Deciding On The Perfect Dyson For You!

When people see a Dyson vacuum they see a household name and necessity tool rolled into one. Personally, I think of the man with the sexy British accent from the Dyson commercials who’s also the founder, but I digress.

With Dyson vacuums, you know you are generally getting the best possible performance and longevity on the market. That said, Dysons do not come cheap, so your purchase needs a little research before you go ahead and enter your pin! This article helps you decide on the perfect Dyson to suit you and your home.

It’s no surprise to you or me that when it comes to vacuums with games that Dyson has plenty of games to spare. Let’s do a breakdown of the very best vacuum that you can buy at the next Dyson vacuum sale you attend, according to what you need…it’s all been figured out.

How demanding are you of your vacuum?

In the same way, you expect to look after a car, an oven, or an electric toothbrush to varying degrees, cordless vacuums also need a little TLC here and there. The best news is that once you have visited a Dyson sale in Australia, you will be walking away with a gem that suits your home down to a tee.

Another major advantage of cordless vacuums is that they are generally much easier to empty and clean than full power upright alternatives. You can also take off brushes and add-ons to clean them on a regular basis.

For the most full-on cleans, an upright vacuum is still one of the most robust options you can find. It can clean large areas as efficiently as possible, and pull up as much dust and dirt as possible with its deep suction prowess.

For smaller apartments or in older properties with more abstract layouts, cordless stick vacuums can be much more suitable. The slickness of the device combined with the accessories it comes with can make it a more agile option for cleaning fiddlier spaces.

Doing your homework

It may not be possible to test every possible vacuum for yourself prior to purchase. That said, some retailers offer free trial schemes to enable you to test drive different options before you go ahead and buy them.

Failing that, before you visit a Dyson sale, look up some professional reviews online, being sure to avoid links that are blatantly sponsored by the manufacturer themselves. User review sites can also be extremely useful, and you can also seek out the products on eBay or Amazon to read the ratings buyers have given.

The fact is, with so much choice around, there is no such thing as a “best thing on the market” when it comes to vacuums. In reality, the best choice very much depends on the customer’s individual requirements. Whereas a large upright hoover can be perfect for a larger family home, it can quickly become a bulky nightmare in a small, inner-city apartment. As with cars, vacuums are very much a matter of personal taste and requirement as opposed to finding a mythical best option.

If you have a particular budget in mind for your vacuum, there are some brands that play at different ends of the price range. Lower budget options vary, but Miele or Dyson are strong bets if you are shopping at the higher end of the price bracket.

Before I unveil Dyson’s new and highly raved, very best vacuum with an equally up-there price tag, let’s talk about some basics of doing our due diligence as consumers. We should all keep in mind to check reviews, rent the vacuum before buying (boy would I have saved MONEY if I tried this), and information from various sources.

It’s why I like to leave a link for more reviews and recommendations because I’m looking out for you guys! After all, the vacuum I like is one you might see as a total toad anyways.

Before I shop, I have to remind myself to ask myself a few inner questions:

  • Where do I live? In a home or pad?
  • Do I need a vacuum for my home or business?
  • What kind of flooring do I have? Thick carpets, hardwood, a mixture of both?
  • Do I need a bag or bag-free vacuum?
  • Do I have pets (the answer to that is yes)? How many, what kind of fur do they have?
  • Do I have any allergies or respiratory issues, or do I have family members with these problems?

Now that we have gone through the question-and-answer portion of the evening, I present to you…The Dyson V15 Detect. Everyone once in a while, there are new vacuums that are made with even better features than vacuums before them. Well, I’m here to tell everyone at the Dyson sale that it’s arrived.

Seek out inspiration at its best with the dust-hunter Dyson V15 Detect, which makes cleaning better! Such as:

Laser Dust Detector:

This characteristic is something I never knew existed and now I feel reluctant to clean without it! This laser detects the particles the human eye can’t normally see, so nothing gets overlooked.

Piezo Sensor:

Piezo is Greek for press or squeeze. So, the squeeze is, this sensor counts the amount of dust that gets collected down to the spec to help rid a home of pesky allergens.

Aren’t inspired yet? Well, let’s also consider the fact that it sucks, but in a good way and you don’t have to speak to the crew at Dyson Australia to know it. The Dyson V15 Detect has powerful suction and can adjust to a range of surfaces without prompting it coupled with an LCD screen that tells you how much energy you have left. It also comes with useful accessories: a separate floor head designed for pet hair as well as carpets.

From the HQ of Sydney, Australia to your doorstep, let the Dyson V15 Detect work its magic on your space.


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