Fashion Trends To Follow in 2021

Fashion is a trend that is followed by everyone, whether men or women. It has become very serious nowadays. It is a statement that one carries. A person is recognized by the style he/she has; it plays a vital role in creating one’s personality.

2021 has been a year continued with the pandemic; models walking on the ramp with their masks on. It is a different year than the normal ones; however, fashion is playing its role.

Fashion is constantly changing and evolving rapidly. The industry is not sustainable, whereas it keeps on moving from one trend to another. People look upon celebrities and shows, to follow what is best to wear this season or year.

This article revolves around the fashion trends that are to be followed in 2021. Let’s have a look at what is to stay and what new trends are to be there.

Statement sleeves are to gain popularity this year

According to several designers, women’s fashion would likely include statement sleeves. Different kinds of sleeves with ruffles or the 1980 style with big shoulders will be a hit.

Sleeves would steal the show with plain tops. Balloon cut or bell shapes will also be working, adding to the look of the shirt or top. Find the best designs for your sleeves, this 2021 will definitely have them in fashion.

Leather Jackets are the evergreen fashion for winters

When you talk about winter fashion, leather jackets always pop in your head. The material of leather itself adds to the personality, and the cool weather is a cherry on the top to create a fashion.

Men and women both can follow the style with different colors that best suit them. Many brands like  Lyrevo Jackets offer a wide range of leather jackets to choose from. Leather jackets can either be small jackets, waist-length or can belong coats that would appeal to the eyes. They are the most eye-catching thing and depict luxury.

You can wear a leather jacket on a plain t-shirt, and Jeans with long boots during winters and you are best to rock anywhere you go. Women can wear long leather coats on a dress or small jackets for a formal party during winter. Create different looks with the same piece of jacket you own.

Chunkier soles will continue to trend in 2021

Chunkier soles have been in trend for a while and will continue this year.

Chunkier soles in loafers and heels are to be the latest fashion. They have always been seen in sneakers but now will be seen in shoes and less casual footwear too. It moves away from the contemporary shoe style by adding a flair to the footwear.

Flaunt your favorite pair of casual shoes with a different sole that gives you height and comfort, experiencing a whole different trend.

Pink and earthy colors are to rule this year

Designers have predicted pink prevailing this year; where it be bubble-gum pink or fuchsia.  All shades of pink will be trending in 2021. Pink shirts, t-shirts, accessories, footwear: everything pink.

Moreover, earthy colors like earthy brown, orangish shades are in fashion too. You can go for all colors but, some of these are the colors your wardrobe should definitely have.

High waisted pants to make a leap in men fashion

High-waisted pants are already trending in women’s fashion, but they are now ready to enter the men’s fashion world. According to designers, high-waisted pants will be embracing this year for men. Men are considering them as they help them look taller and leaner.

If you want to be a trendsetter, rather than a follower, start with high-waisted pants to create a cool, trendy look. This fashion has been followed in the early 1950s and 1960s, which is now to be seen in 2021.

Shackets are on track this year

Shacket? A new word, right? A shacket is something between a jacket and a shirt. They are lighter than a jacket and heavier than a shirt.

A UK-based designer has said that this year shackets will be trending. They can be worn on a tank top or even over a sweater to have more warmth in colder weather.

What else are you looking for? A light-weighted piece that is best for layering in all weathers. Style with a pair of a cool sweaters with sneakers and Jeans. Tadaaa! You have a perfect look for the winters. Likewise, a dress can be paired with a shacket too. You can rock a party with that.

Wider and looser cuts would dominate women fashion

Gone were the days when tight-fitting was the only fashion on the ramp. Designers are working towards loose fittings and comfortable cuts to provide a trendy look. Relaxed silhouettes have been popular for years, now is the time to have comfortable tops and dresses.

A top with a baggy style can be a great choice, paired with skinny Jeans. You can even style a loose short top with drop corners and statement sleeves. Pair this with loose bottom pants. Wohoo! You can go to a birthday party or casually dine out with friends.

Parting words

You have a good choice to look from the design and styles that is to rule 2021. You definitely have to look upon what is going in the fashion world to walk with the pace. When going to parties or dinners, be the fashion icon with your fashion sense. Comfort is what fashion has become. Style with being relaxed and easy. Chose wide and loose cuts, loafers, or shoes with a chunkier sole, and look for accessories like belts or other pieces. Trendy colors mostly are the pinks and earth colors.

The fashion industry is one of the most critical industries in the world. The rapid changes make it more complicated. However, fashion has become a very important part of our lives as it helps distinguishing people with the fashion sense they opt for.

Look good and dress up like it’s no tomorrow. Keep your dress-up game strong that forces people to follow you.

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