CoolROMs Ultimate Guide: Alternatives, Feature, Security & Games

Is it not true that we have all felt a twinge of nostalgia? Recall our Sega or Dandy games. These games are now considered vintage masterpieces in the gaming industry. They are revered and serve as role models; it must be mentioned. Retro games are also still important today because of their immense popularity. Even so, a few of these games are older than twenty years. Retro game enthusiasts used to congregate around the CoolROMs website, which catered to a variety of systems. Sadly, it has turned into a haunting ghost. He hadn’t shown any indications of life since 2012. Rest assured—we have substitutes. Every old-school game has been simulated. This implies that they will function flawlessly on cellphones and PCs.

Overview of CoolROMs

A well-known website containing collections of vintage college games is CoolROMs. The emulators are available on the CoolROMs website. You may play practically any old video game on this amazing website. An emulator is a tool that allows you to simulate an experience that you are most likely missing since you are using a different device. Emulator creation is a traditional skill that has been around for more than thirty years.

The emulators must be utilized on as many devices as possible. There is no longer any risk to your computer or browser from the website. Older video games can never be fully completed, even while newer games have better visuals.

Is CoolROM secure?

I did a lot of studying before realizing that CoolROM is a secure website. However, downloading ROMs and emulators via CoolROM Downloader is not safe. These retro game downloaders might be infected with malware or viruses. Therefore, before downloading any files from this website or downloader, please make use of any antivirus software or apps on your computer or mobile device.

Is CoolROM secure?

How Can I Get an ISO File From CoolROMs?

Follow these instructions step-by-step to get ISO files from the CoolROM website:

  • Step 1: Use any browser to access the CoolROM website.
  • Step 2: Choose any console by clicking on the ROM option, then download the ISO file for that console.
  • Step 3: Choose any game you’d want to play.
  • Step 4: To download the ISO/ROM file, click the Alternative Download Link option.
  • Step 5: The download will begin after you wait 15 seconds.
  • Step 6: Use WinRAR software to extract the downloaded file when it has finished downloading to obtain the ISO game file.

Does CoolROM contain malware?

Although CoolROMs does contain viruses, you may still securely download any files from this website by using an antivirus program or app and by following the instructions in the tutorial above.

CoolROMs Main Menu:

  • House
  • FAQ
  • Instructional
  • Emulators
  • ROMs
  • In line

Enumeration of Emulators on CoolROM:

  • Android
  • Arcade
  • Atari 2600
  • Atari 5200
  • Atari 7800
  • Jaguar Atari
  • Atari Lynx
  • Commodore 64
  • The Game Boy Advance
  • The Gameboy Color
  • Mac OS X / Macintosh
  • System 22 of Namco
  • CD Neo Geo
  • The Neo Geo Pocket
  • Nintendo
  • The Nintendo 64
  • Nintendo DS
  • The Nintendo Gamecube
  • The Wii
  • Dreamcast from Sega
  • Genesis Sega
  • Saturn Sega
  • PlayStation by Sony
  • Playstation 2 from Sony
  • Portable Sony PlayStation
  • Nintendo Super
  • Xbox

Features of Coolroms

A well-known website for getting ROMs and emulators for well-known game consoles is called Coolrom. For those who enjoy retro gaming, the website provides a plethora of features that make it a trustworthy and handy source. We shall examine a few of Coolrom’s primary features in this part.

Video Game Collection

  • Coolrom’s vast game collection is one of its best qualities. Thousands of games (ROMs) for a range of gaming systems, such as Atari, Commodore 64, Neo Geo, Sega CD, and others, are available on the website. For your convenience, the games are arranged by area, genre, highest rating, and most downloaded.
  • This eliminates the need to sort through several pointless games to locate the ones you wish to play. In-depth details about every game are also available on Coolrom, including the title, publisher, genre, release window, and synopsis. Users may also provide reviews and ratings for games, which is useful when choosing which ones to download.


