How Much is Home Depot Truck Rental Rates After 75 Minutes

Home depot truck rental are you trying to rent a truck? You could require a truck rental for your relocation because you bought or sold a home. For individuals doing their own renovations, the Home Depot rent-a-truck service has grown in popularity. It goes without saying that when you think of home depot truck rental, you picture supplies for home renovation projects, but they also have rental trucks available. Some individuals are unaware that they provide relocation services.

Individuals who discover that home depot truck rental offers more than just supplies for home renovation projects will decide not to hire moving companies and instead rent their trucks. This DIY project is appealing due to its affordable rental cost, particularly for short-distance relocations.

For your needs, they have a couple different car sizes, which would be ideal for a local transfer. They provide a wide range of rental choices, so you may get a truck from the Home Depot location closest to you when you need it. The rental rate of the Home Depot truck is clear; there are no additional costs that can catch you off guard.

But not everyone will be able to afford Home Depot truck rentals because of how rapidly their costs may add up. They charge you for every 15 minutes over the prearranged return time after the 75 minutes of car use that are included in their standard rental rates. Additionally, you are unable to book the exact truck you want in advance, which might cause issues if the truck you want is unavailable.

Let’s examine the moving truck alternatives that home depot truck rental offers in more detail, along with their associated costs. But first, let’s talk about where in your area you may find a Home Depot to get a truck. You will know all you need to know about renting a truck from this large box business by the time you finish article.

Home Depot Near Me

Finding the closest Home Depot rental will be one of the first chores to complete while looking for a truck. There is probably a Home Depot shop close by because of its numerous handy locations. An internet search is a better approach to locating them if you don’t know the region like the back of your hand. “Home Depot near me” would be the ideal search phrase. When you do this, you should be able to view all of the places on your nearby computer or phone.

Home Depot trucks nearby or Home Depot truck rentals nearby are further options. In the event that you hire a local real estate agent and need to rent a Home Depot truck for a move, they could also be aware of the Home Depot stores in the area. Truck rentals near me or hiring a truck near me are also good options if you need moving assistance, whether it’s from Home Depot or not. Locating a nearby retailer is often not difficult.

Home Depot Truck Rental

Top Rental Truck Companies

Examine all of your alternatives before deciding if a Home Depot truck rental is the best solution for your relocation requirements. It is important that you rent from a company with a good reputation; don’t only choose the one with the best deal. When it comes to moving services in general and truck rentals in particular, service and dependability are crucial. Start your search with the best truck rental companies to ensure that you only rent from a business you can trust. Among them are:

  1. Home Depot
  2. Penske
  3. Budget
  4. Enterprise
  5. U Haul

An excellent local truck rental company may also be in your region; inquire about recommendations. When examining local suppliers, do as you would with well-known truck rental companies: read reviews for the specific place you are trying to rent from; again, take pricing into consideration, but don’t let it be your only consideration.

Go to Home Depot’s Truck Rental Center

You should go to the truck rental center as soon as you locate them. There, you’ll find a plethora of possibilities, including the trucks that are offered. There will be cargo van rentals, moving vans, trailers, flatbed trucks, and pickup trucks available. Additionally, moving tools like a trailer hitch and moving dolly are available for hire. They are a rental firm that has nearly everything needed to meet the demands of clients. Verify the rental center’s hours ahead of time to avoid wasting your vacation. Since the hours of different Home Depot stores differ, it is advisable to verify them beforehand.

What is home depot truck rental price?

You will pay $19 for a 75-minute rental of a pickup truck or van from home depot truck rental, $129 each day, or $903 per week. The cost of a standard box truck is somewhat higher at $29 for the first 75 minutes, $139 each day, or $973 per week. All, though, want a $150 down payment. You will need to fill out a quote form for a Penske moving truck rental. The size of your truck, demand, and the number of days you require it will all affect the cost.

The ramp on moving trucks makes loading your items into the vehicle easier. However, a dolly is not included with these trucks. When you pick up the truck, Home Depot rents moving dollies, or you can bring your own. In addition, you will need to bring your own boxes, moving blankets, straps, and other necessary items, so be sure to gather them all before renting a truck.

