Best Social Work Case Management Software In 2022

Most companies have digitized their customer service channels. While many customers still prefer the actual human touch while they get their issues resolved, more and more people are looking for efficient, resourceful, and fast solutions. In this article you will learn about 4 Best Social Work Case Management Software to Use In 2022.

Social work case management software is a little more specific in their job. It’s for organizations, associations, and businesses that deal with social work, human service, and social program implementation. Software help these organizations implement their social work plans efficiently while simultaneously managing the business’s multiple aspects. These aspects may range anywhere from the tracking of client information to the service delivery in the end.

Case management software helps businesses and corporations manage their customer interactions from across their social media channels and their emails, along with contact forms. By using these software tools, businesses can efficiently collect and organize their customer interactions into one user interface and portfolio where it can be easily arranged and handled. It provides an avenue for businesses to handle each of their customers in one place and efficiently resolve their problems and issues.

Since most software of this type is cloud-based, which increases their overall viability and resourcefulness, with cloud access, operators have an increased versatility that helps them manage their portfolios even from a remote location. These software tools can also organize their cases into different categories and send them to the best-specialized department for resolution. It makes the customer service agent’s job easier while making it more effective in customer handling and issue resolution from the server-side.

Here are a few features that the best case management software should ideally have. You must make sure that before you choose your software, it has all the following features. They are the ability to:

  • Automatically track and organize customer interactions from multiple channels.
  • Features that allow you to add notes to individual cases for easy communication within a team or across multiple teams working in the same place
  • Collect customer fields for your business to create unique labels like Customer ID and purchases to organize a set of raw data about the customer that can later be used for research and development

You should be looking for several other things before you choose your perfect social work case management software. Hence, to save you the trouble of doing everything yourself, we have compiled a list of 4 best case management software for you. This software is the best social work case management software like tracwire for you and your business. Make sure you go through the entire list before you make your decision.

4 Best Social Work Case Management Software

Here is the list of the best case management software for you to use in 2022.

1. PlanStreet Inc.

PlanStreet’s case management software is customized and personalized for businesses that deal with social work, healthcare, and human services. It removes the manual process of handling paperwork and provides caseworkers with a platform that is not only safe but also secure. PlanStreet’s case management software is highly equipped with tools that provide businesses with unprecedented security and scalability levels. This social work case management software is comprehensive and offers high performance to businesses concerned about high-security standards and HIPAA compliance needs.

This software is also cloud-based, which means that it can be accessed even when you’re working remotely. Caseworkers can always access their information and work efficiently no matter wherever they are, with the help of cloud-based tools provided with PlanStreet’s case management software.

Here are the primary features of the case management software provided by PlanStreet Inc.:

  1. Efficient and effective case management and flawless service delivery – The software excels in managing case data and service delivery in one place. Businesses and caseworkers can track the case management programs’ full lifecycle to keep an eye on how the software is working to their advantage.
  2. Optimizable downloads – PlanStreet allows its customers and businesses to personalize their dashboards according to their comfort and preferences. It makes the software more accessible to people and businesses with special needs and requirements. Users can customize their experience according to what they want to focus on every day.
  3. The best practice configurations – PlanStreet helps non-profit organizations accelerate their impact on society by managing their outcomes. PlanStreet also helps align the non-profit’s mission with their desired results at a level where it can be easily organized.

2. AidHound

AidHound is one of the best case management software in the market. Using this software, you can make sure that you control your data, manage your organization, share your knowledge with other stakeholders in the project, and make better overall business decisions. AidHound is an efficient SaaS designed to empower and enable organizations to collect, visualize, and analyze data. This data usually relates to the stakeholders, beneficiaries, and other customers related to the business.

With AidHound, you can get organized, collect all the data you need to uplift your social work management, and track your organization while making informed decisions about its workings.

3. Caseflow

Caseflow is also one of the best social work case management software out there. With its flexible algorithms and customizable user interface, the software helps lower your business’s administrative costs.

Simultaneously, Casefow also makes sure that it enables support for all your possible service workflows. While doing all this, the software ensures you can connect with your customers worldwide at one single, simple user interface dashboard. This software is a very easy choice as it increases the affordability of case management.

Here are some of the features of Caseflow:

  • Effortless documentation automation
  • Flexible data capture and processing
  • Powerful docketing and calendar management
  • Seamless reporting

4. CommunityOS

CommunityOS is an efficient community collaboration platform designed to connect non-profit organizations and launch and start their social programs seamlessly. This software helps organizations like these to coordinate various stakeholders they have from a case-to-case or project-to-project basis.

It includes managing volunteers, sharing of information, and providing a user interface that helps stakeholders manage customers efficiently. The software is being used widely in areas where non-profits work profusely. Social work management and healthcare coordination are two of the main focuses of this software.

Here are some of the features of CommunityOS:

  • Web-based software
  • Cloud access
  • Software as a service (SaaS)
  • Webinars for training purposes


So, here is the four best social work case management software for your business. You can use any of these software tools to make your non-profit easier while ensuring that you connect seamlessly with your customers and stakeholders and other nonprofits working in the same line you are. It enables productivity and ensures efficacy in the social operations that you are trying to implement. Good luck!

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