11 Best Websites Like Bestgore For Horror Movies 2023

Do you want to find the best websites like bestgore in 2023? Bestgore is a Canadian shock site launched in 2008 by Marek that includes uncensored news, unsettling photographs, and videos. Best gore drew a lot of media attention in 2012 after releasing a live murder video.

The material and opinions of members were published on the site. Many of the best websites like bestgore, listed below, include content that may trigger terrible nightmares. If you’re not a fan of nightmares, you might want to read something else. You have been forewarned!

If you read our post about the most offensive websites like bestgore, you should be able to bear reading this entire piece. However, there are many more websites dedicated to death, horrible violence, murder (including gruesome beheadings), suicide, and other startling issues.

When we live in frightening times, filmmakers are driven to create frightening films. And every now and again, they’re pretty good.  Please keep in mind that the “rankings” are mostly for entertainment purposes. The top horror movies on this list may have something extra unique about them and are absolutely must-sees if you only have a limited amount of time, but I strongly suggest every film on this list.

What is Bestgore?

Bestgore website that compiled all of the gory stuff that could be found elsewhere on the internet into one location for its users. The website catered to Gore fans by acting as a social networking platform for them. This website featured graphic movies as well as still photographs, and users were able to comment on and share the content of both types of media with one another.

Additionally, the website www bestgore com acted as a newsletter that detailed all of the most recent gory content and assisted users in accessing it on the internet. One may anticipate discovering stuff such as films of homicides, photographs of wounds, images of fistfights, recordings of people hurting themselves, and a great deal more on this website.

At that time, it was among one of the most renowned websites like Seegore for horror movies in its domain, and it had more than a billion visitors per month. Some of its most appealing characteristics are a personal account, an easy-to-use design, and a graphical user interface.

Why BestGore.com Shut Down?

BestGore has long been among the most gruesome, violent, and racist websites online. You may witness footage of children being decapitated, along with the consequences of rape, horrible injuries, and other bigoted statements, with only a few mouse clicks.

The government has banned and blocked videos and photographs on this website that include highly severe language, gore, or violence in order to protect innocent residents and their families. These websites have been deleted from search engines. It is obvious that prohibiting these sites would result in a more secure Internet. However, there are other websites like BestGore.

11 Best Websites Like Bestgore

Check out the best websites like bestgore, where you can view horror, bizarre, and murder-related movies in 2023.

1. Documentingreality

Documenting Reality is a gruesome website that has tens of thousands of photographs and videos of genuine crime incidents from all around the world. This link will take you to their area of Real Medical Autopsy Photos and Videos. There are countless posts concerning autopsies, coroner job, funeral businesses, and other issues. This is one of the best websites like bestgore.

2. theYNC.com

TheYNC.com is widely regarded as one of the best gore websites on the internet. If you go to this location, you might agree. This is one of the best websites like bestgore. There are several films available that represent real-life harsh executions, suicides, horrible accidents, and other atrocities. They also include some of the most graphic photos (including the Florida zombie attack victim). This website also has a large number of links to web pages with peculiar comedy.

3. Death Date

If you take things too seriously, this may be your choice for the ultimate gore website. After all, who wants to know when they will die? It’s a great website, and I’m thinking the algorithm takes your addictions into account when determining your death age. Your death date is shown in three distinct ways on the website: neutral, optimistic, and pessimistic. Choose one that piques your sick interest. If you actually want to get serious about life, take the supposed date and start living it to the fullest.

4. Deathclock 

Have you ever wondered when you were going to die? You’ve arrived at the correct location. The Death Clock makes it simple to find out. The website uses a complex algorithm to determine your death date depending on where you reside, how much you smoke, how much alcohol you consume, and your view on life. This will be one of the best websites like Bestgore. Of course, no matter how sophisticated this death clock is, it will be unable to forecast your exact day of departure from this world. This is a good thing, because the expectation of death may be more terrible than the actual dying. Regardless, having a general sense of when you’ll die is a bit disconcerting.

5. BME: Body Modification Ezine

Tattoo art is a 21st-century subcultural movement that may be found everywhere from the sidewalks of New York to the back alleys of Nanjing. Some people, on the other hand, will go to great lengths to transform their bodies into walking canvases. Over 14,000 videos and 3.5 million photographs showing how to subject your body to pins, needles, and ink have been compiled by BME. It’s a one-stop-shop for ceremonial piercing, scarification, and tattoos. According to the website, they are a unique subculture and society created by and for people with disabilities. For those who can’t stomach the sight of needles, the site’s body piercings and tattoo art may be modest, but the tattoo intricacy and body alterations aren’t far from gore. Some portions of the site require a membership.

6. The Damaged Corpse

Your childhood doll memories may have been wrecked by Annabelle and The Curse of Chucky. As a result, this website is just another knife cut. Despite the fact that the site is in French, the visuals communicate the international message “holy creeps!” Françoise Duvivier is a fantastically (and horrifyingly) inventive artist who expresses herself via collages, masks, and dolls.

7. The Blood Factory

The first thing that makes you tingle is the background music. Without a doubt, it is a disturbing website. And it’s brought to you by none other than Danny DeVito, himself a horror film fan. The Blood Factory produces horror shorts known as “splattercuts.” In 2022, this will be one of the best websites like Bestgore. The site now has roughly 16 horror shorts accessible. While seeing them in the “darkened theatre,” you may vote for them. I’m not sure how frequently the site gets updated, despite the fact that it was launched in 2009. Perhaps it will go down in online history as a footnote.

8. Goregrish.com

Goregrish is a risky area to visit. This is one of the most well-known internet shock sites. If you are at least 18 years old, you can access their extensive library of frightening (uncensored) video footage. Some of the videos are not only frightening, but also bizarre. Prepare to watch films of actual suicides, murders (including grisly beheadings), and weird erotica. This website has the most potential to create anxiety of any on our list. What a dreadful and unpleasant combo.

9. Bloody Fingernail

You’ve always wanted to scribble your name in blood on the walls. This is your moment to shine. You may use your mouse to write a message on the “Flash” wall in lieu of your cut finger. You may then send the one-of-a-kind message via email to whoever you want to terrify. This is a corny prank site rather than a scary one. In 2022, this will be one of the best websites like Bestgore.

10. Scary for Kids

As an adult, it takes a lot of convincing to buy into corny horror. Children, on the other hand, seem to be drawn to them and like goosebumps. So, to complete our list here’s a “horror” website geared at youngsters. Scary for Kids appears to be a scary website for youngsters. This will be one of the best websites like Bestgore.

11. Serial Killer

Turn your hankering for cheesy horror into a chance to brush up on your trivia skills. Everything is summed up in the image above. Take this quiz to see whether you can distinguish between a serial hacker and a code hacker. Don’t forget to peruse the site’s “More Stuff” section for additional methods to fight boredom online.


However, check if any of the stories, movies, or frightening images make your spine tingle as well. I didn’t see any gore, so you may sit in front of the TV with your children. Perhaps a storytelling session at night would be more successful. This includes all sites like bestgore, such as bestgore.com.

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