Towing a car, trailer, or anything else with a Home Depot rental truck is permitted, but only if you are renting a towable tool will Home Depot provide a hitch. If not, you’ll need to bring your own, which should work with the typical 2-inch hitch receiver. Just let Penske Trucks know in your quotation that you want to tow a car, and they will provide you with the proper hitch and roll-on car dolly.

Daily and Weekly Home Depot Truck Rental Cost

Is there daily truck rental pricing available at Home Depot? is one of the frequent queries people have. On their website, they also provide pricing by day and per week. For a pickup truck or cargo van, the daily charge is $129, while the weekly rental fee is $903. They will charge $139 per day and $973 per week for the box truck. When you pick up the car, the retailer will calculate how much you need to pay.

A Home Depot rental truck might be an excellent option if you anticipate making a number of short trips in a short period of time without needing to spend a lot of time loading and unloading. A truck rental business that provides superior daily rentals can be a better option if you anticipate spending a lot of time filling up the truck and traveling a longer distance.

If you are considering renting from home depot truck rental, you should thoroughly assess your needs. It is advisable to overestimate the duration of your relocation. It will imply that you estimate rental expenses more accurately and don’t rush to keep them within your budget.

Which truck types are available at Home Depot?

They have four different types of trucks, two of which are pickups. Both a Ford F250 and a Ford T250 flatbed are available; however, the exact model and make may change at various Home Depots. The payload capacity of the F250 is around 77 cubic feet, whereas the T250 has a volume of approximately 200 cubic feet. Their moving box truck has 515 cubic feet for your furniture and moving boxes, and their cargo van has 277 cubic feet of storage space. The flatbed pickup’s load space is six feet by eight feet. The van’s cargo compartment is 4.5 feet by 5.8 feet.

Factors Influencing Home Depot Truck Rental Prices

Home Depot Truck Rental

The size of truck you require, how long you keep the truck, and how much gas you use are the three variables that might affect the cost of your Home Depot rental. You don’t have to worry about getting charged for the miles you use, in contrast to most rental truck firms. The quantity of gasoline you have to pay for when you return the truck is the only way that the distance you have driven will change.

These Penske moving trucks are still available for pickup at your neighborhood Home Depot, though. The trucks that are available, the number of days you need them, and the distance you want to go all affect how much the rental costs. For Penske rentals, the bigger truck is the most often chosen choice. They provide adequate room for transferring from a studio or tiny flat.

You may reserve the kind of car you desire while hiring a Penske truck. For this reason, unlike with other Home Depot automobiles, you won’t have to be concerned about availability. In addition to providing you with a price for the cost of your truck upfront when you make a reservation, you can conveniently pick it up from the closest Home Depot. This is a manual tool for examining the trucks that are available and obtaining a price quote.

Motives for Selecting Home Depot Truck Rental

In some situations, renting a truck from home depot truck rental is a great option because of a few unique advantages. With no need to reserve a car, Home Depot has made hiring a truck as simple as possible. Simply arrive at the rental center. Other attributes that we appreciate are as follows:


You may get a truck at Home Depot for either $19 or $29 dollars. This allows you to use the car for one hour and fifteen minutes. After that, there will be a $5 fee for each additional fifteen minutes. Unlike other truck rentals, you don’t have to worry about how far you’ve gone or if you’re inside your allotted mileage.

This means that you only have to worry about the gasoline when you frequently make as many journeys in the truck as you require. When moving from your old home to a new home, finding the least expensive truck is excellent. This makes Home Depot’s truck rental prices quite clear-cut and affordable when compared to other providers. Their truck rental pricing won’t require much speculation.

Access to truck rentals

They operate about 2,300 sites as a truck rental firm. There are Home Depot locations in Mexico, Canada, and the United States. If you reside in or are close to a decently populated location, this should indicate that there is a Home Depot truck rental nearby. Furthermore, there can be a few outlets in cities from which to select, improving your chances of finding the exact truck you desire. In general, there are plenty of Home Depot locations.

The Flexibility of Home Depot Truck Rental

Their absence of a reservation requirement is a terrific plus if you prefer more freedom when hiring a truck or cannot commit to a specific relocation day. Simply show up at the closest Home Depot when you need the truck and select the desired one.

