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Boddle meets the standards of where you live. What’s become amazing about the classroom is that the kids are very interested! One digital app that students can use to make their own subject information is called Boddle Learning. This lets the teacher look at the facts in a useful way!

Nowadays, students are mostly focused on their technology. I believe it is critical for teachers to change along with their students. Since implementing game-based learning in my classroom two years ago, I have witnessed a plethora of incredible advantages.

As we all know, taking an exam is not pleasant; therefore, it might be difficult to get kids enthused about it. Boddle Learning comes in very handy here. Boddle is a learning game with questions that are evaluated. The questions are in line with state requirements and help students be ready for exams as well as real-world situations. They get knowledge points based on their responses to these questions.

What is Boddle?

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Boddle is an educational gaming platform that includes an engaging mobile and online game, an instructor management tool, and a unique learning algorithm. With the help of the math game Boddle, students may practice and have their requirements met.

Students are inspired to practice with confidence by the game’s intriguing practice questions. The adaptive algorithm finds the basic abilities that each learner is lacking in practice problems and modifies them accordingly.

Additionally, data from student replies is gathered and transformed into reports that instructors may use right away to determine who needs help and what. Boddle learning’s automatically creates and grades homework and tests, saving teachers two to four hours a week by highlighting all of the gaps in each student’s knowledge.

Additionally, the product’s material is interoperable, meaning that it may be integrated with knowledge from other disciplines and organizations to create online courses that enhance student participation in Boddle’s game.

New Features:

  • There’s a new, fancy design to the Boddle Shop, and Premium users may now access four extra goods in Daily Deals.
  • A special border is now displayed around the profile sticker of premium players in the profile.
  • Arcade games no longer stall once assignments are finished, and arcade scores in the player profile are rectified.

Key Learnings:

You get access to reports for every task your students complete as a teacher. There is a great deal of discretion in what you allocate. You can select one or more topics, and you can customize the number of questions for each topic. You can observe the amount of time they spend on each question, the response they choose, and the TEK that they are focusing on.

  • Targeted Individualized Goals: Assignments can be assigned to students according to their academic requirements rather than only the requirements for their grade. This enables people to achieve their unique objectives while learning and growing at their own speed.
  • Simple to Assign: Assigning topics is quite simple! You can designate a single class, a group of classes, or individual students.
  • Content that Engages Students: Because they are learning at their own speed, the assignments are enjoyable and stimulating for all students. They get the opportunity to participate in game-based learning, which aids in helping them retain the concepts.
  • Simple for Students: Every question has the option to be read aloud to them, and they may use the sketch tool to display their work on the side of the problem. Additionally, there is a little movie that serves as a lesson on the particular question type.

Boddle: How and Where to Use It

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All users can use Boddle for free. To get started, simply visit the Boddle website and register for an account. Boddle is compliant with several state requirements, including those from Texas, Florida, Oklahoma, Missouri, California, Massachusetts, Arizona, and many more. It is also in line with the Common Core standards.

Boddle is an excellent summertime toy that families may use at home. Ms. English continues, “Parents being able to send and view student assignments creates a new way to help students with math at home.” “The Boddle website has a ton of training videos in addition to technical support agents available to address any concerns. In the hopes that students will continue working on their assignments during the summer, I am eager to send home my login cards as a teacher once more.

Boddle Learning is a great option if you’re searching for enjoyable and user-friendly arithmetic software to utilize both in the summer and at school. Through the use of its adaptive learning software, which may combat summer learning loss and give students engaging, enjoyable summer activities, students can become more engaged and find it easier to go back to school.

Assigning Math Facts in Every Game Mode: Math Facts Anywhere and Everywhere!

Educators have the ability to program math facts to provide daily practice in fact fluency as students play their preferred games! As follows:

  • Any game mode will have math fact questions!
  • Students advance by answering two consecutive fact-fluency questions.
  • Teachers can utilize two different types of color-coded reports to track students’ progress as their factual fluency increases.
  • Data may be shared with administrators, parents, and other instructors with ease.
  • Monitor your personal or classroom learning objectives.
  • Determine your learning needs and growth areas.

Boddle is now certified with kidSAFE Seal!

