Top 5 Best Data Recovery Services In 2022

Data recovery services are similar to the spare tyre in your car’s trunk. You hope you’ll never need it, but when you do, you’ll be glad you have it!  If you have a broken or corrupted hard drive, a data recovery service may be your only hope of saving your data, just as you wouldn’t be able to go home without that additional tyre. Learn more about data recovery services and what they can do for you by reading on.

What is the definition of a data recovery service?

A hard drive recovery service is a recovery that specializes in recovering data from hard drives that have been lost, damaged, or corrupted. Many data recovery organizations provide remote recovery tools, but their primary goal is to physically repair and retrieve data from damaged storage media.

They may provide:

  • Software for data recovery
  • A cleanroom environment is used for in-lab recovery.
  • Server recovery and RAID

What Are the Benefits of Using the Data Recovery Services?

You may need to hire data recovery services for a variety of reasons. Data recovery software can only restore data from devices that the operating system can still logically access. It’s possible for a service to do hard drive recoveries on media that can’t be fixed with software, like a hard drive that has been physically damaged.


What might happen after you use a data recovery service?

Physical damage is frequently caused by human error, much like other types of data loss. This can happen when you fall over and hit your laptop or detachable hard drive. It could be damaged and become unreadable.

  • Hardware failure: Disk drives suffer from wear and tear over time, which can lead to total failure.
  • Strange grinding: Clicking noises coming from the drive may signal impending failure.

Don’t disregard the warnings!

Make a backup of the data on the device and consider replacing it with a newer one. Firmware corruption: an unreadable hard disc might be caused by a corrupted firmware upgrade. Environmental concerns: Hard drives and storage media are not frequently exposed to excessive heat or humidity. Getting them wet or exposing them to too much heat or sunshine can make them worthless, so you’ll need to hire a data recovery service to get your data back.

Power surges: a power surge can destroy the read/write heads of a hard drive or the device’s onboard circuitry. If you’ve encountered problems like these, you might need to hire a disc recovery service. Here are some pointers to assist you with your search.

The Best Data Recovery Services

Here’s a rundown of some reliable data recovery services. We hope this information aids you in selecting the finest hard drive recovery service for your needs.

1. Ace Data Recovery


Ace’s advanced technical competence allows them to give great recovery results to its consumers. A specialized research and development team provides cutting-edge data recovery software, hardware, and solutions.

Their method can access restricted system tracks on encrypted hard drives and retrieve data from failing SSDs with corrupted information. In the field of data recovery, the organization has over 40 years of experience. To avoid further damage to the media, all Data recovery services processes are done in-house, using image copies made with proprietary Direct-Drive Access Reader (DDA ReaderTM) technology to make copies of the media.

Estimates are free, and there are no fees for failed recoveries.

2. Ontrack

Ontrack is a global recovery organization with locations across Europe, Asia, and Australia. To suit the needs of their consumers, they provide 7-day standard, 3-day priority, and 24-hour emergency services. The business specializes in secure data removal and offers complete sanitization of hard drives and SSDs. It follows all international requirements for verifying compliant data destruction and removes magnetically stored data with industrial strength degaussers. Cloud instances, virtual servers, and RAID arrays are among the damaged devices that Ontrack can retrieve data from. Users can securely wipe data or restore data using its program without having to mail their media.

For a free examination and estimate of recovery expenses, contact the firm.

3. SalvageData

SalvageData’s faith in their ability to recover data led them to institute the now-standard practice of not charging for failed recoveries in 2003. The company’s mission is to develop improved recovery procedures and technologies on a continuous basis. They attempt to exceed industry norms in terms of security and media handling methods, and they conduct external audits on a regular basis to ensure compliance.

Data may be recovered from damaged SSDs, hard drives, and nearly any other form of the storage device by expert experts. Depending on the volume of information retrieved, data might be returned to customers via new storage devices or downloads. if it isn’t possible to get the device back, it will be destroyed or given back to the customer.

Estimates are free, and there are no fees for failed recoveries.

4. Secure Data Recovery

Secure Data has a proactive research and development staff that is always looking for innovative ways to restore data. If your media cannot be rescued, they will return it to you free of charge after exhausting all Data recovery services options. Technicians committed to the recovery process 24 hours a day are available for emergency same-day treatment. The emergency service has a 48-hour average response time and adheres to the no-data, no-charge philosophy. Secure Data also sells hardware-encrypted secure storage devices, such as flash drives and external hard discs. They can help protect important information, and some of the devices can be opened with a smartphone.

Estimates are free, and there are no fees for failed recoveries.

5. Gillware

Gillware was founded in 2004 by two brothers to address their data loss problems. The recovery has developed to the point that it now employs data recovery engineers with a total experience of over 200,000 hours.

Recovery is carried out using software and technology developed in-house to deal with the most severe data recovery scenarios. Gillware takes pleasure in assisting other data recovery laboratories with difficult recoveries. Gillware recoveries are known for their data privacy and security. Your data is never sent over the Internet, and all staff is screened and trained to protect client information. One week after the recovery is complete, forensic copies of customer data are deleted.

Estimates are free, and there are no fees for failed recoveries.

What to Look for in Professional Data Recovery Services

When looking for a data recovery business to help you with your data loss scenario, there are a few features to look for. Keep this data in mind when choosing a hard drive data recovery provider to entrust with your sensitive information. A reputable data recovery firm will not charge you “per GB” for its services.

  • They should be willing to provide you with a free estimate, but data recovery is a difficult technique, and conditions may cause the original estimate to climb. In its recovery lab, the service should have certified cleanrooms that provide a controlled atmosphere for opening drives and doing repairs.
  • Due to the lack of a cleanroom, electronics are exposed to dust, which can cause further damage or render them unfixable. If a service doesn’t have a clean room, don’t utilize it. Most trustworthy data recovery services will send your damaged media back to you for free if they can’t get it back to work.
  • They should be able to accomplish the majority of recoveries for which they issue estimates and accept media from customers based on their experience. Another aspect to consider is the security of your data while it is in the recovery service’s hands.
  • What happens to the originals and any copies of your media once your data is returned if clones of your media are made? That inquiry should be answered to your satisfaction by the recovery firm.
  • Look for a service that has a high rate of Data recovery services. You’ll probably only have one chance to recover your data, so choose a business with a documented track record of success.

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