  • A variety of emulators are available from Coolroms to run the ROMs you download. Emulators are computer applications that let you use your computer or mobile device to play console games. Atari, Nintendo, Sega, and Sony are just a few of the game systems for which emulators are available on the Internet. The fact that Coolrom’s emulators are updated often to guarantee compatibility with the newest operating systems is one of its advantages.
  • In-depth instructions for installing and using each emulator are also provided on the website, making it simple for even inexperienced users to get going. To sum up, Coolrom is an extensive web portal for fans of old-school video games. It is a simple and dependable resource for players who want to revisit the classics because of its vast game catalog and selection of emulators.

Features of Coolrom

Security And Lawfulness

Safety and legality are two crucial considerations while downloading Roms. Despite being a well-known website for ROM downloads, CoolROMs carries several hazards that should be considered before utilizing it. First and foremost, there is a chance of infection while downloading ROMs from CoolROM. Many of the ROMs available on the website include executable files that may include viruses or other malicious software. Furthermore, several customers have mentioned that after downloading ROMs from CoolROM, viruses ended up on their systems.

Legally speaking, downloading ROMs from CoolROM is prohibited. As ROMs are copyrighted content, downloading them without the owner’s consent is seen as piracy. Although it is improbable that individual users would face legal repercussions for downloading ROMs, it is crucial to understand the potential legal hazards associated with using websites such as CoolROM. All things considered, even if CoolROM can be a practical source for ROMs, it’s crucial to be aware of any possible hazards and related legal concerns. If you decide to use the website, be sure to take security measures to guard against viruses on your computer and be aware of the legal ramifications of downloading anything that is protected by copyright without authorization.

Important lessons learned

CoolROM is certainly worth checking out if you’re searching for a dependable source of ROMs for your vintage gaming requirements.

The following are some important lessons to remember:

  • Large Selection: CoolROM has an amazing library of ROMs for many different consoles, including older models like the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 and more recent ones like the NES, SNES, and Sega Genesis.
  • There are more than 30,000 ROMs to choose from, so you’re bound to discover something that interests you.
  • User-Friendly Interface: You can locate the ROM you’re searching for with ease thanks to the website’s easy-to-use search box.
  • Additionally, the website offers useful categories and filters to assist you in focusing your search.
  • Safe and Secure: CoolROM takes security very seriously and makes sure that every one of their ROMs is virus- and malware-free by extensively testing them.
  • To help you pick the best download option for you, the website also provides a range of download alternatives, such as torrent files and direct downloads.
  • Recommendations for Emulators: CoolROM provides a list of suggested emulators for every console in addition to ROMs.
  • If you’re new to emulation and don’t know which emulator to use, this can be quite beneficial.

Despite being a free website, CoolROM depends on advertisements to make money. You could thus see some advertisements when browsing the website. The website does, however, provide a premium subscription that enables ad-free website browsing. All things considered, CoolROM is a fantastic tool for nostalgic players wishing to revisit their beloved old games.

CoolROMs Top Emulators Downloaded:

  • Advance Visual Boy
  • Project 64
  • DeSmuME
  • PCSX2
  • ePSXe
  • Dolphin
  • NO$GBA
  • MAME
  • Snes9x
  • Combination
  • pSX
  • The Chankast
  • PS2emu
  • Jnes
  • PCSP
  • Advance Visual Boy
  • Xeon
  • Kawaks
  • NeonDS
  • Concepts
  • Satourne

CoolROM's Top Emulators Downloaded:

CoolROMs Top 25 Downloaded Roms:

