GTA 5 Treasure Hunt Locations And Rewards Online

Are you looking for gta 5 treasure hunt locations in 2022? No worries Lets start! The Doomsday Heist update brought the Treasure Hunt objective to Grand Theft Auto Online’s improved edition. The mission is a treat from Rockstar Games for fans, with rare goodies offered. It also acted as a promo for the then-upcoming Red Dead Redemption II release.

GTA 5 has been around for a long time, and it’s one of the few games that has survived three generations of platforms. While there’s no doubt that Rockstar did an excellent job with this iteration of the game, Grand Theft Auto Online, the online multiplayer mode, is what keeps gta 5 treasure hunt locations alive.

GTA: Online is one of the most distinctive and gratifying online experiences in gaming, incorporating several elements from GTA V’s single-player campaign. Not only in the numerous game modes on Jobs, but also in Freemode, the game provides plenty of activities for the player.

The setting is largely unchanged as Los Santos in the single-player campaign, although the game introduces a number of additional goodies for players to discover. To begin the hunt, players must participate in an online session and locate the clues for the photo that is attached to the email they get. The GTA 5 treasure hunt locations and awards for the GTA 5 Online listed below.

How do you get the GTA 5 treasure hunt locations Online?

All you have to do now is enter a GTA Online free roam lobby and wait. To notify you of the GTA 5 treasure hunt locations, the game would send you an email.

1. How can I begin my Treasure Hunt?

It all starts when you receive an email from [email protected] containing a monochromatic image of a certain location in GTA 5 Online. And it’s up to you to figure out where the treasure is hidden. The Treasure Hunt side tasks will begin after you open the email and look at the photo. Please note that the image you are viewing is simply one of the many possible spots on the Online GTA 5 treasure hunt locations map.

2. What is the total number of Treasure Hunts in GTA 5?

In GTA 5 Online, there are a total of 20 Treasure Hunt sites, and the game chooses one at random. Three different artefacts can be found in these GTA 5 treasure hunt locations:

  • A body with a head wound
  • An unloaded gun case
  • A shovel used to kill the person whose body you’ll discover.
  • This mission can only be completed once.

If you exit the game before completing the mission for any reason, you will have to start over from the beginning.

How To Find The Three Treasure Hunt Clues

GTA 5 treasure hunt locations

After reading the note, you’ll notice that the treasure is no longer there because someone opted to move it because it was causing their family to fall apart.

It’s not all bad, though, because three additional dots will appear on your global map, each with new hints about where to uncover this enigmatic treasure. Also, it makes no difference in which order you locate these, so don’t sweat it.

Three separate treasure-related things can be found in each of these new GTA 5 treasure hunt locations:

  • A body with a head wound
  • An unloaded gun case
  • A shovel used to murder the person whose body you’ll discover.

Locations for the GTA 5 Online Treasure Hunt

If 20 sites seems a little overwhelming, don’t worry; we’ve got the whole GTA 5 Online Treasure Hunt map for you.

The following are the GTA 5 treasure hunt locations and maps for every Treasure Hunt in Grand Theft Auto Online:

1. Pier del Perro

The clue will be taped to one of the pier’s supporting pillars on Los Santos’ west coast.

2. Cassidy Creek

The second clue can be found atop a hill in Cassidy Creek that overlooks a bridge. This location is in the northern half of the map, in the Raton Canyon region.

3. Cassidy Creek series

Cassidy Creek #2 is the third instalment of the Cassidy Creek series. A tree on the downward river bank is the next probable Treasure Hunt location at Cassidy Creek in GTA Online.

4. Vinewood Hills

Look for the Galileo Observatory in Vinewood Hills, which is located near the map’s centre. The Baytree Canyon poster to the observatory’s north will be punctured with your clue.

5. Pacific Bluffs

The clue is stuck to one of the tombstones at Pacific Bluffs Cemetery, which is located just above the Del Perro Pier.

6. Tongva Hills

Simply seek for vineyards in the Tongva Hills area, and the clue will be right beneath the bridge.

7. San Chianski Mountain Range

This Treasure Hunt location is on the map’s extreme eastern shore. A modest fisherman’s jetty can be found there for players.

8. Hill Valley Church

A graveyard may be found to the north of Los Santos County, in the Great Chaparral zone. Keep your eyes peeled for a clue on one of the tombstones.

9. Tataviam Mountains

Tatviam Mountains, meanwhile, is another destination in the GTA 5 Online Treasure Hunt. Go south of Palmer-Taylor Power Station to the beach and look for your clue on a rock on the beach.

10. Alamo Sea Marina

Make your way to the Alamo Sea. After that, look for a broken boat on Sandy Shores. On one of the nearby boulders, your clue is chilling.

11. Desert of Grand Senora

You’ve already gone half way; now try a little harder! Travel to the Grand Senora Desert and look for the Sandy Shores airfield. The clue can be found on the hangar’s doors.

12. Catfish Point of View

The player must fly to the top of the hill at Catfish View with this single clue. The San Chiamski Mountain Range encompasses the area.

13. Los Santos Golf Club

The clue for the next GTA 5 Online Treasure Hunt can be found on one of the fields at the Lost Santos Golf Club.

14. Palomino Highlands 

Now head to the southeastern corner of the map. A clue will be lying on the sand on one of the islands near Palomino Highlands.

15. Procopio Promenade

The clue you’re seeking for may be found near Paleto Bay, which is located on the map’s northernmost side. You’ll be able to pass if you look under the collapsed bridge.

16. The Great Chaparral

This location’s abandoned mineshaft is also likely to contain a clue.

17. Sandy Beaches

East of Sandy Shores, players will see the Beam Me Up art project. A viewpoint is located on the hill above the installation. At that lookout, there will be a hint on the table.

18. Mount Chiliad

Similarly, you’ll find the clue on Mount Chiliad’s overlook, which is either to the north of the Alamo Sea or to the south of Paleto Bay.

19. Two Hoots Falls

One of the clues can be found on the totem at Two Hoots Falls Park, which is located in the Tongva Valley.

20. Senora National Park

Senora National Park is the final location in the GTA 5 Online Treasure Hunt. The clue can be found on the park’s rocks in the Sandy Shores area.

GTA 5 Treasure Hunt Reward

GTA 5 treasure hunt locations

GTA 5 treasure hunt locations is a fun way to earn money. It’s time to claim your reward now that you’ve investigated all of the clues. Your map has already identified a new location, so go there right now.

Open the GTA 5 treasure hunt locations indicated by Boles Overland Stage Co. once you’ve seen it and you’ll get the following rewards:

  • Double-action revolver in gold
  • Each clue costs $5000.
  • The problem of the double-action revolver

To finish the challenge, you’ll need to put in some extra effort. You will, however, receive a $250,000 bonus. All of this treasure hunting has been well worth it.

With the revolver, you only need to get 50 headshots. You can do the headshots in any profession or task that allows gunplay, whether it’s PvE or PvP. In addition to GTA Online, Red Dead Online allows users to use the Double-Action Revolver.

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