Collector’s Dream – What Is the Coolest Knife In the World?

When you have a special interest you want only the best artifacts to comply them with. That is also the case with great weapons and why you collect them. Out of all the weapons that have been created, knives continue to attract people. They are handy, well-crafted and come in an array of different designs. You can always have so many options to choose from and know which one to collect. Determining what is the coolest knife in the world is a challenge because each one represents something different.

You prefer certain knives more because they work better for the tasks you want to accomplish. But when it comes to the best knives that collectors want, it’s about design and making. You will find multiple choices of cool knives that are functional as well as display-worthy. You need to figure out your taste in collectible weapons and why you need to buy them. Of course, there are endless options when you are looking at famous knives, because of the content you consume. There are books, movies, TV shows, comics and cartoons and video games based on weapons. Each of them are iconic in their own way and showcase something of different interest to each person.

Collectible Knives That Are All The Rage Right Now 

The trends in collectibles tend to change with whatever is popular in modern culture. Some periodic themes get rebooted like medieval period dramas or ancient martial arts. Other times there is so much buzz around Anime and new video games. Or there is usually at least one Sci-Fi or comic related title that is making headlines. According to whatever is hot, you will see a hoard of merchandise being created, including cool weapons. Whether they belong to famous heroes or villains, many knives are hot-selling collectibles.

  • Butcher Knives
    If you think about the fascination with cool blades, many slashing and cutting ones come to mind. Butchering knives are not just tools to make your life easier, but they are uniquely designed. Each knife has a specific usage that it’s best for, like skinning, descaling, filleting and gutting. Naturally, one of the largest collectors of these knives is hunters and blade-heads.
    These knives have serrated edges for cutting tough meat or hooks for skinning the hide. Others would have gutting hooks that would clean out animal innards. These are a niche category of collectible knives but also the ones that are super handy.
  • Ninja Knife
    You can’t talk about collectibles without having at least one ninja weapon in the mix. There is a huge fan base for martial arts enthusiasts who like collecting and using swords and knives. Out of them all, ninja knives are extremely coveted as guerilla warfare weapons. Smooth, clean cuts, sharp edges and stealthy functions, they appeal to all collectors. From a short sword, to battle-axes and throwing knives, you get so much variety. Ninja knives are designed to tackle enemies without revealing your position. Their aesthetic and amazing minimal designs are collector favorites all over the world.
  • Zombie Knives
    We have all at one point or the other been obsessed with zombie apocalypses. One of the most famous world-ending theories has drummed up hundreds of films and games. Obviously that would mean that zombie weapons, and knives are especially liked by all. These include large machetes, daggers and beheading knives for the zombie apocalypse. Real fans of the zombie themes like to collect famous blades from iconic movies and TV shows. These collectibles are very popular among the youth, especially the gaming community.
  • Joker Knife
    Iconic weapons from famous movies are always on the hot list of collectibles. One of those are the multiple weapons showcased in comics and superhero movies. Without a doubt, the Joker from Batman is one of the most iconic villains that were ever created. The joker knife inspired one of the most famous quotes of all time, “Why so serious?”. You can only imagine that such a knife would be on every collector’s list to own.

Buying Authentic But Affordable Collectible Knives 

If you are looking for the coolest knives in the world, luckily you’ll find plenty in the United States. With a rich popular culture and TV history, all kinds of popular trends take root here. On top of that we are a weapon loving nature and knives represent many different things to collectors. You can find impressive collections of functional and decorative knives in local stores. If you want themed blades, you can also check out nearby comic book stores and online swap meets.

But the most amazing collections of iconic knives and blades can only be found on the internet. You can connect with like-minded people who can direct you to the right sources for collectibles. If you conclude your own search you will come up with multiple online knife stores. With hundreds of products and transparent inventory, you can find the best knives online. If you are looking for one trustworthy source, then PA Knives is your go-to place.  They are one of the best online stores in the country that have an impressive array of collectible knives.

Since collectors need to keep buying new products to increase their collection, money is an issue. You need to buy more things in a lesser amount so you can afford more things. Of course collecting knives is not a cheap hobby, but it doesn’t need to be an expensive one either. PA Knives is the one source that sells you wholesale knives at half the market price. You can get the same quality of products as the stores but pay less money.

You don’t need to worry about quality when it comes to buying collectibles at PA Knives. If you are a fan of samurais, be ready to find a whole array of the best blades you’ll ever see. If zombies and large survivor blades are your jam, you will find plenty that will appeal to you. Most importantly, if you want to collect your favorite movie, TV show, book or video game props, you come here.

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