  • Tekken 3
  • Bandicoot Crash
  • Jackie Chan, Master of Stunts
  • Crash Team Racing, or CTR
  • Digimon 3
  • WWF Championship Match! 2. Recognize Your Position
  • Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 DragonBall Z
  • The first disc of Final Fantasy VII
  • Second Bloody Roar
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Restricted Recollections
  • World of Digimon
  • Japan’s Pepsiman
  • Vigilante 8: Second Infraction
  • Disc 1 of Final Fantasy VIII
  • San Andreas, a grand theft auto game
  • Disc 1 of Resident Evil 2:
  • The Ghost of Sparta, God of War
  • 2005’s FIFA Soccer
  • twisted metal 4
  • Last Fantasy X
  • Second Dino Crisis
  • Clash of Super Heroes: Marvel vs. Capcom
  • Tenchu 2: The Inception of the Covert Assassins
  • Bonus Content for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
  • 2002’s King of Fighters

What Was The Status Of Coolroms?

Nintendo of America, Inc. filed a lawsuit for copyright infringement against Coolrom, forcing the company to close. Coolrom complied with Nintendo’s request to cease its illicit practice of reproducing vintage games and making them accessible to the general public. This was because Coolrom’s actions were illegal.

Coolrom’s homepage currently has a statement explaining their current circumstances whenever you visit them. They are appreciative of their extended assistance to the emulation community. They also sought to assist gamers in reliving the thrill of playing vintage games that they would not have imagined being able to play again. You can still download any of the 23 remaining game titles while the website is still operational.

Top 20 Alternatives to CoolROMs

If you wish to avoid downloading any files from the CoolROM website and would like to know which of its alternatives is the safest and most effective,

1. DopeRoms

1. DopeRoms

There’s a huge selection of vintage games and emulators on the DopeRoms page. The website is simple to use and is free. You don’t have to give up on the idea of ever traveling back in time to experience games nostalgically. Get all things related to vintage games by visiting this website. The games and the emulators you want to use to play them may both be downloaded.

The website provides lawful stuff. There is no malware on it. Thus, you may be sure that this website offers real vintage gaming material. This website has a ton of ancient games that you can download.

2. RomsEmulator

2. RomsEmulator

This website for classic games is user-friendly. You will be able to use the site immediately, even if you are a new user. You may read the user-friendly online instructions. You will discover more about the website as you use it. If you’ve already visited the website, you are already aware of its fantastic Coolroms alternative platform.

You may download games from several consoles with this website. RomsEmulator offers a selection of excellent games that can be downloaded for free. The game’s synopsis is great, as it allows you to decide whether or not to download the game right away.

3. RomStation

3. RomStation

An extensive selection of ROMs and emulators for many gaming consoles and platforms can be found on the website RomHustler. RomHustler provides players wishing to download their favorite games with a smooth experience thanks to its user-friendly layout and simple navigation. This is also better as compared to CoolROMs.

The vast library of ROMs available on RomHustler is one of its best features. It covers a variety of gaming consoles, from more contemporary consoles like the PlayStation 4 (PS4) and Xbox One to more traditional ones like the Sega Genesis, Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), and Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). RomHustler provides emulators in addition to ROMs so that customers may play these games on PCs or mobile devices. The variety of platforms supported by the emulators on RomHustler makes it simple for users to select the ideal emulator for their requirements.

4. Ziperto

4. Ziperto

Another website that provides a huge selection of ROMs and emulators for gamers is called Ziperto. For players wishing to download their preferred games, Ziperto has grown in popularity due to its emphasis on offering premium ROMs and a smooth user interface.

A notable characteristic of Ziperto is the vast array of ROMs it has for Nintendo systems, such as the Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, and Switch. To accommodate a wide variety of gaming tastes, Ziperto also provides ROMs for more game consoles, including the PlayStation, Xbox, and Sega. To help customers get started with their gaming, Ziperto offers comprehensive instructions and recommendations on how to download and utilize emulators in addition to ROMs. The platform guarantees that customers have access to the newest games and emulators by providing frequent upgrades and library additions.

5. MoreROMs

5. MoreROMs

An extensive collection of ROMs and emulators for many gaming consoles and platforms can be found on the website MoreROMs. Gamers wishing to download their favorite games may have a smooth experience with MoreROMs thanks to its user-friendly layout and simple navigation.

