Top 5 Most Played Gaming Genres — And Where to Play Them

The world of gaming has grown over the years, shifting and changing to allow for new play styles. But even with so many new games, there are still a few fan-favorite genres out there. These genres and titles appear across different consoles, but some tend to stick to specific platforms. So without further ado, here are five of the most popular gaming genres and the best platforms to play them in.

1. Action Games

Gaming Genres

Action games feature high-octane events that challenge the player’s gaming skills. Examples of this type of genre include fighting games and third-person shooters, but the most popular are first-person shooters (FPS), like the beloved Call of Duty franchise. All FPS games have taken inspiration from the original shooter, one way or another. And the action genre wouldn’t be what it is today if not for Call of Duty. Other examples include Mortal Kombat and The Grand Theft Auto series.

Where to play them: If you want to play as many action games as you can, you should get either a gaming PC or a modern console, like a PlayStation or Xbox. Some of the most top-notch action games are also released on mobile, like CoD.

2. Role-Playing Games

Gaming Genres

Next, there are role-playing games, whose goal is to immerse the player in intricate worlds and engaging storylines. It focuses less on the action and more on the player’s place in the world and the choices they make. Two examples of this type of genre include Japanese role-playing games (JRPGs) and open-world RPGs. JRPGs, like Pokémon and Final Fantasy, offer excellent single-player experiences focused heavily on planning and tactics. Some RPGs lean on action game elements, like the Legend of Zelda games. The same goes with open-world RPGs, like The Witcher 3 and Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Where to play them: Gaming consoles, like PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, support these role-playing games. You can also buy these games for your gaming PC and play them on your desktop.

3. Strategy


Strategy games force a player to think about how they can solve certain problems or puzzles. Unlike action games, players can’t brute-force their way to the next level. They need to keep a cool head and think their way to success. Plenty of mobile applications are strategy games, so they’re easily accessible to any type of gamer. One of the most well-known strategy games for mobile is Plants VS Zombies. Though it’s a bit of a strange concept, it’s been nothing short of a global phenomenon. Other games include Kingdom Rush and Clash of Clans. As for PC strategy games, there are Civilization and Crusader Kings, which have the player rule over their own kingdom.

Where to play them: R2 Games, a platform for free-to-play browser games, regularly releases games of different genres. Take for instance the fantasy strategy game The Third Age, in which you play an emperor who, of course, wants to expand his empire. There are many more games on the platform that require strategy and imagination, so make sure to browse before you take your pick!

4. Casual Games


Casual games target all kinds of demographics, not just the typical gamer. That’s why these types of games come in different styles and with various gameplay mechanics. Some games can be played on mobile, like Candy Crush, Garden Scapes, and Neko Atsume. Meanwhile, there are also games that can be played straight from your browser, like bingo games that are popular among older demographics.

Where to play them: For casual online bingo, Gala Bingo features a huge variety of games with different themes. You can go from fun titles like Rainbow Riches to more intimidating ones like The God of Storms. As mentioned, you can also browse the app store on your Android or iPhone, and look for games that require no commitment but guarantee a lot of fun.

5. Simulation Games

Gaming Genres

The final item on this list is simulation games. As the name implies, they simulate real-world activities but allow the player more freedom. They can design a character however they want and live their entire lives in a matter of days. Other simulation games allow players to build a business and act as their main manager. The most notable example of these types of games is The Sims franchise, which has a total of four games and multiple spinoffs. Other titles include Zoo Tycoon and RollerCoaster Tycoon.

Where to play them: Simulation games are available on many platforms and consoles. Steam offers some of the most interesting and underrated titles like The Bus, Fishkeeper, and Football Manager. You can also play classics like The Sims and Animal Crossing.

These genres have thousands of titles under their belt. They’re enjoyed by many and continue to adapt as the gaming industry grows more advanced. So, it’s no wonder they’re thriving. For more tech and gaming news, be sure to check out the rest of the blog!

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