Orbit Downloader: How Orbit Downloader Works & Benefits

Why has a download manager become necessary for every device? No worries lets start! Don’t you know how to use your Orbit Downloader? Read on for this post, including its benefits and a step-by-step guide on using it, which guides you through every part of the said download manager.

The invention of the internet has placed it within our reach. Orbit Downloader has given us easy access to nearly all the items we see on the internet without leaving the safety of our homes, from information, newspapers, to productivity tools and entertainment apps. Besides, Orbit Downloader takes to click on your window on a single button called ‘download,’ and you are ready to go.

The primary practice works well if you’re uploading tiny files such as images and records. If you intend to transfer huge files that take a long time to finish, such as applications or pictures, it can just function differently. There are multiple download managers out there built to help you handle all your downloads, whether they are big or small files. Tell, for example, the Orbit Downloader.

What is Orbit Downloader?

Orbit Downloader

The Orbit Downloader is an effective Microsoft Windows-pioneered download manager. Orbit Downloader, published in 2006, is one of the longest-running download managers on the internet. It was one of the most popular download managers because of its various features, especially the ease of use. However, the creators left the program in 2009, leaving the forums unresponsive to requests, including the blog.

Although like most download managers, Orbit Download is open, it is ad-supported. Upon installation, it alters your web browser and offers to install software that is not required in operation. You should, however, still deselect choices that you do not want to have when mounted.

Orbit Downloader Features & Benefits 

Orbit Downloader Intending to Download? Here are the software’s functionality and bonuses.

1. Organizes Downloads 

To group your downloads according to your choice, Orbit download utilizes a tag feature. It’s possible to build as many tags as you want. Your files are immediately sorted and displayed to you in a systematized manner when you press the label.

2. Capacity to make your Downloads Pause and Resume

Say goodbye to downloads that are broken. With Orbit Downloader, after an interruption, you don’t need to experience the download phase all over again. Immediately after the interruption, you will restart the incomplete downloads. If you want to finish it any other time, you may also pause it at any time.

3. The increased pace of updates using Orbitnet

Using a unique P2P technology named ‘Orbitnet,’ Orbit also functions as an intense transfer booster. This uses several links to the same download site. Similarly, to accelerate transfer speeds for other users, the app uses spare bandwidth from other Orbit Downloader clients. Downloads will potentially rise to 500% faster than the average rate.

4. Easy to Use

Often, heavy sizes come with strong tech. Fortunately, Orbit does the reverse. The package is perfectly designed for machines incapable of running massive applications concurrently, using only less than 3 MB of memory and 3 percent CPU while installing.

Likewise, Orbit Downloader has a simple GUI that helps users to browse without any hassle freely.

5. Protocol Supports

Orbit is a free download manager that supports all major protocols, including HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, MMS, RTSP, and RTMP while incorporating Internet Explorer, Firefox, Maxthon, and Opera into a multitude of browsers. This means that the app automatically extracts download links from the browsers listed above, allowing you to obtain data quickly.

6. Using Grab++ Grab Music & Video

The opportunity to upload songs and images from online streaming platforms such as Youtube and Vimeo is what consumers enjoy about the Orbit download. By viewing a window prompt, the video or music is automatically downloaded through the Grab++ function. Click the download button, and the file will be downloaded on your machine within seconds.

How To Use Orbit Downloader

In specific ways, you can use Orbit. Here is a comprehensive guide about downloading information, applications, songs, and videos to support you.

If Grab++ misses the media, reload the page and ensure that the video/music is playing. Also, there are typically link limitations for other websites. Try again after a couple of minutes if you’re having a hard time uploading any file from the web.

How to use the Orbit Downloader to Download Streaming Videos

Orbit Downloader

  1.  Log in to the device where you mounted the Orbit Download.
  2. Do not open any tab until the machine is loaded and you are on the Windows Home Screen.
  3. If it has not begun during the Windows boot process, open the Orbit Downloader software.
  4. Once opened, right-click the Orbit Download icon in the bottom-right corner of your computer screen in the device tray.
  5. Select the Grab++ option from the pop-up menu.
  6. Press OK on the Clue Info box shown.

Open a web browser of your liking when the Grab++ window opens up and continue to the streaming video you want to download.

7. Press the corresponding link or the goal streaming video in the open window.

8. Once picked, to begin the installation process, press Download.

How to RTMP Media Download

  1. Open the desktop.
  2. Run Grab+++ Orbit Download.
  3. Go to the place where the RTMP protocol is used, then play the video.
  4. Grab++ immediately initializes as the RTMP video starts to play.
  5. Verify that the connection in the window displayed matches the video.
  6. Press ‘Open,’ and it will download your file to your computer.

How to use the Orbit Downloader to download Social Music

  1. Go to the music page that you want to download.
  2. On a music player, hover the mouse.
  3. A dialogue box that says,’ Get It‘ is shown.
  4. Press it and then immediately initialize Grab++.
  5. In the Grab++ list, pick music, and the download process begins.

Is the Orbit Downloader Secure?

Orbit Downloader

Although Orbit was tagged in 2006 as one of the fastest Youtube music downloaders, it poses a threat to consumers’ computers and data. ESET Security Company announced in 2013 that they had discovered a botnet-like module that carries out DDoS attacks without the knowledge or consent of the user.

One of the most common cyberattack methods is a DDoS attack, known as a Distributed Denial-of-Service attack. Loading it with malicious traffic from different servers is an attempt to make an online website or service inaccessible. If the attackers are successful, through emails and attachments, malicious software infects the device.


There’s no doubt that in 2006, Orbit Downloader became one of the strongest media downloaders. It has served its users well, with comprehensive functionality and support for major browsers, particularly those inclined to download media from various websites. As fine as we think it is, though, it has been discovered that its activities are not safe and can affect consumers’ computers.

It has now been labelled as spam and therefore banned from main download pages. And since developers are out of control, questions are left unanswered, leaving Orbit on the ground. If you’re going to install or have already installed Orbit, we hope this article has addressed your questions about the downloader boss.

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