How to Set Up Cox Business Email Login?

Today we will discuss cox business in this article. Only owners of legacy Cox Business accounts can use the updated Cox Business email service. For those who still utilize this service, there are several methods to set up your email on various devices, and you may still access it via webmail.

The settings and instructions needed to set up Cox Business email on a PC, iPhone, and Android are provided in this post.

What is Cox Business Email?

Cox Communications offers an email service known as Cox Business Email. When you sign up for Wi-Fi, Internet service providers occasionally throw in a bonus to sweeten the bargain. It might be a collection of services offered as a package, such as email accounts, phone services, and data storage. Along with its internet plans, Cox Business email also provided customized email accounts for businesses.

It turned out that the offer wasn’t all that appealing. Cox indicated in August 2019 that it would reduce this function and stop offering new email accounts due to a lack of demand. Cox has a business email account that is very typical. You can use an active Cox Business email account.

  • Exchange email messages
  • Own a 2 GB storage
  • Make email template files.
  • Sort emails into various folders.
  • Make a personalized email signature.
  • As an email address, use your own domain name.
  • Tally up to nine more users.

Cox Business email

Secondary users can no longer have their own email address linked to the primary account due to the email service reduction. For instance, you are unable to use the email addresses [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected] for your account.

The principal account is still accessible to secondary users. If a team has access to a single mailbox for general questions, such as [email protected], this is feasible.

One of the few people who still uses a Cox Business email account may set it up on a variety of devices with the aid of Mailbird.

How to Access and Configure Your Cox Business Email

Your account may be accessed via a desktop client, webmail, or a mobile device. Let’s talk about the benefits of each choice and how to get your email set up so you can log in on each platform.

Computer client

Given that Mailbird is a desktop application, we strongly suggest choosing this choice. When operating from home PCs, many users utilize a desktop client. Even email services that are being phased out may be used with one piece of software when using an email client like Mailbird. This gives you the ability to download all of your emails to your computer and use a simple, unified inbox when working offline.

Using IMAP and POP3 settings to configure the incoming and outgoing servers, Cox Business email may be set up for a range of email clients. Your method for setting up Cox Business login may differ significantly depending on your email software. We’ll use this chance to demonstrate how easy Mailbird’s setup is.

  • Locate the area of your client where you may create a new email account first. Say Settings first, then Accounts.
  • The option to manually setup your account is available after adding your email address.
  • The information for either IMAP or POP3 should be entered here.
  • To set up emails in your email client, you must input the server settings. For your receiving server, pick either IMAP or POP3, and for your outgoing server, pick SMTP.


The vast majority of consumers opt to check their email using a web browser, whether using a shared computer or when they are away from their trusted server. A network connection and a web browser that is compatible with the Cox Business webmail account are needed, such as Chrome. The Cox login page may usually be found at’s Cox Business webmail is now redirected to a sign-in page.

  • Under User ID, enter your Cox Business email address.
  • Under Password, type in your email’s password.
  • Choose Sign In.


Some businesses require you to read emails while on the go due to their nature. Therefore, having access to your email on your smartphone is essential. You can set up email on your iPhone or Android using the IMAP and POP3 features, just like you can with an email client. This necessitates adding a few elements by hand, which we shall discuss below.

Here’s how to configure IMAP or POP3 settings for Cox Business email on an iPhone. Users who wish to access their email outside of their home or business might benefit from this.

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Click Mail, then Accounts.
  • Decide on Add Mail Account.
  • Choose Other.
  • Enter your Cox business email address, password, and description following that.
  • Choose either IMAP or POP3 to connect next. From the table below, enter the incoming server configurations.
  • You may check that the data you have provided is accurate by clicking on your email address and then selecting Advanced.
  • Switch off your iPhone.
  • Your email should be accessible and enabled when you go to Mail.

The process for setting up Cox Business on an Android device is comparable. IMAP or POP3 configurations need access to the outgoing mail server as well.

  • Activate the Email App.
  • On the Set up Email page, select Other if this is your first time configuring email on your phone.

Cox Business Email Setup Precautions for iOS Devices

Cox Business email

Before setting up your Cox business email account on an iOS device, you should be aware of the following risks and crucial information:

  • Make sure you are familiar with your full Cox Business Email address and password before anything else. You should reset your Cox Business login password if you can’t remember it before continuing with the setting procedure.
  •  You need a strong Internet connection in order to integrate Cox Business Email on iOS devices. Therefore, it is advised that you check the WiFi or mobile data connection before continuing the setup procedure.
  • When you set up a new email account, any emails that you may have previously stored in the “Mail” app may be deleted. It is advised that you make a backup of the previously saved email before continuing.


Is email being phased out by Cox?

Cox will keep supporting the current email accounts of its customers. Users can no longer open new email accounts with the firm.

How can I connect a Cox business email to my iPhone?

By heading to Settings > Accounts > Add Account and selecting “Other,” you may add your Cox business login to your iPhone. The IMAP, POP3, and SMTP setup parameters should then be added.

How can Android get Cox business email?

By navigating to the Email App > Set up Email > Add Account and selecting Manual Set Up, you may add your Cox business email to an Android device. The server type should then be chosen, either IMAP or POP3, and SMTP. Add the necessary configuration options after that.

How can I create a new Cox email account?

The creation of new email accounts is no longer permitted by Cox. You can still access your main account if you already have one. It is not possible for the secondary users on your account to get a new email address.

What is the Cox email login process?

At, you may access the Cox email login page. The Cox email address and password are required.

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