Nine Everyday Carry Essentials for the Tech Fanatic

While the concept of everyday carry (EDC) is usually associated with tactical-type products such as pocket knives, holsters, flashlights, and the like, tech junkies are another group that is infatuated with everyday carry culture.

Coders, photographers, content creators, college students and the like can all be found carrying around a multitude of tech-related products like premier Apple Lightning cables, high-end laptops, and all sorts of wireless gadgets.

Tech Fanatic

If you are looking for some ideas and inspiration on which tech items would complement your existing EDC stack, look no further. Here are some essential EDC gadgets that tech junkies should carry to make their lives a bit easier and more fun.

1. Portable Chargers

If you are a tech fanatic, you are going to be on your devices a lot. That means that the battery is going to run down. But you won’t always be near an outlet to get a bit of extra juice.

Therefore, buying a portable charger to add to your tech EDC supplies is going to be one of the most essential items to carry. Fortunately, there is a multitude of different kinds of portable chargers and power banks on the market, which means that you are able to find one that fits with your devices and your lifestyle.

2. A Panoply of Cables

If you are going to be hauling around a variety of devices, there is a good chance that you are going to need more than one kind of USB cable. After all, there are a bunch of different types of USB cables on the market that go to different gadgets, with some of the most popular being USB-Mini, USB-C and (while not exactly a USB cable) a lightning cable.

No matter what kinds of cables you need to carry, be sure to pick up some premier options, as these tend to be less prone to breakage, fire hazards and slow charging.

You will also need a way to keep all those cords from getting tangled and well-organized. Keep reading for solutions on that front.

3. A Portable Speaker

No matter if you want to show a video to a friend, play some music while hanging out in the park or use it for more professional means, you can never go wrong with carrying a Bluetooth speaker.

Tech Fanatic

While many of the Bluetooth speakers of yesteryear were a bit bulky to carry with you everywhere, there are now a variety of small, palm-sized speakers that are easy to pack with your other EDC tech essentials.

4. Portable Sanitizer

If you are going to be out in the world all day, you are going to come across some dirty surfaces. The counter or pump at the gas station, the hand dryer in the public bathroom, and the cash that you used to pay for your morning coffee have tons of germs on them.

For this reason, it is extremely prudent for you to throw some sanitizer in your bag. However, this is about tech EDC items. Therefore, picking up a high-tech, award-winning portable sanitizer is the only fitting solution for a tech EDC junkie like yourself.

5. A Laptop

This one should pretty much go without saying. Packing a reliable laptop with your tech EDC essentials gives you the power to work remotely or finish your schoolwork no matter where you find yourself.

However, if you find a laptop to just be too heavy or bulky to carry with you on a daily basis, then the next best thing will be a tablet. A tablet will still provide you with a substantial amount of power and a big enough screen to actually get some work done.

However, if you go the tablet route, there are a couple of other items that you will want to bring along as well.

6. A Wireless Keyboard

For some, trying to get work done on a tablet can be hard because of the way the keyboard works. Therefore, bringing along a wireless keyboard to connect to your device will up your productivity by leaps and bounds.

7. A Wireless Mouse

While trackpads can be good for some quick browsing, they are not exactly the best for spending hours on your laptop or tablet. Therefore, you might as well complete your setup by bringing a wireless mouse along for the ride.

8. Wireless Headphones

If you are commuting on a bus or plane, in a library or are just somewhere that isn’t conducive to using your speaker, then it is wise to have a pair of wireless headphones with you for personal listening sessions.

Tech Fanatic

Thankfully, there are tons of fantastic wireless headphones for both Apple and Android available on the market today.

9. Tech Organizers and Pouches

If you are going to be carrying around a bunch of cords and gadgets, you need a solution for keeping everything clean and organized. Therefore, checking some of the best tech organizers and pouches out there today is in your best interest.

Tech EDC Essentials

Hopefully, this list gave you some ideas on how to up your tech EDC game and make your time away from home more productive and enjoyable.

Pick up some of the products listed here and complete your tech EDC stack for 2022!

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