One of the main draws of MoreROMs is its vast collection of ROMs, which spans a variety of gaming consoles, from more recent consoles like the Nintendo DS and PSP to more traditional ones like the Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), and Sega Genesis. In addition to ROMs, MoreROMs also provides emulators so that users can play these games on their PCs or mobile devices. The variety of platforms supported by the emulators on MoreROMs makes it simple for users to select the ideal emulator for their requirements.

6. ROMNation

6. ROMNation

You may visit this website and select what you want to watch if you’re seeking a fun way to pass the time. This website has hundreds of old-school video games. Any game you desire may be downloaded with an emulator. This website offers nothing for free.

A great substitute for the Coolroms website is ROMNation. It offers people an excellent experience and includes similar features. Some claim that it is far superior to coolroms.

7. Gamulator

7. Gamulator

One of the greatest coolroms of alternative websites is the Gamulator website. The website offers emulators in addition to ROMs. Every day, new games from the classic collections are added, so there’s always something fresh to see.

As soon as you visit the website, you will see that there are two methods to download the games: directly and through a download manager. You can download ROMs for tablets, smartphones, PCs, and other gadgets. Choose the games you want to play when you visit our website now.

8. Vimm’s Lair!

8. Vimm’s Lair!

Possibly among the greatest CoolRom substitutes available online. The website is updated often. It should be mentioned that the website has a vintage aesthetic. The sole purpose of doing this is to savor the past. Thousands of classic games that are flawlessly suited for contemporary PCs may be found on the website. The website was established in 1997 and is still operational. There are also a ton of vintage gaming enthusiasts on this globe. This is also better as compared to CoolROMs.

Talk to one another, check for cheats and codes, and read reviews of games. Additionally, the website offers emulation software that allows any old game to be given a second chance at life. On the website, there are over thirty emulators. Go through the website’s instructions if you need assistance. An organized collection of video games and gaming consoles is another great feature of this website. You’ll be aware of the games that were released in a specific year.

9. ROMsLover

9. ROMsLover

A well-known website called ROMsLover provides a large assortment of ROMs and emulators for many gaming systems and consoles. For players wishing to download their preferred games, ROMsLover offers a smooth experience with an intuitive UI and simple navigation.

A salient characteristic of ROMsLover is its vast collection of ROMs, which span a variety of game consoles, from more contemporary systems like the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 to more traditional ones like the Game Boy, NES, and Sega Genesis. ROMsLover provides emulators so that people may play these games on PCs or mobile devices in addition to ROMs. The variety of platforms supported by the emulators on ROMsLover makes it simple for users to select the ideal emulator for their requirements.

10. Romsie

10. Romsie

An extensive selection of ROMs and emulators for many gaming consoles and platforms can be found on the website Romsie. Romsie has grown in popularity among gamers wishing to download their preferred games because of its emphasis on offering smooth user interfaces and high-quality ROMs.

A notable characteristic of Romsie is the vast array of ROMs it has for vintage gaming systems, such as the Sega Master System, Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), and Atari 2600. Additionally, Romsie provides ROMs for more recent platforms, including the Xbox, GameCube, and PlayStation 2. Apart from ROMs, Romsie offers comprehensive guidelines and directions for downloading and utilizing emulators, simplifying the process for users to begin their gaming journey. The platform guarantees that customers have access to the newest games and emulators by providing frequent upgrades and library additions.

11. Open Emu

11. Open Emu

Mac users would benefit more from this webpage. The creators guarantee that their games will not even try to function, even though they are positive they will. They also have a special emulator for every console. Using the keyboard as a joystick is one of the great features of our website. To control, press the arrow keys. If you have a genuine joystick, you may attach that as well.

Furthermore, any controller on the site will function regardless of whether it has a wired or Bluetooth connection. The website has flawless organization. Naturally, you’ll locate everything right away. Play a collection of simple-to-use vintage games. Despite the vintage motif, the website has a contemporary design. You may download the app on a Mac in addition to that. It will look through your computer and locate every game. You may also compile your own game collections for easy access.

