How to Sync PS4 Controller to PS4 Updated For 2023

If you’ve been playing for more than a year, you probably remember what it was like to deal with cable controllers on your PlayStation 2 or Xbox system (or – so far, some of our authors – NES, SNES, or SEGA Saturn). Now the question is raised up that, How to Sync PS4 Controller to PS4 play station?

We can’t overreact to having sync ps4 controller PS4 wireless controls, but to play with them, you’ll need to adapt your system. For PS4 or PS4 Pro owners, syncing your controls should not be a problem, but we are here to clear up any confusion you may have. We’ve also included a guide to connecting or sync ps4 controller to PC if you want to exit the console.

It causes why your ps4 controller wont sync or connect. There are a few reasons to blame that how to sync ps4 controller to ps4. There are multiple tips for you to sync ps4 controller to PC without any trouble!

Bluetooth Signal Interference

Sony PS4 uses standard Bluetooth connectivity to synchronize wireless controls. If you have multiple Bluetooth devices connected to your PS4 and have trouble connecting or your Controller will not connect at all, you may have a problem with nearby signal interference.

Wireless devices using Bluetooth to connect are designed to handle signal interference from other devices, but connection problems may still occur. You should try disconnecting other Bluetooth devices such as tablets, headsets, smartphones, PCs, etc., to see if they are causing the problem.

Weak battery

If your battery in your PS4 Controller is weak, the Bluetooth range can be reduced. In some cases, the Controller may not be able to maintain good communication at all.

The same thing could happen if a battery is damaged or no longer charged.

Control firmware problem

In some cases, the cause may be deep inside the PS4 controller firmware. Since there is no setting in your console firmware update console, you are limited to resetting it instead. This is usually an effective way to fix the misconduct of PS4.

Troubleshooting ps4 controller wont sync or connect

Below are some possible solutions that you can try if your ps4 controller wont sync or not connected to the console.

How to Sync PS4 Controller

  1. Charge the Controller:

When troubleshooting the PS4 wireless Controller, make sure you charge 100% first. This will ensure that you do not use the PS4 Controller, which may illuminate or weak battery problem.

  1. Sync Ps4 Controller to PC and Console via USB Cable:

If you have trouble connecting the wireless Controller, try using a USB cable instead of reconnecting it. Here’s what:

  • Get a good working USB cable.
  • Connect the Controller to your PS4 with a USB cable.
  • Press and hold the PlayStation button in the center of the Controller. This will clear the old connection setting and re-sync this Controller to the console again.
  1. Reset Control First:

If the previous step did not help, you could try to determine if the original synchronization will work. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Turn off your PlayStation 4.
  • Connect your Controller to the console using the USB cable.
  • Press and hold the PlayStation or PS button in the center of your Controller. This will prompt the Controller to re-sync initially.
  1. Perform a soft Reset on the Controller:

You will need another efficient controller to do this. If you do not have a second controller to use, just skip this solution and move on to the next one below.

  • Using the second active Controller, go to your PS4 settings menu.
  • Devices -Choose from the drop-down menu.
  • Select Bluetooth devices.
  • Find an inactive wireless controller in the list of devices and select it. The active Controller should show a green dot while the inactive one will have a white or gray circle.
  • Press the options button on your Controller, located to the right of the touch-pad. This will bring up a new menu.
  • Choose to forget the device. This will disconnect the inactive Controller from the console.
  • Delete PS4 console.
  • Reset the Controller at the beginning, as we did in Step # 3.
  1. Perform a hard reset on the Controller:

If you can’t perform a soft reset on the Controller, then you have no choice but to hard reset. For this to work, you will need to use a piece of paper or something similar. You will need to use an open piece of paper to press the small reset button.

Delete PS4 Console

  • Find a small hole where the reset button is located. Below and next to the left button (LT).
  • Put a piece of paper into the hole and press the reset button for about 5 seconds.
  • Connect the Controller to the PS4 and see what happens.


Some PS4 users who have had trouble in sync ps4 controller wireless control in the past reported that they were able to re-sync their controllers with the steps below. The only difference we see with this process is that you interrupt the console launch process first. This is not a secure process and may corrupt software if done repeatedly.

If the above solutions do not work, definitely try this modified functionality to fix an incompatible controller or an inactive controller:

Power in the console.

  • Once the console has started restarting, turn it off by a wall outlet or protector (if you are using one). Do not unplug the power cable after the console.
  • When PS4 restarts, it will rebuild its cache or system files. You should try connecting the Controller again and see what happens.

What Happens if your Ps4 Controller wont Sync yet?

If this guide does not work and no solutions have helped, you should consider getting another one. If the console and Controller are within the warranty period, contact Sony or visit your dealer for a free replacement.

How Can You Synchronize Another Controller Without Wire?

How to Sync PS4 Controller

We all know whereby fun it is to be able to play games for so many players and your friends. Planning a game night is just a dream if you are a gamer. No problems, PlayStation 4 allows players to play at a time through various controllers.

Once you are done syncing one Controller favorably to your console, you can easily sync other controllers wireless. To do that, keep following the measures given below:

  1. With your synced Controller operate to the settings, an image that looks like a briefcase on the top of the PS4 home menu, clicks that.
  2. Now go over the devices and then select Bluetooth accessories. This will display a listing of the devices that are currently synced to your console.
  3. Now, touch the PS button for 5 seconds on that Controller that you wish to sync with the console
  4. After 5 seconds, the new Controller will display up in the program, ready to be synchronized. Select the new Controller with the previously synced Controller. The new Controller is waiting to be used along with the past item.

How Unpaired PS4 Controller?

Game night is over, and now you have decided to perform on all solo. Well, it’s time to disconnect all your additional controllers now as it is not recommended to have them all connected eternally.

To unpaired the Controller of the console, here is what you can do:

  1. First of all, you have to you have to sure that the Controller you desire to unpaired is turned off (you can do that by pressing the PS button on the Controller)
  2. Now, using the other Controller, go to the settings from the PS4 Home menu. Then navigate to the devices and select the Bluetooth Devices.
  3. Here, you’ll be able to view all the connected devices to the PS4. Select the Controller you want to disconnect and then click on delete. This will make your Controller be disconnected from the console.


So to conclude, we discussed in the above article about how to Sync PS4 Controller updated in 2021 that there are a few reasons that can be blamed for the PS4 Controller syncing issue. Bluetooth signal interference.

Sony’s PS4 uses a standard Bluetooth connection to sync wireless controllers. If you have a number of Bluetooth devices connected to your PS4 and you’re having trouble connecting or your Controller won’t connect at all, you may have a signal interference issue at hand.

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