InsTube Review: Free Music & Video Downloads from Websites

Lets start review about InsTube Video Downloader. When it comes to downloading their favourite videos/songs from websites like YouTube, Facebook, DailyMotion, and others, most entertainment fans worldwide face a common problem. It’s discouraging to leave a website without having downloaded anything you liked.

In this case, the InsTube Video Downloader app comes in handy. We assist Android phone users in downloading music and video files from YouTube, Facebook, SoundCloud, and other sources. Today’s post is about the InsTube Review, which includes an introduction to the Youtube download features and other functions, a price, a download link, and our own opinion.

Instube is one such tool that may download videos/songs from various websites based on the user’s preferences. Let’s briefly look at this tool and discover more about its capabilities in the InsTube review that follows.

Review of InsTube

Instube has established itself as a fantastic video and music downloading tool for Android users. It allows users to download their favourite audio or video from 25 different websites, including SoundCloud, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

To download their favourite media online, one does not need to register with this software. Install InsTube on your Android phone or tablet and begin using it right away.


Furthermore, the video locker feature allows you to create secret storage space on your smartphone, allowing you to secure your data in this location. With this programme, you can convert YouTube videos to MP3 and password-protect the downloaded files. It also plays 3GP, MP3, MP4, and M4A video files. It is not only unavailable on the iOS platform, but it is also unavailable on the Google PlayStore.

YouTube downloader apps are not allowed to host on the Google PlayStore. That is why you must obtain the InsTube Android APK file from the company’s official website or through UpToDown. In this InsTube review, we’ll look at some of its best features.

InsTube’s Top-Notch Features

In just a few days after its formal introduction, InsTube has become a household name. It is the best music and movie downloader available on the internet, and it includes some of the most advanced features. Take a look at this:

25+ music and video websites are supported

One of the best features of InsTube is that it allows users to quickly download their favourite songs or films from sites such as SoundCloud, Facebook, AOL, YouTube, and 25 more. With InsTube, you can now watch videos, listen to music on your smartphone, and even download them.


A Secure App

The app isn’t available on Google Play. Many people may be concerned about their safety as a result of this. CM Security, Lookout, and Macafee, among other security applications, have all certified the app. You may find it in the security verified area of their website.

Locked video

This feature allows you to password-protect your downloaded videos so that only you have access to them. This choice comes in handy when you wish to keep some private videos hidden from others.

It’s completely free

InsTube is a free music and video downloader. You do not have to spend anything extra to get it on your smartphone. Go to the company’s official website and download the APK file to your Android phone or tablet. After you’ve installed the APK file on your smartphone, you may begin downloading music and films.

Privacy & Security

It offers an extra degree of security for all of your phone’s films, music, and other material. With InsTube, you may create a private place on your Android device and keep your media there. Except for you, no one else has access to that site.

Furthermore, the films and music files can be password protected, preventing others from accessing them even if they have access to your phone.

Quick Video Downloading

A user only needs to enter the video/music URL to begin the download, which takes only a few seconds. Users can also access the website and search the videos they want to download. They can effortlessly download the video/music of their choice via InsTube after picking it. Thanks to the optimized download speed of the InsTube downloader, the media can be downloaded at a breakneck pace.

Different Video Formats are Supported

MP3, MP4, M4A, and 3GP are among the video formats supported by InsTube. The maximum video resolution that may be supported is 1280 pixels.

How to Use the InsTube App to Save Online Videos for Offline Watching

There are several compelling reasons for storing web videos for offline viewing. When visiting a distant village with limited internet access, one of them is one of them. Depending on how long the trip will take, downloading the latest videos, comedy series, or short films can be a good option.


Whatever your reason, here are some instructions for using the InsTube Music/Video Downloading App to download videos from the internet.

  1. From any of the official links listed above, download and install the InsTube Android app.
  2. From your screen icons, open the programme and go to your favourite website.
  3. Search for the video topic of interest (using YouTube as an example) and select the best result.
  4. After the movie has finished playing, click the “share + ==>Download with InsTube” button to begin the video download.
  5. From the list of options, choose the video type you want.
  6. To finish the video download, tap the Fast Download button.

Note that videos downloaded as.mp3 are quickly converted to music during downloading, and music files downloaded with the InsTube music/video downloader have a built-in audio player. Their official homepage provides detailed instructions for downloading music, video, and photographs from various rich-media websites, such as Facebook, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Instagram, SoundCloud, and Vevo (linked above).

However, the primary download process for internet videos utilizing the InsTube video/music downloader tool is similar to the one outlined in this guide.

The Instube App’s Settings and Customization

You can change several settings in the Instube app to suit your preferences. You can use the Clipboard Link Identification function in the settings to enable it. This function initiates the download process for copied links automatically.

This is where you can alter the download path for videos and music. The programme allows you to execute four processes at once to download videos by default. If you have high-speed internet, you can alter this to even greater tasks or drop the task number if your connection is slow.

Aside from that, there’s a Fast Download mode that speeds up the download by using numerous connections. By default, this functionality is enabled. If you’re having trouble downloading videos, you can disable this option.


The Instube App has already established itself as the best video downloader on the market. The programme appears to run correctly, and I haven’t seen any crashes while using it. As previously stated, the Instube app is well-developed, and I can confidently say that it is the best video downloader for Android. After using InsTube, the majority of individuals have given it positive feedback. Users have praised the app’s excellent capabilities and are enthusiastic about using it.

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