12. Free Roms

12. Free Roms

This straightforward website is a fantastic substitute for CoolRom. What gives you the greatest pleasure? There are several discount coupons on this website. Coupons come in a variety of formats. A 10% discount on all in-store purchases is the first. If you’re not happy with the goods, the website’s developers also promise a refund within 30 days of the purchase date. This is also better as compared to CoolROMs.

$20 to $100 is the amount on the second coupon. By entering your email, you can obtain it. The website offers a vast collection of games, ranging from Amigo to Wonderswan, in general. You’ll discover your interests. The ease of use and comfort of the website is one of its benefits. Users occasionally gripe that the design is too straightforward. Lastly, all Roms are employed online.

13. Emuparadise

13. Emuparadise

Now let’s visit the following webpage. The capability to play classic games directly in the browser window is its primary benefit. Nothing has to be downloaded or emulated. It also has a vast archive of announcements for old-school video games, TV shows, and periodicals. Take a trip down memory lane or delve into the past of your beloved arcade game.

The website is divided into several areas on the left, including news, community, games, music, movies, scans, and assistance. Let’s examine each of them in more detail. Registered users can access the news section in its entirety. You’ll be able to talk about and provide comments on events. You may interact with fellow vintage game enthusiasts in the community section. The games area contains an enormous selection of classic games that everyone has played since they were little. Additionally, the website has well-known soundtracks that are legendary in the gaming community.

14. ROM World

14. ROM World

Rom World is completely compatible with emulators and ROMs. Emulators are available for nearly every platform, including Sega and Nintendo. Every week, the site’s designers update the collection and add new games. Classic games are all on one website. To be honest, this has certain disadvantages. The website does not mimic several well-known games, such as Mario or Pokémon. It is related to copyright.

Choose your console system and open the ROMs donation. The site’s developers have added images for clarification. Additionally, after selecting the console system, you have an option for download speed. Three levels exist: the slowest, quickest, and fastest. Their operation will be thoroughly explained in the emulator’s tab. You won’t have any questions because the directions are quite clear. By the way, click the question and answer tab if you’d still like to examine the gameplay simulation. To have a deeper understanding, read the article.



You may relive your youth with this website and the others on our list. Play Super Mario or Tanks. There are over 30,000 old games on the website. The site’s main benefit is that the games are secure after emulation. In addition, games for the majority of current systems are available. Check out the best games and give something else a try. Additionally, new game emulations are announced on the website. This is also better as compared to CoolROMs.

Romulation started working in 2003 and is still going strong today. Register on the website to join the gaming community. After creating a password, enter your username. It’s much easier than registering. Additionally, take part in forum conversations. There are more than two million users and more than fifty thousand conversation topics! Additionally, if you’re not familiar with game emulation, check out the website’s free lessons. You could have more queries. You can contact our technical assistance at any time.



Its details are on this webpage. To put it succinctly, it can emulate just Nintendo DS games. Finding the emulation files is simple because they are all in one location. There will be a column of emulators on the left side of the screen. Pick the one that most fits your needs. In addition, the website has a wealth of tutorials for beginners.

There’s no need to recheck the NDS. It’s all done for you via the website. The symbols may cause confusion. Fear not—every symbol on the website has a thorough description. For instance, there is a bookmark symbol on each page. You may always get rapid access to this page by clicking on it. The awesome gaming news further improves the amazing page.

17. Pom Hustler

17. Pom Hustler

This website and the others on our list share a lot of similarities. Hundreds of classic games for every system are available here. All of the games are also arranged and organized. All of the tabs, including home, ROMs, and emulators, are visible on the main page. The search bar and search filters are located below. There would be an alphabetically arranged console if you descended still farther.

