How to Make Money as a Graphic Designer in 2022

For the most part, graphic designers should not have that many issues making money. Their profession is in demand, and there are various jobs one could start.

However, it is no secret that this demand for graphic designers oversaturated the market and left some professionals with fewer opportunities. The sheer amount of competition makes one look for new opportunities to work.

Thankfully, there are multiple methods you can make money as a graphic designer. If you have been looking to create a side gig or change your current full-time position, you should find some inspiration in the methods mentioned below.

Method #1 – Print on Demand

Printify is a great platform to start a print-on-demand venture and improve your financial situation. The services offer you pretty much everything you need with its global network of printers, quality products, competitive prices, and quality products.

Sticking to the dropshipping model is a good piece of advice, particularly if you are still inexperienced in eCommerce. Around 27% of global online retailers have adopted dropshipping as their go-to method in 2018, and the number grew from there.

Being a graphic designer gives you an advantage because you will not have to hire a freelancer who has to come up with designs for the merchandise. You can take care of that part yourself.

At the same time, turning the project into a joint venture would mean that you can focus on the designing part, whereas your partner can focus on business promotion. Thus, if you are struggling at first, do not discard the idea that you might have to cooperate with others to find success.

Method #2 – Photo Editing

Graphic Designer

Not every professional photographer is willing to edit their photos. Instead, they hire someone to do the work for them. As a graphic designer, you should be familiar with editing software like Photoshop. Moreover, adding and removing elements from pictures should not be a problem either.

Of course, it is not just professional photographers who might need their photos edited. An amateur who took some photos might also want to improve them by adding an effect or two.

Method #3 – E-book Covers

Amazon’s self-publishing program paved the way for new writers to publish their books in the form of an e-book, ignoring traditional publishing agencies.

Nevertheless, publishing a book yourself means that you need to spend a lot more on marketing. A catchy book cover is one of the best ways to attract a potential reader.

Even smaller writers hire professional graphic designers who can create an interesting book cover. This is where you come in. Try getting in touch with writers and offer them your services. Though be sure to prepare a portfolio. Design a couple of book covers and prove that you can do the job.

Method #4 – Social Media Content

Graphic Designer

Creating engaging social media content is not as simple as it may seem. Brands invest a lot to improve their social media presence, and content creation is one of the priorities. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook are quite competitive, and a brand’s profile will not stand out if it has mediocre content.

Graphic designers can help with the problem by offering their services. Illustrations, caricatures, infographics, and other visually-driven content can elevate a brand’s standing on social media and take it to another level.

Method #5 – Video Tutorials

Given the popularity of graphic design, it is understandable why more people would love to learn the craft as well.

As someone with experience, you can create video tutorial series and monetize the content. A YouTube channel is one of the options, though the platform has changed its algorithm a while back, and making money on YouTube has become quite challenging.

You could consider Skillshare and Udemy. These websites were created with the intent to provide education to those eager to learn. If you offer quality content, you can make money from selling courses.

Method #6 – Streaming

Graphic Designer

Create a Twitch TV channel and try your luck at streaming. The method may not be for everyone, but you can monetize a channel if you are consistent and can entertain an audience.

One of the options is to show off your skills as a graphic designer or take up requests from viewers when they ask you to design something.

The monetization methods include donations, subscriptions, sponsorship deals, and even a YouTube channel for stream highlights.

Method #7 – Various Freelancing Gigs

Head to Fiverr or Upwork, and you should find multiple gigs offers for graphic design. Whether it is someone looking for a new logo, a banner for their social media site, or another element that you can create, do not hesitate and bid on a job.

The competition can be pretty rough on freelancer platforms, so at first, you will need to focus on gaining positive feedback on your profile. Potential employers will be reluctant to hire someone who has not received reviews from other platform members.

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