Top 10 Stores like Cabelas & Cabela’s Alternatives 2023

Stores like Cabelas: Outdoor fans know that when it comes to the most significant kit for their next big adventure, they can find it all at Cabela’s. They provide high-quality, long-lasting gear, but other similar stores also have a large range of things for hunting, fishing, and camping.

If you don’t like Cabelas, or if you want to look into other possibilities before deciding on the best outdoor items for your requirements, we’ve compiled a list of stores like Cabelas where you can get high-quality hunting, fishing, camping, recreational shooting, and outdoor gear at a fair price with cabelas promo code. The goal of this post is to introduce you to several top stores like Cabela’s that provide a wide range of outdoor leisure products.

What is Cabelas?

Cabelas is devoted to servicing outdoor lovers and is the world’s leading supplier of hunting, fishing, and outdoor products. Cabela’s provides its consumers with unrivaled shopping experiences, premium items, world-class resorts, and the greatest customer service in the industry.


Cabelas has evolved to become a premier catalog producer, producing almost 50 catalogs each year and exporting low-cost, durable outdoor items to over 125 countries since its inception. Cabela’s retail branch swiftly developed in less than a decade, supplying outdoor enthusiasts with a variety of outdoor items across the United States and Canada.

The firm focuses on selling hunting, fishing, camping, and other outdoor-related products. As an outdoor goods provider, the company only serves clients who are passionate about the outdoors through its retail and direct channels. It has 34 stores in its retail division, 32 of which are in the United States and two in Canada. The firm does direct sales through its website, which is supplemented with catalogs as a marketing and selling tool.

American Made Cabelas Products

  • Cabela’s Polar Cap Equalizer Coolers are excellent coolers that can keep you cold for up to seven days while you’re outdoors.
  • Sofas, sectionals, and other furniture from the American Furniture Classics and Best Home Furnishings lines
  • Automatic Deer Feeders from Boss Buck: Several types are offered.
  • Leatherman OHT Multi-Tool: A few tiny components are imported, but Leatherman multi-tools are built in the United States.
  • Cabelas Dry-Storage Ammo Box is a low-cost solution.

Cabela’s began as a mail-order catalog, but they swiftly expanded and developed their first retail stores in the decades that followed. Cabela’s currently sells everything from hunting and fishing equipment to boating, camping, and shooting equipment, as well as a wide range of clothes and accessories. Some people are unaware that Bass Pro Shops, a rival, paid $5.5 billion to purchase Cabela’s in 2016. Bass Pro Shops is still in charge of running Cabela’s retail locations separately.

It is a bit different than the companies we usually discuss because it is a retail shop with thousands of SKUs from many brands, but it is a popular destination with some Cabela’s branded items and a large selection range that we want to go through. So, does Cabela’s sell any things created in the United States? We conducted research to find out.

Cabelas Products Not Made in USA 2023

  • Most Cabela’s branded clothing
  • Most Redhead products
  • Carhartt products
  • Minn Kota motors
  • Most other products sold

Benefits to recurring Cabelas Rewards:

The cards provide the following benefits in addition to recurring rewards:

  • Earn up to $50 in CLUB points as a new cardholder: When you are authorized for the card, you will receive $20 in points, $10 in points for making two purchases of any amount at Bass Pro Shops or Cabela’s during the first 30 days of card approval, and $20 in points for making five non-brand transactions using the card within the first 30 days of card approval. This sign-up bonus is small and won’t gain you much in total, but it is comparable to what store cards normally provide to beginners.
  • Exclusive discounts: You will get access to member-only discounts, promotions, and perks such as price matching. In addition to the price match offer, cardholders will receive an extra 5% off comparable items sold at a lower price by other merchants within 100 miles of their local Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s store, or on a qualified website.
  • Club Signature Events: Cardholders may participate in branded adventures and experiences like game hunting in Canada, saltwater fishing in Costa Rica, snow and ice fishing with professionals, and more. While these activities are only available to CLU students.

Top 10 Best Stores Like Cabelas In 2023

Here’s a quick look at the best stores like Cabelas:

1. Gander Outdoors

Outdoor leisure gear and accessories are some of its offerings. With over 100 stores, the corporation distributes hunting, fishing, boating, and camping gear, as well as gunsmith, archery, boat, ATV, and marine services. Gander Outdoors operates over 120 retail sites across the United States. Gander Outdoors provides a large assortment of outdoor equipment, accessories, outerwear, and footwear, as well as a distinctive shopping experience and excellent customer service.

Following its founding, the firm was able to sell a wide range of camping equipment and apparel, including portable stoves, sleeping bags, tents, lanterns, and clothing such as shirts, woolen pants, boots, jackets, and socks. The personnel at Gander Outdoors understand the products inside and out, and they understand that offering the greatest customer service and an enhanced online experience is crucial to the brand’s success.

2. L.L.Bean

is an outdoor gear and apparel retailer started by Leon Leonwood Bean in 1912. Currently, the company sells leather boots, boats, and totes, as well as clothing for men, women, and kids, as well as winter sports gear, accessories, rainwear, water hogs, and luggage. L.L. Bean provides customers with classic styles, outdoor gear of high quality. L.L. Bean tests all materials, products, and designs in order to satisfy customers. Though the company has grown significantly, its commitment to customer satisfaction, product innovation, and the environment remain unchanged.

3. Orvis

Charles F. Orvis created Orvis in Manchester in 1856, selling top-of-the-line fly-fishing equipment with a focus on good customer service. Orvis sells a large assortment of fishing equipment and has been in business for over a decade. An American firm that sells low-cost fly fishing equipment, hunting equipment, and recreational products Whether you’re shopping for fishing apparel for men or women, Orvis provides a wide selection. Fishing clothing is available to anyone, regardless of age or ability level. It supplies apparel, socks, and gloves to workers in the fishing sector. Shop the Orvis outlet stores for shorts, pants, sleeved shirts, and sleeveless shirts.

