What are the best connecting symbols used by computers?


Today’s computers utilize thousands of symbols to signify a function, specification, certification, firm, or warning. One of the most well-known connecting symbols is a nearly full circle with a vertical line at the top that shows power.

On this page, we present over 100 of the most commonly seen computer and electronics symbols, along with a brief explanation of what each symbol means. Use any of the links below if you know the category of the connecting symbols you’re looking for.

Otherwise, scroll down this page to find your symbol or a similar symbol by scrolling through all symbols. Because most connecting symbols aren’t standardized, the symbols shown here may or may not correspond to your software application or hardware device. These connecting symbols, on the other hand, should be near enough to what you’re looking for that you can figure out what they imply.

Best Connecting Symbols 

General Symbols

A question mark symbol indicates that you have a question and that you can get help or look up information online. A tip or an idea is represented by the light bulb icon symbol. On this page, for example, there are various tips that are easily recognizable by the light bulb next to the word “Tip.”

A configuration or settings option is indicated by the gear connecting symbols. Many programs, for example, use a gear icon for buttons that allow you to change the program’s settings. There may be a gear icon in the place where you can change your account settings on some online services.

Another symbol that can be used in place of the gear is a wrench or a wrench and screwdriver to signify an area where the settings or other choices can be adjusted. In communications, a speech bubble symbol is used to show that a message needs to be read or that someone is typing a message.

On an iPhone, the messages icon and each of its messages, for example, use the speech bubble symbol, and when someone types, a speech bubble with three periods appear. The checkmark symbol denotes completeness or that something is in good working order. For example, when a download is complete, a green checkmark may appear in the download dialogue box. A + symbol, or a horizontal line crossing a vertical line, is also a symbol used to indicate that software programs and hardware devices can be increased, added to, moved down, or zoomed in.

Symbols on the keyboard

A computer keyboard is represented by a rectangle box filled with other little solid boxes with a line going out of the top. On some keyboards, a square with the number “1” on it serves as a Num Lock indicator on the keyboard LEDs. On some keyboards, a square with the letter “A” on it serves as a caps lock indicator on the keyboard LEDs. If you look at the LED lights on a certain keyboard, an arrow that points down indicates the “Scroll Lock.”

On an Apple computer, a single-line arrow pointing back on the keyboard is a symbol for the backspace or delete key. The symbol of a box arrow going to the left containing an X can also be used to represent the backspace or erase to the left button. The Enter key and most keyboards are represented by an arrow pointing to the right, down, and then to the left, or merely pointing down and to the left.

A symbol used to represent the Shift key on computer keyboards is an empty arrow pointing up that also resembles a house. A Tab key is a single arrow heading to the right and a line, which may also have a second arrow beneath it pointing to the left and a line. The Windows key is a key on a Microsoft Windows keyboard that has the Windows flag. The Menu key is located next to the Windows key on the right side of the keyboard.


Mouse symbols

A computer mouse symbol with two buttons and sometimes a mouse wheel is used to signify a mouse configuration or a port that supports a mouse connection. A touchpad on a laptop is represented by a rectangular box with one or two boxes at the bottom, which may be next to a button that switches on and off the touchpad.

The mouse cursor is commonly represented with an arrow pointing to the top left corner of the screen. A program may, for example, alternate between using the mouse pointer to pick items and using the hand tool.

Many apps utilize an hourglass symbol to show that the computer is functioning or that something is loading. As the computer operates, several programs also rotate the hourglass. A hand symbol is a tool that is used to manipulate objects or pages on a computer screen. A hyperlink is represented by the symbol of a hand pointing. When you hover over a link in your browser, the mouse cursor changes from a pointer to a hand pointing.

Power symbols

As previously stated, the power button symbol is a nearly full circle with a vertical line running through the top. These connecting symbols appear around any button that turns a gadget on or off. The symbol depicts the characters “0” (zero) and “1” (one), which are used in the binary language of computers, as well as off (0) and on (1). A power cord or plug symbol is used to show where the device’s power should be plugged into the computer or another device.

A power connector port could also be represented by a lightning bolt. Any symbol of a lightning bolt denotes electricity or charging. A single lightning bolt beside an indicator light, for example, shows that the device is charging.

Display symbols

The sun symbol is used to represent everything that has to do with the brightness of a display. For example, you might have two sun symbols, one of which is smaller than the other and has an up or down arrow next to it, indicating that you can adjust the brightness. A light bulb symbol can also be used to show brightness when working with displays, such as a button on a keyboard to modify the backlight brightness.

Sleep mode is indicated by the crescent moon symbol. A crescent moon key on a keyboard or the front of a computer, for example, can put it to sleep. It looks like a rectangle with two lines on each side on different computers and gadgets. The VGA connector is shown by this shape.

Drive symbols

A computer hard drive is represented by three discs stacked on top of each other or a tall cylinder. The connecting symbols for a CD, DVD, Blu-ray, or disc drive is a circle with a small hole in the center. The save feature is frequently represented with a floppy disc symbol.

A button with a floppy disc symbol, for example, maybe pressed to save a document in a software program. Users who did not grow up with floppy drives and discs can see a real-life example on our floppy disc page.

E-mail Symbols

With e-mail, a mail envelope symbol can be used to send an e-mail or to indicate when an e-mail has been received. A paperclip symbol is a ubiquitous symbol for an attachment in e-mail systems and other message exchange programs.

This icon shows that an e-mail includes an attachment while viewing it, and an icon or button with this symbol when writing a message is used to add an attachment. In e-mail addresses, the (@) or at symbol is used as a separator.

A way to get to the main area or homepage is represented by a home or house symbol. On a browser with a home symbol button, for example, clicking that button will send you to your homepage. The hamburger menu symbol looks like three horizontal lines next to each other. This means that there is a menu.

A back arrow symbol is a single arrow pointing to the left or (back) that is used in Internet browsers to return to the previous page. The two arrows in a circle pointing to each other is a symbol typically used to denote a reload or refresh. It is not to be confused with the recycle icon. Your browser, for example, may feature a refresh button that allows you to reload the website to acquire the most recent version. A gear icon is frequently used to represent a configuration or settings option.

Many programs, for example, use a gear icon for buttons that allow you to change the program’s settings. Another symbol used to convey setting options is a wrench, a wrench, and screwdriver, or another tool connecting symbols.

Image Editor Symbols

A plus (+) or minus (-) symbol is used to symbolize search zoom in and zoom out. A circle with a line going to the bottom right that resembles a magnifying glass with a plus (+) or minus (-) is used to represent search zoom in and zoom out. A hand tool is used in graphic and image software programs to grab hold of a page or another item and move it across the screen.

In picture and graphics-related programs, a symbol of a cross tilted to the right is used to indicate an eyedropper. The universal symbol for cutting on computers is a pair of scissors. If you chose something and then pressed an icon with this symbol, the object you picked would be chopped out of the image.

The marquee, or choose the tool, is represented by a symbol of a box with dotted lines. This symbol appears on buttons that allow you to pick parts of an image or another item with the tool. The pencil symbol is one way of drawing on a picture or canvas in graphic and image editors. A brush symbol is used on applications that allow you to paint a picture or canvas and is not to be confused with the pencil symbol.

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