Cloudbet Review: How Can You Use Crypto to Gamble?

Cloudbet offers a ton of cutting-edge features that entice users to keep playing, despite being one of the most historic Bitcoin gambling websites. Established in 2013, Cloudbet operates under licensing and regulation in Curaçao and Montenegro. It caters to clients in most countries, with the exception of the United States, the United Kingdom, and a few European nations.

The currencies that Cloudbet currently supports are BTC, ETH, BCH, USDT, USDC, PAX, PAXG, LINK, DAI, DASH, DOGE, and LTC. Since its founding, one of Cloudbet’s distinctive selling propositions has been providing greater odds than conventional currency casinos. According to Cloudbet’s website, they are able to offer more transparent and equitable gambling since Bitcoin has eliminated the need for middlemen like third-party payment processors.

The massive eSports market has drawn a lot of new customers to Cloudbet as a result of its recent focus shift. Let’s examine Cloudbet’s development since its inception as well as its goals for 2023. It declared its support for Ethereum staked in Lido as the Ethereum merger drew near. All gamers who wish to use staked coins to place a wager can now access StETH.

Cloudbet has added the ability for its players to wager on the German Bundesliga for the 2023–2024 season. This August will mark the 60th anniversary of the season, which will be the 61st this year. Players at Cloudbet may wager on the Bundesliga with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, offering benefits including speedy processing and minimal costs.

Esports: Cloudbet Review

Video games performed in multiplayer online tournaments are known as “electronic sports,” or “esports.” These might be shooters, team games, or even computerized recreations of actual sports like soccer.

One of the few cryptocurrency gambling services that offers eSports betting on some of the most popular competitive video games worldwide is Cloudbet. Even though competitive eSports are still in their infancy, they have already drawn a sizable and devoted fan audience, and many onlookers are excited to wager on game results.

1.57 billion people are expected to have watched at least one eSports event in 2019, and this figure is probably going to rise. If you’re wanting to wager cryptocurrency on an upcoming game or tournament, gambling companies like Cloudbet are a perfect option because they have long provided eSports betting.

A respectable selection of sportsbook betting is also available at Cloudbet, which has been around since 2013. Like FortuneJack, It provides betting on all of the main spectator sports, including NFL, NBA, and soccer, in addition to covering a few specialized sports.

It is possible for players to wager on ice hockey, badminton, volleyball, and table tennis contests. Additionally, Cloudbet offers Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash wagering on traditional sports like boxing and darts.

It debuted its redesigned and enhanced horse racing service in April 2022. After their beta service, which was developed for the Melbourne Cup in November 2021, proved to be successful, they have now launched a new service. For races of all levels, Cloudbet guarantees very competitive odds, and for the more well-liked events, it offers huge limits. Additionally, Cloudbet has enhanced its parlay choices and price structure.

Cloudbet: Is It Safe?

Cloudbet offers the greatest level of investment protection accessible by keeping customer deposits in cold storage, making it one of the safest exchanges on our list. When Cloudbet wants to execute withdrawals, it only employs hot wallets, or those that are online. This implies that even in the event that the Cloudbet website is hacked, your money is stored in an offline wallet, which is very secure against theft and hacking. Here is additional information regarding hot and cold Bitcoin wallets. Because there would only be a tiny quantity of Bitcoin accessible for theft at any given moment, It is a secure and unappealing target for hackers.

Customer Support Service:

Cloudbet uses ZenDesk, a third-party provider of help desk software, to provide thorough FAQs to gamers who require assistance. But it’s rather difficult to discover in the typical casino interface, so you’ll need to look around the website for assistance.

The help desk has a live chat facility, although it isn’t shown on the website outside of active table games when you might want instant support. Compared to BitStarz or FortuneJack, where assistance is available at the push of a button, this does make it slightly more difficult to receive immediate assistance on Cloudbet in the event that you run into any problems.
In brief

It stands out among competitors with its extensive eSports area, providing access to a completely new market for Bitcoin gambling. Because of this, the casino has drawn a large number of new customers who wouldn’t typically utilize cryptocurrencies to place bets. It’s a wise move on Cloudbet’s part to draw in new customers, and if you enjoy eSports, we heartily urge you to check out Cloudbet’s user-friendly betting platform for your next bet!

In November 2022, Cloudbet also launched a fantastic loyalty program. Thus, in 2023, users will be able to purchase in the marketplace, advance through loyalty tiers, collect lightning points, and recommend friends. For more regular gamers who like to receive recognition for their continued patronage of the company, this is fantastic.

Despite being user-friendly and offering in-play betting, Cloudbet’s sportsbook often has fewer betting alternatives than FortuneJack. Still, it offers a wide variety of sports coverage that many other cryptocurrency sportsbooks do not yet provide, including MMA events.

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