How to Find AirPods When Dead or Offline Complete Guide

How well do you know how to find AirPods when they are not linked to a power source or an active network? AirPods are among the most versatile and convenient wireless headphones available. Despite the fact that AirPods are compact and discreet, they are easy to misplace. Apple’s Find My Device feature can assist you in tracking down missing wireless earbuds, but it will only work if your AirPods are turned on.

“How to find AirPods when they are not linked to a power source or online?” one might query. Dead AirPods can be located, even if they are tough to find. The information in this article will show you how to find AirPods when offline.

What about dead AirPods? Can you still find them?

If you’ve ever misplaced an Apple Watch, you know how difficult it is to find. The same is true if you misplace your AirPods. It might be highly irritating and create stress if you rely on these products for your life. Even if your iPhone isn’t indicating their location, there are still ways to find your forgotten AirPods. If the Find My App can’t find your AirPods right now, it may try to find out where they were last seen.

Even yet, it gets more difficult if the AirPods have been dead for some time. You’ll have to retrace your steps or manually seek for the missing item. In every situation, it’s critical to keep your cool and your wits about you. If you start freaking out too much, you may get paralysed.

How to Find AirPods When Dead or Offline Complete Guideline in three steps:

When your AirPods die, you have three choices for finding them. If exact details are necessary, the first technique is preferable. If the first option fails, the other two are viable alternatives. To begin, you may use the Find My App to locate your missing AirPods. The best way to find your missing AirPods is to use Apple’s Find My iPhone app.

Because it combines GPS and Bluetooth to rapidly locate your AirPods within 30 to 60 feet of your iPhone. But keep in mind that this only applies to the headphones, not the charging case. The app can only find the AirPods if they are linked to the internet, which is a significant constraint.

As a consequence, it’s a valuable resource to have if you’re unsure if your misplaced device is dead or alive. This is an excellent approach if you know the AirPods still function and you merely lost them. Finding the generation of AirPods you have can help you obtain a rough estimate.

Because the battery life of the second-generation AirPods is believed to be approximately 24 hours, this jumps to 30 hours if you have the most recent model. As a result, if the AirPods you misplaced are the most recent versions, you have more options.

Step 1: Find My app

Even if you’re looking for where to discover dead AirPods, the Find My app can help. This is because the program keeps track of your device’s most recent position. Don’t forget that this is just the last place your AirPods were used or connected.

The following are the actions you must take to use the Find My app:

  • To locate your iPhone, use the Find My iPhone app or go to
  • Check out the gadget area.
  • Choose the AirPods device from the drop-down menu.
  • The latest known position of your device should be displayed under the Devices section.
  • If your AirPods are still dead, the charge status should be shown as well.
  • If your AirPods are dead and have been absent for some time, “no location data” will be shown.

Step 2: Review your Previous Actions

Without the cues provided by the Find My app, it may be difficult to determine where you last left your AirPods while they are not linked to your phone and are “dead.”

  • You’ll have to go back to doing things the old-fashioned way.
  • You may use the same techniques to find your missing glasses, TV remote, or laptop.
  • The process for determining where to store your dead AirPods is identical. This is because you won’t have to retrace your steps.

To begin, consider where you used your AirPods the most recently. If you use them regularly, you should probably go back and look for them at work.

You may also seek them out in places where you are prone to losing your AirPods. If you routinely leave your keys on the couch or bed, you should start your search there. Also, think about places where AirPods could be hidden, like under cushions or other soft things.

Step 3: Enter the serial number

If you’re looking for your misplaced AirPods, the serial number may be useful. Finding the serial number is simple.

You can begin by doing the easy steps mentioned below:

  1. Open the iPhone’s settings menu.
  2. Bluetooth is the preferred solution.
  3. Choose some AirPods.
  4. Please continue reading for more details.

Go to About to find your serial number

Although Apple cannot legally monitor your AirPods, you may use the unique serial number to do so. Although this approach may assist you in locating your forgotten AirPods, there is no guarantee that it will. In any case, it may come in handy if your AirPods are stolen. This is because providing the authorities with the serial number of your AirPods will demonstrate to them that you are the legitimate owner. The serial numbers on your phone and the AirPods case must match. If the criminal and your lost AirPods are arrested, you will be able to certify that the headphones were indeed yours. As an extra advantage, it may be used as physical evidence to assist the authorities in apprehending the thief.


How far can a smartphone track you if you have AirPods?

When utilising the Find My App, you have around 150 feet of Bluetooth range. Furthermore, the app’s combined GPS and Bluetooth range is less than 20 metres. If you misplace your AirPods outside of this range, the pinpointed position will be incorrect.

Do AirPods assist you in finding them if they are in their case?

If you misplace your AirPods while they’re still in their charging case, you can use the Find My app to track them down. However, if only the case is missing, the Find My Phone app will not help to find it. Unless you have a tag attached to it, such as an NFC tag or an AirTag. Aside from that, you’ll have to actively hunt for the case by reviewing your prior acts.

Is it possible for law enforcement to recover lost AirPods?

Finding the criminal is the only way law enforcement can help recover stolen AirPods. You may have your items back if they are successful in discovering the criminal. However, it is not guaranteed, and they might use the same “Find My App” technology as you.Unless the thief has paired them with their own iCloud account, your AirPods may be traced using your app.

Last words:

When your AirPods stop working, it might be difficult to find out where to look. This is especially true if you frequently travel to different places with them. Even after they have passed away, it is not impossible to locate these little electronics. It’s a good idea to start your search with the Find My App. If it doesn’t work, the next step is to return the way you came.

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