4. DICK’S Sporting Goods

Dick’s Sports Goods is one of the world’s major sports goods shops. There are several sporting accessories and pieces of equipment to pick from. Dick’s Sporting Goods is a store of real sports clothes, footwear, and accessories. The brand has lately developed a few styles of sportswear. DICK’S Team Sports HQ was founded in 2016 to provide young sports teams with uniforms and sponsorship options, as well as team websites. The business has expanded considerably in recent decades, and it now maintains 850 stores across the United States.

5. Sportsmans Warehouse

Sportsman’s Warehouse is the best site to get sports equipment, apparel, and footwear. The firm has a diverse choice of items from both worldwide and local companies and provides services in 25 states across the United States and South Africa. Sportsmans Warehouse was created in 1986 and now has 44 stores in nine South African states, as well as an online business. The company’s sports equipment is of the highest quality and reasonably priced. Sportsman’s Warehouse sells a diverse selection of supplies for outdoor enthusiasts that love hunting, shooting, reloading, camping, fishing, and other outdoor activities. Sportsman’s Warehouse has items for both youth and professionals; by selling current products, the firm provides a broad range.

6. Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops was founded in 1972, making it one of the largest outdoor and conservation enterprises in North America. Top-tier resorts, prime shopping locations, outdoor equipment production, exquisite resorts, and a variety of other services are available. Bass Pro Shops sells a wide range of sports goods, with a concentration on fishing, hunting, camping, and other outdoor-related items.

7. Filson 

Filson was founded in 1897, making it one of the world’s foremost outdoor outfitters and manufacturers. Because of their dependability, they are popular with fishermen and hunters, explorers, engineers, seafarers and miners, and nearly everyone who appreciates the outdoors. Customers may get top-of-the-line clothes and accessories from the Seattle-based firm, which uses heavyweight tin cloth and warm Mackinaw wool to make its items.

As a result, they are one of Cabela’s feasible alternatives. There is no doubt that it has a heavyweight reputation since it is made of sturdy, robust, and dependable materials that have earned the faith and confidence of Americans, including hunters, woodsmen, anglers, farmers, and explorers, as well as style-conscious fashionable types.

8. Scheels

With exceptional customer service, the firm offers clothes, footwear, hunting, fishing, golf, and a range of sports. There are many professionals in the sports and fashion retail industries at Schlees, and they like working in a fast-paced atmosphere. At the moment, there are 31 Scheels stores in 14 states in the United States.

9. Altitude Sports

Altitude Sports appears to be a good alternative to Cabela’s, which makes and distributes a wide range of sports clothing, outdoor equipment, and urban wear with a focus on travel, hiking, and camping. Since 1984, the firm has offered expert guidance on gear and technical equipment, as well as a member benefit program and a carefully curated selection of items for outdoor excursions and urban hobbies.

10. MidwayUSA

MidwayUSA is a retailer comparable to Cabelas. This firm has been supplying a wide selection of equipment for shooting, hunting, and outdoor sports to its consumers for over 40 years. Midway USA is well-known for its firearms, hunting equipment, and outdoor gear. The shop sells air guns, archery equipment, black powder weapons, ammo, camping gear, and survival gear. MidwayUSA sells a wide range of items, including hunting equipment, knives, clothes, footwear, gun parts, gunsmithing materials and tools, reloading supplies, self-defense, military supplies, optics and police products, shooting gear, books, films, and software.

Final Words

Our post discussed the greatest hunting stores similar to Cabela’s and listed 10 best Cabelas alternatives. There’s no reason to limit yourself to one store. If you’ve tested and ordered anything from any other firms comparable to Cabela’s that you think should be included in this list, please leave a link in the comments.


Is Cabelas the same as Bass Pro Shop?

YES! Cabela’s is a division of Bass Pro Shops. In order to offer the “best of the best” outdoor shopping experience, Bass Pro Shops paid a stunning $5.5 billion for Cabela’s in 2017.

Which is superior, Bass Pro Shops or Cabela’s?

Cabelas is often more expensive, but its clothes and apparel are of superior quality.

Is Cabela’s closing its doors?

NO! Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s united to give outdoor lovers a fantastic shopping experience. Customers will benefit from lower pricing as their purchasing power grows. In addition, the organization will preserve its unrivaled competence. The parent firms of both brands intend to maintain and expand the qualities that their consumers value.

How many Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s locations are there?

Cabela’s runs 82 stores worldwide, while Bass Pro has 95. This brings the total number of Bass Pro and Cabela’s stores globally to 172.

Who are Cabela’s main competitors?

PacSun, REI, Bob’s Stores, Shoe Carnival, Scheels, Staples, Von Maur, Vudu, Big Lots, Bass Pro Shops, Lands’ End, L.L. Bean, Walmart, Cheaper Than Dirt, MidwayUSA, Sportsman’s Guide, Academy Sports + Outdoors, Sports Authority, Stein Mart, and Outfitters Company are among Cabela’s competitors.

What advantages does Cabela’s provide?

Cabela’s provides its workers with a comprehensive benefits package that includes retail discounts, medical insurance, professional development, an employee assistance program, and retirement plan options with company contributions.

What is the Cabela’s dress code?

Cabela’s has a casual dress code. It is casual enough, like most retail businesses, to enable employees to wear jeans and t-shirts to work, but it is nevertheless essential that staff dress correctly.

What is Cabela’s recruiting procedure?

The recruiting process at Cabela’s is extremely simple and often takes a few days to a week, especially for entry-level positions. The specific recruiting procedure varies depending on the role; however, most positions require phone interviews and face-to-face interviews with shop workers.

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