How to use GIF Wallpaper as a Windows 10 background?

In this article we will present details on GIF Wallpaper Windows 10 or Naruto GIF wallpaper, Bionix Wallpaper, Bionix Wallpaper and GIF animated wallpaper Windows 10.

If you have a static background on your PC, you need to realize that a technique is simpler to achieve a vivid background by using a GIF or animated wallpaper. You would need a third-party programme called BioniX to do this. In addition, there are other apps like GIF Wallpaper Engine that allow you to have desktop-background videos.

If you’re bored on your PC with static backdrop, you should know that there is a very simple way of having a more colorful background, using a GIF wallpaper or Naruto gif wallpaper windows 10. Fixing a GIF for your context is not as complicated as you think, and in the report today we will tell you how to do this.

How to Use GIF Wallpaper as Background on Windows 10

In this article you can find the instructions below for using Naruto GIF wallpaper or GIF Wallpaper Windows 10;

Can I place a GIF as my PC background?

gif wallpaper

Windows 10 is, no doubt, the best Windows ever, bright, flexible, easy to grumble. But what if we decided to stretch the customization limits? In terms of personalization, would it not be right to set up an animated wallpaper GIF as a background? Windows 10 does not support GIF wallpaper windows 10 by default.

We must depend on third-party programs to overcome this constraint. Several devices are available to support you, but Stardock DeskScapes and BioniX are the best ones which are fully free and run very well.

How do I put the GIF as my Windows 10 background?

  • Using Wallpaper BioniX

Download and install BioniX Wallpaper first off.

Make sure you have downloaded or generated some high quality GIF images before running the software application.

Open the programme BioniX and press the Tools menu.
Now select the animator choice for Wallpaper and the window will open as shown below
Place the folder where you have saved your GIF photos. Pick the one you need to use by setting the settings like Speed Animation, Magnification, etc.
With the View Demo images button you can now see the effect.
Note: In order to use GIF backgrounds, the BioniX application is needed. You can also configure the app to start automatically with Windows.

How to produce a GIF as your background Windows 7

Similar to Windows 10, Windows 7 has no GIF context support. It supports image rotation, however, so that an animated backdrop can be created with this workaround.
1. Produce an image folder and transfer all images for your animated backdrop.
2. Right-click your screen easily and choose Customize option.
3. You will need to click on Desktop Backdrop at the bottom left.
4. Click Browse and pick the pictures you want to use.
5. To save changes, click OK.
6. Change the size of your images if needed.
7. To achieve a smooth animation, you need to set a low rotation period.
8. Save your changes.
You also have the option to use the Okozo desktop suite, which will allow you to make a much better impact quickly. The 2.7 Mb program is actually easy to set up and you just need to follow these acts.
1. Start application.
2. Okozo desktop gives you a number of categories, including Abstracts, Cartoon, Videos, Galleries, Interactive, etc.
3. Choose the desired category and the plug-in you need.
4. The download process is now starting.
5. At the end of the treatment the program will ask if you want to trigger the wallpaper.

How do I get my Windows 10 lock show GIF?

You can’t have an animated Windows 10 lock screen, but you can set a slideshow to
your lock screen or turn it off or set your account picture to a short video.
  • To do this, go > Accounts > Make your picture [Camera] and convert the web cam into a video.
  • You can capture a short 5-second video to use as a photo of your account.

Will you have Windows 10 Animated Wallpapers?

Windows 10 does not support this feature by default, but with Wallpaper Engine you can set up an animated desktop.

Can you have animated wallpapers on Windows 10?

Video wallpapers can be very serious. Most of us tend to download fixed high-definition wallpapers in bulk. There’s, however, a third form of wallpaper: Windows 10 of GIF.
Smartphone is fast, but Windows doesn’t support it natively so we need to rely on workarounds.

Animator for BioniX Video Wallpaper

BioniX has a lot of small applications for wallpaper management. BioniX Desktop Wallpaper Changer is the all-in-one tool. In addition to establishing a GIF or AVI wallpaper, the 250 exclusive features will allow several more improvements to your screen. For example, you can also project a webcam that provides a wallpaper similarly.
Instead of downloading the whole kit, you can also download between different tools.
We use the Video Wallpaper Animator for a successful GIF wallpaper windows 10.
The creator interchangeably uses the term “GIF Wallpaper Animator.” You don’t need the program application to be updated and can also run on a USB drive. However, the despicable RAM and CPU footprint is the most critical aspect of the software programme.
Download and run as an administrator the self-executable archive. You will be asked to pick a location folder in the setup screen. You can run it on a USB drive or on any Windows folder. Choose the Video Tab for Wallpaper. Check the directory location of your GIF wallpaper.
After the folder is selected, all supported files are automatically noted. Choose the GIF animated file you want to use from the table of suggested folders as a wallpaper. To play animated GIF windows 10 on your Windows screen, press the Start switch. You can verify the use of the CPU from the exact same screen and set the speed of the animation.
It’s a fundamental piece of software with a few limitations. You can only use 1 GIF at a time and not a GIF wallpaper carousel that switches at pauses. To do this, shift to the BioniX Desktop Context Switcher programme. However, if you want to keep things easy, this mobile app is perfect.

Do you make GIF wallpapers of your own?

One of the easiest ways to create your own animated GIF wallpaper is to start with a video. You can turn your videos to animated GIFs through Giphy’s GIF creators.
You can also download them from websites such as:
Stick of pixels
But note that animated wallpapers will render the graphics on your computer system’s CPU. The richer the animation, the hungry for resources. But if you have a capable graphics card and an appropriate machine memory (minimum 4GB), GIF and video wallpapers will increase your screen. With these GIF wallpaper windows 10 and the Windows animated backdrop software application, you can switch full throttle.


In conclusion, whatever procedure you want to stimulate your Windows 7 past, the device will definitely suffer in terms of results. This means it’s best to enforce this tweak only if you have a large CPU, an extraordinary GPU, and without a doubt a very large RAM.

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