30 Useful Facts About Your Smartphone You Probably Didn’t Know

In the 21st century, mobile phones are among the most used technological devices due to their various functions that have been ingrained into society. Although smartphones are commonly used, certain things about smartphones are not known by people generally. In this article we have worked with a phone geek and we will be discussing 30 various facts about smartphones that you probably don’t know.

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    iPhone was iPad first

facts about smartphones

In the Apple industry, iPhones arrived before the iPad. However, in terms of idea generation, the iPad and its large screen display were first thought of by the Apple company. Despite this, the idea was first materialized into iPhones.

  1. Your Android helps Google track traffic.

Researchers at that engages in essay writing service reviews discuss the evolution of mapping and how smartphones have made it easier. Google maps, an important application on Android phones, helps in measuring the speed of traffic on the road. The interesting fact is how it’s done. It measures the speed of traffic by using the GPS of every smartphone in a specific area. So, your phone’s intricate details are not as private as you think.

  1. Google didn’t create Android.

Due to Google being the world’s largest search engine, it is usually assumed that it created Android. According to research conducted by phone geeks at essay writer, Google did not make the Android. Google bought Android for an undisclosed amount.

  1. IPhone X’s OLED screen is the most expensive part of the phone.

Apple’s products are generally known for their pricy nature. The iPhone x, one of the leading devices in the mobile phone industry in early 2018, has a very expensive screen. The overall cost of materials used in making the iPhone X is $370. The screen relative to the whole product costs about $110, making it very expensive.

  1. The first invented Mobile phone was Motorolla Dyna TAC 8000X.

The first phone was Motorolla Dyna TAC 8000X, invented by Martin Cooper in 1938, an employee at Motorolla. It could store up to 30 contacts and its call time was about 30 minutes. The surprising thing about the phone is its price. Its retail price was approximately $4000.

  1. The reason behind waterproofing smartphones

According to phone history writers at dissertation services, waterproof smartphones are an effective and impressive technology. However, the funny thing is the reason behind their design. Waterproof smartphones are meant to appeal to Japanese teenagers who use their mobile devices in the shower.

  1. Wireless charging of mobile phones

Generally, mobile phones are charged with wired devices in the form of a USB or charging cord. It is interesting to know that you will soon be able to charge devices with just radio waves. Nokia, a mobile phone company, is currently developing the technology to charge phones with radio waves.

  1. Smartphones deter nuclear warfare.

Due to a certain inbuilt function, COCOM (Coordinating Committee for Multilateral Export Controls), your smartphone will automatically turn off when its moving speed of more than 1,200 mph and at an altitude higher than 60,000 feet. The main reason is to prevent smartphones from being used to guide intercontinental missiles.

  1. Samsung will soon make more profits from iPhones than its phones

Unknown to most people, Samsung manufactures crucial parts of iPhones like the NAND flash memory chips, DRIP chips, and the OLED screens of iPhone X and subsequent apple iPhones. So, at this rate, Samsung will make huge profits from iPhones.

  1. On iPhones, you can take pictures with a headphones cord

Lately, with the current vintage pair of earbuds, you can take selfies. It is an interesting trick to use when taking pictures, a distance.

  1. Nokia, Motorolla, Gionee, and most mobile phone brand users are not loyal

Most phones brands like Motorolla and Nokia do not have loyal customers. The only mobile phone brands with loyal customers are Samsung(77%retention) and Apple(92% retention).

  1. Android versions have tasty names.

Apart from Android version 1.0 and 1.1, each subsequent Android version has a tasty name.  For instance,

Android Cupcake – Android 1.5

Donut – Android 1.6

Froyo – Android 2.2

Lollipop – Android 5.0 – 5.1.1

Pie – Android 9.0

  1. Android is powerful enough for NASA

facts about smartphones

According to Mark Micire, a software engineer, “Android is a very important feature for our team.” Android technology was also used to test sensors in the International Space Station, NASA.

  1. Verizon initially passed on the iPhone.

Unknown to most people, Apple approached Verizon, a network company, to serve as the exclusive carrier for the iPhone. Verizon initially declined but accepted later after some deals

  1. iPhone didn’t belong to Apple

A shocking fact that most mobile device users don’t know is that the iPhone did not originally belong to Apple. Cisco owned the trademark ‘iPhone” in 2007. Cisco had a deal with Apple company later on.

  1. Most smartphones can see the pulsation rhythm of your blood

Due to the advancement of technology, you can don’t need to go to the hospital to check for certain things. With specific apps, you can check your heart rate on smartphones.

  1. The first mobile phone made in the mid-nineties

The first mobile phone was made on April 3, 1973, and was placed to Dr. Joel Engel of Bell labs by Martin Cooper.

  1. The first iPhone demo was almost a disaster.

Generally, the first iPhone demo is perceived as a major innovation in the technology industry. However, the demo almost crashed due to internal issues with the device.

  1. The majority of Apple’s revenue comes from iPhones.

facts about smartphones

Despite the good number of devices made by Apple, which includes tablets and Macbooks, which are quite expensive, the majority of Apple’s revenue comes from iPhones.

  1. Smartphones can be used to see and deflect infrared

If infrared is channeled towards a smartphone’s camera, you will see purple coloured beams on the phone’s display. This because the camera can pick up frequencies that the human eyes cannot.

  1. Android represents more than 80% of the Operating System Market

Due to the importance of Android lately in society’s everyday life. Android dominates more than 80% of the operating system market share.

  1. IBM made the first smartphone

Surprisingly, the first smartphone is over 26 years old and was released on August 16, 1994, by IBM. It was named ‘Simon Personal communicator,’ and it was the first commercially available touch screen phone.

  1. Smartphones can read barcodes.

Generally, smartphones can read QR code options. However, unknown to most people, smartphones can also read barcodes.

  1. 90% of mobile phones in Japan waterproof

An amazing fact is that nearly 90% of the phones in Japanese are waterproof because they use their phones in the shower.

  1. Apple sold approximately 37 million phones in 2012

In 2012, Apple sold approximately 37 million iPhones in just two weeks. Apple sold approximately 262 phones per minute.

  1. The world most expensive phone by Apple costs 48.5 million dollars

Apple’s most expensive Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond is covered in 24-carat gold and a diamond in its rear.

  1. Android is owned by 80% of smartphone users in the world

Despite Apple being at the top spot when it comes to smartphones, Android is used by more than 70 % of the users

  1. The highest mobile bill paid was over a hundred thousand

Celina Aarons paid a mobile bill of over $200,000 since she has deaf and mute brothers she communicated with on the phone

  1. More than 60% of smartphone users don’t download an app in a month

According to Comscore reports, approximately 30% of smartphone users download an app in a month.

  1. “Cydia in iPhones have a deeper meaning in iPhones

Cydia, the jailbreak software in iPhones, is named after a species of worms, “Cydia pomonella,” that is partial to the fruit ‘apple.’

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