Best Entrepreneurial tips to gain graphic design clients on Instagram

Instagram today has more than one billion active users every month and therefore, it is more than just a social app to post selfies. If you have a graphic design agency looking for potential clients, then Instagram is your best bet. Even if you are a graphic designer offering design services, make the best use of this photo-sharing channel to connect with potential clients.

According to an article published in Huffington Post, there are many ways to increase your follower count on Instagram, who may turn into loyal clients. The use of hashtags is essential to boost your social media exposure because Instagram’s search purpose is dependent on hashtags, the primary way to find content.

Then, how do you find and reach out to graphic design clients on Instagram? Worry not. Here are some of the best tips from entrepreneurs to gain more design clients through this social media site:

Make your Instagram profile appealing

You will need to focus on creativity, attention to detail, and sharing the best quality content to make your Instagram handle appealing to your audience. First things first, add a profile photo that represents your graphic design business. You may use a meaningful logo or for that matter, your photo. Next, you need to choose a name for your graphic design business and include the same in the name section of your IG profile. You can add titles like professional graphic designers or graphic design services in the name section.

You need to describe your business within 150 characters in the bio of your Instagram profile. Write a concise and succinct description in the bio, not exceeding the character limit. Use words that best describe what your agency is about and what design services you provide. The final part is integrating a link in the profile page, which could a URL to your graphic design website or the link to the gallery of your design work.

Choose a niche

Graphic design is a broad field and involves several clients and businesses. Though it may seem inspiring, it is not a good idea to target your social media campaigns using generic hashtags. Before you start sharing photos and videos on Instagram, choose a niche for your graphic design services. It will let you find a specialized area that matches your design expertise on Instagram and where a majority of the Instagrammers like the same ideas that you like.

For instance, if you are good at designing comic characters, post images and Instagram Stories related to that niche. If your drawing skills are outstanding and content equally engaging, you can check likes on Instagram and even more with engagement and time. You may have a good hand at designing corporate logos and therefore, highlight your Instagram feed with your logo design work to pique audience interest. Again, if you design websites based on a particular niche, connect with potential clients in that niche. It is as simple as that.

Curate your Instagram feed

You are a graphic designer and you know the significance of colors and their balanced use to create eye-catching visual content. Therefore, focus on how you can curate your Instagram feed to grab the attention of your prospective clients.

You can share photos and videos of your work, projects you worked on previously; creative events that happen in your agency, as well as some behind-the-scenes shots of graphic designers conceptualizing an idea and giving it a final shape. You don’t need to share posts related to your design; you may post casual Reels and Instagram Stories of a fun outing with your design team. Such content shows your clients that there are human faces behind the business, thus engaging your audience and keeping lines of communication open.

Look for prospective clients

You know the use of relevant Instagram hashtags will help you find design clients. You can use hashtags like #websitedesign, #businesscarddesign, and things like that. Many graphic designers on Instagram design brochures, flyers, corporate business cards, and so on.

Prospective clients check the bio of graphic designers to figure out if they have designed professional websites or marketing collaterals. Clients also like to see the portfolio page of designers before hiring them for their projects. Therefore, when you share Instagram posts, make sure that your work is highlighted through photos and videos. This way, a potential client will understand what design services you are offering and which niches. Write a short, descriptive caption for your Instagram posts to let your followers know what the content is all about and what it signifies.


When you want to promote your graphic design services through Instagram, build a network of followers and influencers. A strong network and quality content will help you highlight your work on Instagram and gain more clients.

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