

This adapter is strong and reliable, and it will keep you connected in 150 different countries. The different prongs slide out easily, and the two-year warranty will please people who tend to cram their adapters into tight spots in their backpacks and suitcases. We might be nitpicking, but we would have liked to see a splash of colour, and £35 seems like a lot for an adapter that doesn’t have USB ports, which are easy to find for much less.

5. Twelve South plugbug duo

The design and packaging of the Ferrari-red plugbug duo have been given a lot of thought. The PlugBug comes in a sturdy cardboard box that has holes cut out for the different parts. It was made to work with Apple gadgets like iPhones, MacBooks, and iPads. It has five adapters that can be switched out, so it can be used in 150 countries. The base can hold a MacBook or iPad, and there are two USB ports on the side.

6. Heys universal Travel Adapter

This is a small, high-quality adapter that can charge a wide range of gadgets. It costs just £24, which is a great deal. It’s not simple at all. It has two USB ports, a stylish red trim, and a locking mechanism that keeps the prongs in place when they’re out but lets them slide back in easily when they’re not needed. One thing that surprised me was how helpful it was to have a red outline around the holes for the prongs of three-pin UK plugs. When I was fumbling around in the dark, this helped me see what I was doing.

7. Go Travel worldwide adapter and USB

The Go Travel adapter is a bit big and heavy for its size, but it’s well-thought-out and made of high-quality materials. It has two USB ports and a strong locking mechanism that will keep the different prongs in place. A gold star was given for the clear writing next to each set of controls. It’s too easy to forget which countries use which sockets. There are two USB ports, and we liked that the LED light that comes on when it’s plugged in is on the bottom. If you know where to look, you’ll be able to tell quickly if it’s on, but it’s not likely to keep you awake if you’re easily woken up.

Final Words: Travel adapter Options

The smart and stylish OneAdaptr all-in-one world adapter shows that an adapter can really be used for more than one thing without sacrificing quality. But the Mophie Charge Stream global travel kit is one of the best travel adapters made for smart phones, and the Anker 65W 3-port charger is a stylish, small adapter that is great for families.

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