How to Download JW Player Videos Complete Guidance

Do you know How to Download JW Player Videos Complete Guideline? Since the enlightenment of the internet, web pages have evolved and become more dynamic day by day. Web pages used to be direct and had nothing but blocks of writing with maybe a pair of images here and where.

Now, almost every web page has a video installed in it. Whether that is a product website, a sales page, practically something else entirely, video embedding can act done with the download jw player videos. Now question is raised up How to Download JW Player Videos easily?

However, if the video captures your eye, you naturally want to keep a copy of it. Here is your step-by-step pattern on how to download JW Player videos. If you haven’t heard about JW Player downloader, then get through this article. You’ll know what it is all about, and you’ll be amazed at how it works.

So To explain it, by JW Player downloader you can easily download JW Player videos, it is a video player software that commenced in 2005 and is responsible for embedding videos on web pages. Many websites used JW Player downloader; examples of it are video-hosting companies and news websites.

What’s JW Player Downloader?

JW Player downloader is a closed-source software initially worked out as an open-source plan way back fifteen years ago. This software has a free developer version, but everything shows up with a watermark. Having this version gives you full access to API and SDK; moreover, you also have 75 GB for streaming and 25 GB for hosting.

The beginner version will cost you $10 every month; this version allows you to access HTML5 video player, password-encrypted video gallery, and sharing. You’ll also obtain 500 GB for streaming and 150 GB for hosting. The enterprise version doesn’t have a fixed rate; you’ll need to keep in touch with JW Player to have an arrangement about your desired price. The good thing about it is that you can have a personalized version to meet your needs.

The things stated above are all good; however, there are appealing videos we badly want to download. To Download JW Player videos is not as easy as swallowing our saliva due to copyright limitations and tight security. People might think it is impossible to download their videos. Still, if you’re persistent enough to know how to download JW player videos, you can consider following these three easy guides.

Download JW Player Videos Using View Page Info on Firefox

How to Download JW Player Videos

This technique is easy to do, so let’s get started. For the first step, open first the web page where the video is placed. Don’t ever forget to use Mozilla Firefox when streaming videos. Once you’re there, you can click the Right button of the page itself; bear in mind that you must click the page and not the video. From the drop-down menu, look and select the View Page Info; this will unfold a dialogue box.

Once the dialogue box appears, proceed to Media. Move downwards and find the video file on the list. To give you a tip, you can look for the Type to and locate the Video layout. After that, select the Video file and then hit the Save As on the dialogue box; wait for a moment until the video starts downloading. Once you’re done doing that procedure, go to the folder destination to access the video.

Download JW Player Videos Using Inspect Element on Google Chrome

 Download JW Player Videos

If your computer doesn’t possess a Mozilla Firefox because you prefer having Google Chrome, don’t be troubled because you can still download videos using it. The process is the same as the first procedure, but it has minimal changes since we’re using different web browsers.

You can begin by opening the web page where the video is located. The same as I told you a while ago, hit the Right button on the page and not the video. From the drop-down menu, see and select the Inspect element or the word Inspect alone; a box will appear on the right corner of the page.

Once it appears, proceed to the Network and then hit the Media. Let the video you wish to download play for a few moments to come out on the list. Find the Mp4 file the video link in the Media list; once you find it, right-click the file link. Select the Open in new tab from the drop-down list; you will be brought to a new account, and the video will start downloading.

Firefox Extension

If the two methods, for instance, didn’t work, you can use this third alternative. This guide uses Mozilla Firefox; downloading JW Player videos heavily depends on the extension. To get videos correctly, follow the step-by-step directions.

First, the thing that you must do is launch Mozilla Firefox. Once you’re there, select the menu; you can find it on the top right of your browser. From the drop-down list, please select the Options; doing it will open the settings window. Once it appears, scroll down and find the Extension and Themes, immediately choose if you finally see it.

On the search box, just put the Flash Video Downloader and then press Enter. Find and select the Flash Video Downloader– YouTube HD Download [4K]. Click the Add to Firefox and then confirm the extension by hitting the Add button again. Select OK after confirming the successful extension to Firefox. Quit Firefox once you’re done.

For the last touch, relaunch Mozilla Firefox, and then open the web page where the video is placed; select the Flash Video Downloader found on the right side of your browser. Select the download; once you’re done selecting, choose a download destination folder and then select save.

Why Need Install All-in-one JWPlayer Video Downloader Software?

From now that you can download JW player videos from URLs or extensions directly, why do you still install additional JWPlayer Video Downloader software? Isn’t that superfluous? Of course not! The above methods can merely meet the needs of a small number of users. You will also need the JW Player Video Downloader software for the following reasons:

  1. For mobile phone users, you are incapable of downloading JW Player videos firsthand with the URLs.
  2. The flash videos were downloaded to MP4 or WebM (HTML5 video), which may be incompatible with your video player.
  3. You intend to convert the JW Player videos to other formats for playing them on mobile phones, iMovie, iPad, etc.
  4. When you download JW Player videos on the web, there are no edit options.

Download the Real Player Downloader

If you can’t use GetFLV or are unable to install it for some reason, a great alternative is to used Real Player. Comparable to GetFLV, you will need to download and install Real Player from the internet first before you can move on to downloading JW Player videos.

How to Download JW Player Videos

There is how to download and install Real Player on your computer:

  • Go to
  • Click here “Download free now”button. The executable data by automatically download.
  • Launch the executable file (RealTimes-RealPlayer.exe).
  • Click “Yes” to allow the application to run and make changes to your processor.
  • Follow the installation steps.
  • Wait for the installation to complete.
  • Launch Real Player.

Now that you have Real Player installed, here is how to download JW Player videos using Real Player:

  • Launch Real Player.
  • Click on “Real Player” with a downward-facing arrow.
  • On the drop-down card, choose “Download a Video.”This will initiate a dialogue box.
  • Open “Preferences” on that dialogue box.
  • Click “Browse” and select the specific destination folder of the download. Then click “OK.”
  • Open up the web page where the video you wish to download is located using your preferred web browser.
  • Copy the URL where the video is located.
  • On Real Player, click “Download video from a web link” and paste the URL there.
  • Click the download button (downward-facing arrow).
  • Confirm the Download.
  • Wait for the download to complete.


JW Player Is a closed-source software initially worked out as an open-source plan way back fifteen years ago. This software has a free developer version, but everything shows up with a watermark.

There are good videos out there that we badly want to download; however, we have no idea how to do it. But thanks to some guides, we can now fulfill our plans. We only just need to follow the steps one by one to download JW Player videos correctly.

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