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We completely understand how vital it is for your children’s safety and privacy when they use internet applications and services, since we are also parents, guardians, and educators. That’s why at Boddle, we’ve always been dedicated to giving kids a safe, interesting, and enjoyable learning environment.

We are happy to declare that Boddle has earned the KidSAFE Seal certification! This fantastic accreditation demonstrates our commitment to giving our younger users a secure online experience, so you can confidently respond to the question: Is Boddle safe?

Kid-targeted game sites, educational services, virtual worlds, social networks, mobile apps, tablet devices, and other comparable interactive services and technologies are all included in the kidSAFE Seal Program, an independent safety certification service and seal-of-approval program created specifically for children-friendly websites and technologies.

At Boddle, we also take great pride in safeguarding the privacy and personal information of your children. We’ve added our Privacy Agreement, which details how we abide by COPPA and FERPA regulations, to give you even more peace of mind.

As an online kids app provider, we take our responsibility seriously and are committed to enhancing our security and privacy protocols on a continuous basis. Please email us at [email protected] if you have any questions or worries regarding Boddle.

We appreciate you allowing us to be a part of the Boddle family and to accompany your kid on their learning journey. Let’s continue to build a safe and stimulating virtual learning environment for our kids together!

Benefits of Boddle Use for Kids at Home

Finding a learning resource or program that is made to be both successful and entertaining for kids may be quite difficult. Striking a balance between education and enjoyment is crucial, as kids who are having fun while learning are more likely to be motivated and involved in the process.

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A passion for lifelong learning and support for your child’s education may both be fostered by cultivating knowledge as a family. It’s crucial to help your child develop confidence since it makes them feel more driven and equipped to take on new challenges and responsibilities.

In this sense, Boddle’s adaptive technology is very helpful, since it can modify the content and level of the material to fit your child’s current requirements and skills. Families with hectic schedules or parents who need more time to help their child with certain abilities or concepts may find this extremely helpful. Additionally, in a regular classroom context, this may work better than a one-size-fits-all strategy. Children may stay motivated and interested by using Boddle’s interactive activities to make learning more entertaining.

Having kids log into Boddle at home has a number of advantages:

Screen time that is both safe and effective

It’s no secret that kids adore spending time on screens, and with Boddle’s engaging and adaptable learning environment, your kids will learn while having a great time playing games and competing with peers. Families can feel secure using Boddle as a resource.

Enhancing and Applying Grade-Level Knowledge

Boddle provides standard-specific homework through games to help your kid practice at home once they master a new subject in class. The concept of conventional “homework” is reimagined since your kids will like practicing and truly look forward to signing on.

Reiterating Ideas During School Vacations

“Summer learning loss” is more than simply a catchphrase for education. Kids may feel unprepared when they return to school or move up to a new grade level if they don’t practice at home during school holidays. Even when their kids are out of the classroom for lengthy periods of time, Boddle makes it simple for parents to assign standard-specific curriculum to keep their kids’ abilities fresh.

In-Game Guides Describe and reinforce the lessons learned in class!

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You don’t need to worry if it’s been a while since you solved a multi-digit decimal issue, since Boddle has you covered. You and your child may practice problem-solving techniques in real-time while playing thanks to in-game features like video explanations for each issue.

Ultimately, it’s critical to locate instructional materials and methods that support kids’ positive and engaging learning experiences that are customized to their unique needs and interests. Boddle assists parents and other caregivers in figuring out how to help kids study at home and foster an interest in learning outside of the classroom.


Currently, Boddle may be used with Safari, Firefox, or Chrome on desktop computers, laptops, and Chromebooks. Users of iPads, tablets, and smartphones may download the Boddle app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Students also enjoy it!

Boddle believes that all students should have fun and engage in learning. Boddle has embraced the idea that learning can and should be enjoyable, since gamified education has been demonstrated to enhance learning and retention. However, this does not negate the fact that learning is a demanding process.

Math work combined with entertaining playtime is something Ms. English loves to see: “This is a great way to spice up students’ level of engagement, especially for those who are used to mindless video games at home.” They play thrilling games that are entertaining to watch and provide you with a sense of calm since you know they are learning while they play.

Students are given enjoyable tasks that stretch their thoughts and sharpen their abilities on both the math and gaming sides. Better still, they are not required to work alone. Students can communicate with their classmates and practice skills together by using the “Buddy List.”

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