Is it Possible to Avail Free Guest Post on High Authority Site?

It is not so easy to get free guest post service on a high authority site. No one will allow you to put for free on their site if their domain authority is more than 70.

It is because they have a platform with so much authority in that it becomes a brand in front of the audience. Therefore no one will allow you to do so but if you have links with admins and owners of sites then maybe they can give you some offers or discounts.

Here we will discuss how you can avail free or discounted guest post service from higher authority sites.

How to Contact Owners or Admins?

The best way to contact admins is through the email address given on the website. Most of the websites have given their contact information on the footer of the website. If there is no similar information provided, then you can directly comment and ask for the same.

If not possible by this method also then try to search the owner of an authority website on social media handles. Most of the sites with higher authority have their social media handles connected with their websites. It helps them to redirect the traffic from social media platforms. Therefore, try to connect the admin through different handles.

How to get Discounts and Offers?

There are many ways by which one can get offers for guest posting on high authority sites. You can offer your additional services to the admins and ask them if they can give some additional offers or discounts in return.

You can tell them that your budget is low, but you want to post on their website. Make sure that you are telling them the pros of their website and try to convince them. Most of the admins give permission for posting on low rates or for free.

Why do people look for Discounted post Sites?

Initially, if you are not a big brand, then the budget will be the first concern for any individual. Hence, people search for low budgeted sites. It helps them to save money and get backlinks both.

There are many sites with less authority which give backlinks for free or at nominal rates. So, work and find them through Google or LinkedIn.

Things to keep in mind before free Guest Posting:

Guest posting has long been used as a link building tool. I have checked the websites of many people at present and I have seen that many people are making some mistakes in taking guest posts. And the source and type of these mistakes are almost the same. Due to which the whole time and labour may be wasted. Here are some things to keep in mind before free guest posting:

1. Site Traffic

You have to check the traffic of the site from which you will get the link through guest post. Although there is still no relationship between the link value and the traffic (if the PBN does not work or if there is little), the site traffic needs to be verified. Website traffic can be checked with tools like Ahrefs, Semrush etc.

2. Site Content

You can also get an idea about the website from the quality of the content that you will get the link from. If you look at some of the content, you will understand what kind of issues they work with. Maybe the traffic to the website is good.

3. Site Backlink Quality

It is also a matter of looking at the overall backlink profile of the website. Is it really better to try to get links from an average good quality site by spending the same effort than taking links from a site with a very simple backlink profile? For this reason, you need to check the quality of the backlink quality of the website – what kind of site is getting links, what kind of links are getting, etc.

4. Outbound links to the Site

This is one of the most important issues we have discussed so far. This is the biggest deciding factor. If you pass in this section, the above issues can be taken into consideration and if you fail in this issue, there is no need to look at any of the above issues. It is important to see who is linking to the site you are looking for and what kind of anchor text you are linking to.

Avoid those sites that give unnecessary backlinks and those links can harm your site. So when you take a link later, you must take the link only after verifying above issues. By doing this you can easily ensure a good link and avoid bad links.

How to Submit a Guest Post?

Submitting a post is again a challenge as one needs to get it accepted by the owners. So, one has to keep the following things in mind while submission:

  • Check grammatical mistakes and plagiarism twice.
  • Keep word count more than what admin stated.
  • Write short sentences and make the structure of the sentences correctly.
  • Ask the admins about how many links or backlink you can add in the article.
  • Check whether it will be a permanent post or temporary.
  • Read the blog twice to remove all the silly mistakes done while writing the blog.

Now, finally submit the blog and get it approved by the admins. If you are following proper steps, then there is no chance of disapproval.

Reasons for Choosing Guest Posting:

  • Trustable option to grow a site.
  • Very few people are knowledgeable.
  • The requirement is increasing with demand.
  • The easiest way to get leads.
  • Easy to do and an approachable option for users.
  • Branding is easy and quick with this service.

Most blogs that accept guest contributions will have a page on their website with their guidelines for guest authors to follow.

Let’s say your business sells accounting software solutions. You can search accounting software “guest post” Write for us Gaming, Submit a guest post Technology.


Now we can say that one can get many cheap options for guest post service. Increase your budget a bit and avail some offers. It will be the best fir for a budget option for any blogger. For further queries content experts to get your problem resolved.

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