Look down to find some of the most played games. These are currently the ten most played games on the list. The rating is changed once a week. Lastly, we have the news column. The most recent update was added on June 4th, and it is updated regularly.

18. Love ROMs

18. Love ROMs

There are almost one hundred vintage games on this website. There are Bratz, Mario, Pokémon, strategy, and more. To get more details about the game, open any tab. The system requirements, download URL, release date, and developer names are all included there. Additionally, utilize the search box to locate a certain game if you require it.

The website will locate all matches if you provide the game’s complete name. Love ROMs has a sleek, contemporary style. In addition, the website’s navigation is user-friendly. Nothing extraneous is present. There are more tabs if you scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. They will assist you in learning more about it. For instance, privacy guidelines or policies.

19. The Old Computers

19. The Old Computers

Let’s begin by using statistics to describe this webpage. More than 500,000 ROMs are present. In addition, the Old Computer website offers a variety of retro game-related journals, films, books, encyclopedias, and other resources. It should be mentioned that there are more than 170,000 registered users on the website. This enables you to add depth and brightness to every conversation. Talk about your favorite games’ endings.

There is a 4000 GB database on the internet. Check out the main page for the most recent news. All of the most recent data is gathered in one location. Furthermore, navigating the main menu is simple. To gain easy access, use tabs. The most popular POMs on the website are displayed on the right side of the screen. You will be sent to a personal page when you open one of them. You may obtain comprehensive information there.

20. Dolphin Emulator

20. Dolphin Emulator

The Dolphin website has been translated into many languages, including English, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, French, and Italian, as we would like to announce right now. The website is secure since the creators are using a Google host. There is a weekly scheduled update when problems are rectified and issues are addressed. In addition, the website’s home page features a video lesson. It provides an overview of ROMs and emulation.

View the Dolphins website’s system requirements. There are news articles on this page as well. The fact that any emulator version is available for this game is another amazing feature. New versions don’t always have enough time to adjust to updated games. Examine previous iterations. It is worth noting that the website provides all the necessary information to access the Dolphin website.

In summary:

To sum up, CoolROMs has been a well-liked online destination for gamers for many years, providing a huge selection of ROMs, emulators, and other gaming-related stuff. Although CoolROMs has given consumers access to a huge selection of games for a variety of platforms and consoles, it’s vital to be aware of the moral and legal issues that surround ROMs and emulation.

Users should use caution and make sure they have the legal right to download and use ROMs before doing so, just like with any website distributing copyrighted information. Furthermore, CoolROMs has already been taken down and experienced legal issues, underscoring the dangers of downloading copyrighted content from such websites. Even though CoolROMs has given gamers a useful service throughout the years, it’s important for consumers to be aware of any potential legal ramifications and to support game producers by only buying games via authorized stores when they can.

FAQs about CoolROMs:

1. CoolROMs: What Is It?

A large selection of ROMs, emulators, and other gaming-related content is available for a variety of systems and consoles on the website CoolROMs.

2. Is downloading ROMs from CoolROMs allowed?

The games’ copyright status determines whether downloading ROMs from CoolROMs is legal or not. Even though some older games may be considered abandonware or have entered the public domain, many are still subject to copyright laws. Before downloading and using ROMs, users should confirm that they are legally allowed to do so.

3. Have CoolROMs already encountered legal issues?

Indeed, CoolROMs has already been the target of takedowns and legal lawsuits for copyright infringement. Because of this, some ROMs and emulators may not always be available on the website.

4. Exist any more safe places to download ROMs except CoolROMs?

Indeed, there are other ways to download ROMs besides CoolROMs that are legal. Official ROMs and emulators are available for purchase or download through authorized channels from certain game publishers and developers.

5. What safety measures must I follow when utilizing CoolROMs?

Before downloading and using ROMs, users should make sure they are legally allowed to do so and take caution when utilizing CoolROMs. Users should also be aware of the dangers—such as virus infections and legal action—that come with downloading copyrighted content from these websites.

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