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BIGO LIVE is a live video streaming app based in Singapore. The application has evolved to become a top-grossing product and one of the world’s most downloaded video streaming applications since its launch in 2014. BIGO LIVE now has a global footprint in over 150 countries.

Its comprehensive user demographic makes it a diverse space for live social streaming applications. BIGO LIVE is a networking tool that lets you communicate with live videos with others. BIGO LIVE software is based on live broadcast sharing, which you can join with only one click. Join hundreds of entities and networks and find a brand new universe of possibilities.

You can live-stream your favourite moments and make friends from all over the world with Bigo Live. In a supportive, balanced, and innovative way, we encourage people to highlight their creativity, explore, and remain linked.

What is BIGO LIVE?

Bigo Live is free software that helps users create videos for friends and strangers or live-stream their activities at any time and wherever anybody can broadcast videos and communicate with anyone. While the base app is free, consumers pay in-app currency to “recharge” up to $89.99.

Users can quickly monetize their videos, and this system has proven to be the secret to the growth of applications. For instance, during a live-streaming video, a user can trade money for digital gifts and send them to his favourite presenter. Not only do the presents, called “beans,” signify a streamer’s success, but they can also be traded for real money.

Features of BIGO LIVE App

Here are some of the app’s distinct characteristics:

1. An always-growing user base

With an ever-increasing global user base, BIGO LIVE is rising with over 400 million active users at a pace higher than normal. It has a huge footprint in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas in particular. Its demand is spread into three major zones in Asia. In Southeast Asia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia are BIGO; in Eastern Asia, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan are BIGO LIVE; in Southern Asia, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh are BIGO.

In Egypt and Saudi Arabia, BIGO LIVE lives throughout the Middle East, in the Americas, the US, Europe, Russia, and the UK. As its consumer base expands, BIGO LIVE continues
to develop in numerous parts of the world.

2. A Secure Application

BIGO LIVE fosters a healthy atmosphere driven by a community convention and user policy. These documents educate users of the platform and appropriate actions on the app, the conditions of content manufacturing, and the obligations of app owners to app participants.

The group rules of BIGO LIVE verge on conduct, voice, dress, and privacy. If a member breaks the rules set by the app, they are banned from BIGO. BIGO LIVE prohibitions may be either temporary suspension or complete revocation.

3. Social Interactions

The networking element of the BIGO LIVE app provides a significant contribution to its immersive experience. Broadcaster and follower engagement is the crux of the social element of the app. The app facilitates social networking by means of the following methods:

Live Chat: For all viewers, this is a general-purpose chat box to respond to a live stream they watch. The live chat enables both viewers and broadcasters to connect through emojis and text.

Guest Live: This is the alternative that during the program a fan who wants to be included in the live stream of a presenter asks for it. More famous broadcasters also have a wide pool of live requests from visitors to pick from, making it exclusive for chosen people.

Fans Ranking: The daily BIGO app lists fans of broadcasters on an all-time basis.
The scores are based on how much these backers communicate with their chosen broadcasters. By having a VIP membership on the website, fans will get a privileged spot.

5. In-App Payments and Programs for Incentive

The free and basic BIGO LIVE software edition is fully ad-free. This makes the program
enjoy broad acclaim from customers. In-app sales on the app appeal to the economic
void created by the ad-free policy of the app. These transactions allow users to turn their
fiat cash in the app to Diamonds. Members will then then buy virtual presents for broadcasters using the Diamonds attributed to them or use them to obtain VIP membership.

During live broadcasts, VIP memberships come with chat preference and additional cosmetic effects on the smartphone. Broadcasters receiving virtual presents from viewers are compensated with the diamonds invested by fans on a 1:1 basis. Broadcasters can opt to cash out their beans with a minimum of 6700 beans, or raise enough to buy diamonds to buy or upgrade their VIP membership for themselves.

4. Various modes of Broadcasting

BIGO LIVE makes it easy to experience quality live broadcasting for both broadcasters and audiences. Comedy, music, singing, and entertainment are some of the content that is streamed on the website. What sets BIGO apart, though, are the numerous broadcasting choices on the app that it offers. Those alternatives include:

  • Live Streaming: Every user has an equal opportunity here to highlight their talents on the BIGO LIVE site to very active users. Broadcasters get their fans interactive presents.
  • Live Video Chat: Using the multi-guest room option, friends and family can arrange 1 to 1 video chats or expand them to 9 guests. You can also start a call using the match-up feature of the app with random individuals.
  • Live Competition: In the BIGO app, player vs player competition can be performed. PKs are called these. Here, two broadcasters go head-to-head to see who gets their fans the most virtual presents. It’s famous on the network with the more developed broadcasters. In addition, from this app, new broadcasters have also acquired life-changing opportunities.

Is Bigo Live app Appropriate for Children?

bigo LIVE

The software demands a minimum age of 16 to set up an account, which is mainly used for players, aspiring performance artists and vloggers. However, younger users, especially when they have a burning desire for fame and recognition, may trick the AI system to get in. A major danger of Bigo is that foul language, aggression, or nudity, including sexy talk and clothes, may be found in certain user-generated content.

The remarks from users are often also predatory, explicit and intimidating. Sharing in-app personal details (such as age, gender, and location) is not suitable for younger teenagers. The app’s gamification scheme (levels and rankings, sign-in prizes every day) will contribute to addiction, and the relentless struggle to earn “beans” will distort the image of a consumer about what skill and merit imply. The app also encourages encounters with strangers, potentially predators and stalkers, who may invite teenagers in real life to meet them.


BIGO LIVE isn’t a standard program for live streaming. With over 400 million daily
users, it’s in use worldwide. Its consumer rules and community standards cover both the
users of the app and the enterprise of the creator. To the immersive experience, social interactions and different forms of producing and viewing content on the web contribute. By awarding consumers and broadcasters in multiple ways, BIGO caps it off.

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