How To Find Duplicate Photos In Windows 10

We all love to click a lot of images and after clicking them we also love to share them or get the ones that are clicked by our friends. Many of us even love to edit these pictures and then save them on our PC.

So in this complete process what we end up with is tons of duplicate photos along with the original images. And these duplicates not only unnecessarily eat up the storage space of our computer but also make our photo gallery unorganized and tidy. So many of us often have a common question on how to find duplicate photos on a PC so that they can be removed to make the photo gallery organized.

In this article, we will try to answer this question by presenting some simple methods on how to find duplicate photos in Windows and get rid of them.

How to Duplicate Photos Come in your PC

Before learning the ways on how to find duplicate photos in Windows, first of all, let’s try to figure out where these duplicate photos come from. As per recent studies, duplicate photos are the main culprit that eats up the storage of your Windows PC. Now talking about how the duplicates accumulate, there can be several reasons like restoring the same photos after a data backup, downloading a file that already exists on your PC, or while sharing the data from your other storage devices. So if you too have lots of duplicate photos on your device then no need to be surprised.

Now you may have another question on why you really need to find the duplicate photos on PC and remove them. So here are a few problems you will start experiencing if you do not delete the duplicate photos from your device.

  • Your Windows PC will run out of space because of duplicate or similar copies of photos.
  • The performance of your Windows PC will degrade if the storage runs out due to duplicate files.
  • Syncing photos across multiple devices will take longer than usual and will consume more data.
  • Backing up to the cloud will also take longer and your storage space on the cloud will also soon run out due to duplicate files.

How to Find Duplicates Photos in Windows for Free

There is no direct or inbuilt feature in Windows that can help you to find and remove duplicate photos. However, you can use the Windows Photos app to view your entire photo gallery and then organize it.

  • Open the Photos app to view your pictures. Now, closely scroll through the pictures or open a folder that contains the bulk of your photos.
  • While you are closely going through your photos you will obviously start finding duplicate images. Right-click on that duplicate photo and send it to the Recycle Bin.

We recommend you not to directly remove the photo so that in case you have deleted a photo accidentally you have an option to recover it back. And once you are confident that the photos you have sent to Recycle Bin are duplicates then you can later remove them permanently from the Recycle Bin folder to regain a lot of space on your computer.

Now looking at the above method of finding duplicate photos in pc, you have noticed by yourself that it is a cumbersome process that will also not provide you the desired results. Also, there are chances of losing an original image instead of a duplicate image.

But thanks to the duplicate photos remover tools that have made this overall process of finding duplicates photos in Windows easy and streamlined. After trying various available duplicate photos cleaner software we find Duplicate Photos Fixer is one of the best programs that not only help you find the exact duplicates but also the similar photos in the system. So let’s check out how to find duplicates using this amazing tool.

How to Find Duplicate Photos in Windows using Duplicate Photos Fixer

Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro developed by Systweak Software is a fast, easy and reliable solution to remove the exact as well as a similar photo from the system. You can use this tool to clean the duplicates from your external drive along with the internal storage of your PC. And once you use this tool you will surely be left with a surprise at how this tool has removed all the duplicates so easily and helped you in recovering GB’s of free space that was previously occupied by the duplicates.

  • Download Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro on your PC and install it just like any other Windows program.
  • Once installed, launch the application and click on the Add Photos or Add Folder button to add the folder that contains your images.
  • After adding the folder, click on the Scan for Duplicates button to start the scan.
  • Now once the scanning process gets finished, you get a complete list of all the duplicates as well as similar images.
  • In the final steps, you just have to use the Auto-Mark option so that the product marks all the duplicates in each group leaving the original image unchecked. And once the duplicates are marked for deletion, click on the ‘Delete Marked’ button to remove all the duplicate photo from your PC.

In this way folks, within a few minutes, you can make your PC free from all the duplicates and can regain a hefty amount of disk space. You can read its complete review on top10pcsoftware


Duplicate photos are no less than a nuisance that makes our entire photo gallery and collection unorganized. But, we hope that now you better know how to find duplicates in Windows and remove them.

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