Common mistakes people make in Employee Training

Employee training is the process of providing required skills to the employee which helps to do his job effectively. It helps in bringing positive change in the knowledge, skills, and attitude of the employee. It helps him make better decisions in critical tasks.

Training mistakes can do more than pass incorrect information; they can de-motivate employees, set them up for failure and even put them at risk. This may directly affect the organization and take the downward slope in its growth. It may also ruin the company’s reputation in front of the customers.

Creating an employee can become a piece of cake if you avoid some common mistakes and make use of modern LMS platforms like cornerstone lms. Lms platforms offer many tools to deploy and manage eLearning very easily. You can check the cornerstone lms reviews and see how many organizations are ace at employee training programs.

One should make sure to avoid some common mistakes while creating an employee training program with LMS. Those are:

  1. Unclear goals or objectives

The very step towards creating a right training program for employees to have a clear set of goals and objectives. If not, it becomes confusing for the learners failing to serve its purpose. One must do some research of the problem statement of the company and try to analyse what problem this program is trying to resolve.

  1. Making the course boring

People try to put too much textual information in the course making it too boring and monotonous. People tend to lose interest while reading too much text and feel sleepy. One should try to add more media like images, videos, and course completion quiz. This will make the session interactive and interesting.

  1. Lack of encouragement

Often people feel demotivated to take training thinking if they will be able to actually get something out of it. They also feel discouraged thinking if it will take a lot of their time. It is important to motivate your employees & make them understand the future benefits of the program. Also keep the training session short so that the larger audience gets to attend it and also get time to focus on other tasks.

  1. Reusing old methods & materials

Some organizations keep recycling old training content which does not really help the employee’s skill to grow. But in fact, fails to improve the overall performance of the employee and his daily task. It deprives you from knowing about the latest tools, technologies, and solutions available. One should do enough market research and use the modern methods of training like lms and always keep the course content up to date.

  1. Too much of information

Making the training too passive, or too cookie-cutter-interactive is another flaw in the training.  Training should contain the information as precise and to the point as possible. One should make the training interactive and keep some ice breakers to keep the employees engaged.  LMSs have the amazing gamification feature which can be used to make the learning more fun for employees.


While LMSs have made corporate training programs a lot easier, there are still some things that one should take care of while designing, implementing, and teaching a corporate training program. Eventually, it’s still up to the course creator to understand the company’s goals and its target audience, as well as to know their subject and to be able to present it well. A good employee training program allows organizations to retain the right talent and boost profits. In this tight job market, competition for top talent is more competitive than ever.

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