10 Best Cardinal Staffing Services Alternatives To Try In 2022

Cardinal Staffing Services, Inc. was formed in 1994 in Port Clinton, Ohio. Since then, we’ve grown to five states and 11 locations, supplying specialised staffing and recruitment solutions to a wide range of businesses.

Cardinal Staffing Services is a staffing industry pioneer with more than 25 years of experience. Clients return to us because we consistently provide high-quality individuals. Our commitment to making great connections has helped our customers grow their businesses, our candidates get jobs they care about, and our communities get stronger.

To connect individuals and businesses, our team uses technology, tools, and plain old-fashioned recruitment approaches. It is our job, as the link between employer and employee, to offer the best atmosphere for these relationships.

Values Fundamentals

Since its inception in 1994, Cardinal Staffing has been providing qualified people with job possibilities with our business partners.

  • The highest integrity standards
  • Unparalleled client service
  • A dynamic team of human resource experts that are recognised and rewarded for outstanding performance
  • Service to our communities via volunteers and financial contributions
  • Long-term relationships with clients and talent
  • Our clients’ demands direct us; our vision directs us.

Commitment to Diversity

Cardinal Staffing Services, Inc. has a database of thousands of people with varying degrees of aptitude and competence. We match each candidate with an employment opportunity based on work skills, knowledge, and overall capabilities, not race, ethnicity, or religion.

Similarly, we seek to provide staffing possibilities in a wide range of areas, including office and commercial environments, medical offices, logistical professions, and manufacturing activities. Our opportunities span from entry-level to senior management.

10 Best Cardinal Staffing Services To Try In 2022

In This Article, we discuss the best Cardinal staffing Services alternatives you need to try in 2022.

#1. Candidate Labs

Candidate Labs

Candidate Labs is a contemporary search business founded on technology. Every search agency promises more qualified prospects and faster hiring. We achieve these outcomes by combining experienced search specialists with unique technology and data. Sales and marketing leaders who hire with Candidate Labs can confidently increase their teams without sacrificing speed or fitness.

Candidate Labs is not like most hiring companies because it was born in the digital world, is backed by venture capital, and was started by people who have already started their own businesses. Candidate Labs focuses on venture-backed firms’ go-to-market recruiting. The candidate is one of the best alternatives to Cardinal Staffing Services.

#2. Victory Lap

Victory Lap

Another Competitor to Cardinal Staffing Services. Victory Lap was designed to assist individuals and businesses fulfil their full potential by providing high-quality sales development services. Victory Lap’s experience has been used by businesses of all sizes to grow, develop, and upskill their sales teams.

Victory Lap is an extra avenue for businesses to recruit vetted, qualified, and pre-trained sales individuals that are driven to succeed and advance in their sales careers. Since Victory Lap’s inception in 2016, over 125 of Chicago’s fastest-growing tech firms have joined our community to employ 400+ individuals through our intense, week-long sales bootcamps. At our partner firms, our graduates have an 80%+ 12-month retention rate.

Victory Lap has set up a platform and talent network that is changing careers and changing how employers find sales talent in a field known for high turnover.

#3. SecureVision


Use our recruitment team. Senior recruiters focusing on tech, revenue/GTM, G&A, and generalists are available. We’re on-demand, so you can easily scale us up or down. Our recruiters are educated in category-leading technologies and operate as internal recruiters.

#4. Hirewell


Hirewell is a recruitment agency established in the United States that specialises in technology, marketing, human resources, sales, finance and accounting, and real estate. Our services include specialised search, staffing, executive retained search, and integrated On-Demand recruiting. What actually sets us apart is our tailored approach to resolving our clients’ employment difficulties. Businesses who pick Hirewell come in a variety of shapes and sizes—huge enterprises, small to medium-sized IT organisations, startups, agencies, and consultancies—and collaborate with us because of our open approach and dedication to outcomes. It is also a great services like Cardinal Staffing.

#5. Blueprint Expansion

Blueprint Expansion

Blueprint Expansion is a contemporary recruitment firm that assists businesses in attracting, hiring, and retaining great salespeople throughout the United States.

#6. Betts Recruiting

Betts Recruiting

Since 2009, Betts has teamed with the top companies in many industries, providing a tailored approach to each search. We’ve built a network of true relationships that allows us to find the best personnel and execute rapidly.

We work nationwide, with offices in San Francisco, New York, Austin, Chicago, and Los Angeles, to help you expand your organisation and guide employees into interesting career faster and smarter.

#7. Upshift


Upshift like Cardinal Staffing Service is an on-demand staffing platform that connects businesses with high-quality, pre-vetted W2 workers. Upshift’s stringent vetting and accountability methods result in success rates of over 95%, more than double the industry average of 40%. Upshift assists firms in filling hourly positions in the hospitality, light industrial, and clerical industries. Indeed.com/Recruit Holdings is an investor in Upshift.

#8. ISG Partners

ISG Partners

ISG Partners is a national sales recruitment business that works with Fortune 500 companies, mid-market companies, and tech startups. We specialise in assisting businesses with scaling for quick, accelerated growth. Our business has a reputation for developing effective and high-performing sales teams in highly competitive sectors. We are able to generate a higher ROI for our diversified customer base by using our recruitment strategies, processes, and retention solutions. Our distinct networking method enables us to cultivate true relationships with high achievers while bringing untapped potential to our clients. Each of our recruiters looks for people who are looking for new ways to improve their sales careers and is excited to give them the tools they need to be in charge of their own lives.

#9. Affirma Consulting

Affirma Consulting

Affirma is a full-service technology services organisation focusing on cloud, data & analytics, SharePoint, Office 365, infrastructure, custom development, visual design, and marketing services. We are committed to giving our clients real, measurable business value, and customer satisfaction is very important to us.

Affirma has worked on thousands of projects for leading firms such as Microsoft, the Seattle Art Museum, Children’s Hospital, Starbucks, Blue Nile, TreeTop, MoneyTree, and many more during the past 17 years.

#10. Uproar Partners

Uproar Partners

UpRoar Partners is a one-stop sales shop that works with some of the world’s fastest growing and most renowned B2B IT firms. Through their US-based sales outsourcing workforce and their specialist sales recruiting division, UpRoar Partners assists services in scaling. UpRoar offers a “sales-as-a-service” concept through an exclusive team of professional sellers on the outsourcing side of the home. Deliverables include the development of a multi-channel sales strategy, process validation and implementation, and more quality leads for your sales staff. Our sales staffing business has earned a reputation for providing high-quality candidates to our clients. Finding sales talent is as difficult as it has always been; rely on a partner like UpRoar to bridge the gap.

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