Still, there are a few issues with not being able to book a car. It implies that when you need a truck, you cannot receive the one you desire. To avoid this issue and make sure you obtain the car you want, arrive at the home depot early. You will have to try your luck or wait for another client to return the kind of vehicle you desire if you don’t feel like waking up early.

This should not be an issue if your goal is to relocate during a less crowded period. Thus, relocating throughout the week may increase your chances of obtaining the car of your choice, while moving on the weekends may make it more difficult to obtain the truck you want.

Home Depot Fleet Truck Rental

They are ideal for short-term rentals and local transfers, despite only having four different types of trucks available. Maybe a pickup truck might work better if you have any furniture that is a little awkwardly formed and would be hard to put into a van. An enclosed box truck or cargo van will be a better option if you have boxes of belongings to relocate. For a small relocation, you could choose to use a moving trailer. Since most of their trucks are very recent, you won’t have to worry about being stuck on the freeway. They are kept in good condition and cleaned on a regular basis to provide a hassle-free truck rental.

Features of Home Depot Truck Rental

home depot truck rental

When hiring a truck, you need to take more factors into account than just the price. There are other things that can facilitate your transfer. Penske and home depot truck rental both provide box trucks with loading ramps so that you can load them as easily as possible. This can help you avoid some of the back discomfort, lifting, and lugging that are frequently associated with moving home and reduce the amount of heavy lifting that is required.

Safety Features of Home Depot Truck Rental

Additionally, their trucks are equipped with the following safety elements that will assist you in reversing a huge, unknown vehicle:

  • An alarm on the pickup truck alerts onlookers that you are backing up.
  • The cargo van at Home Depot is equipped with a detecting technology that keeps you from backing into anything.
  • Reversing is made simpler by the box truck’s rearview camera.

Additionally, cargo lights on some trucks might help you prevent mishaps when loading or unloading in the dark. Additionally, some cars come equipped with cargo tie-downs to lessen the risk of damage to your load. If you turn a curve too fast, they should stop the awful sound of anything crashing.

Is It Possible to Rent Home Depot Extras to Assist with My Move?

If you need to hire a dolly to assist with your relocation, Home Depot offers many alternatives. With the help of their hand truck, you can move several boxes at once. Additionally, they offer an appliance dolly that may be used to lift and transport large furniture or appliances. It ought to make loading big stuff into the truck’s bed and even going up and down stairs safer and easier. This can support up to 800 pounds.

They sell a four-wheel dolly with a loading capacity of about 1,000 lbs. that is perfect for moving big, heavy objects like pianos. You have several alternatives for attaching trailers to your own car. These can come in handy when moving, especially if you’re moving tall, heavy stuff.

When you pick up the truck, you can pick up any additional things you need for your relocation. They sell cardboard boxes, packing supplies, and moving blankets to safeguard your belongings throughout the journey. On the day of your move, if you run out of packing tape, you may pick some up when you pick up the truck.


Are there any moving trucks at home depot truck rental?

At most locations, Home Depot rents Penske moving trucks in addition to three different pickup trucks and cargo vans.

Is it possible to schedule a Home Depot truck in advance?

No, truck rentals from home depot truck rental are available on a first-come, first-served basis. To find out if and how many of the truck sizes you want are available, check availability before you go to the store.

How can I hire a truck from Home Depot?

You will need to visit the shop in person, as you cannot hire a Home Depot truck online. Don’t forget to bring evidence of vehicle insurance and a valid driver’s license. Even if you plan to pay for your rental in cash, you will still require a credit card for your deposit.

What is the rental truck fee at Home Depot?

For example, trucks usually cost between $19 and $29 for the first 75 minutes, then $5 for each extra fifteen. Penske moving trucks usually have daily fees that vary depending on the kind of truck.

Is it possible to rent a moving doll from home depot truck rental?

Trucks do not come equipped with moving dollies, but you may hire one to help with your relocation.

Do they offer moving boxes at Home Depot?

Indeed, Home Depot offers a variety of moving goods, including boxes.

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