How to Extend the Life of Your iPhone’s Battery (From Both Users and Developers Perspective)

Mobile phones cater to our everyday lives’ workings ever so increasingly that we tend to call them part of our lives. But one thing which has constantly bugged us is iPhone Battery life. If there is one thing that iPhone users are continuously complaining about is the fast-depleting battery lives of the phones.

On the coin’s flip side, when it comes to otherwise, iPhones are the best smartphones on this planet, more secure, user-friendly, innovative, feature-rich, game-changing, and much more. While the Apple company (iPhone app developers) constantly endeavors by increasing battery life with its innovative updates in them but still fail to do so to a more significant extent.

iPhone fast battery drainage is due to many underlying factors that we don’t know about, and for which, this blog can be helpful, finding the issues and help extend the iPhone battery life. So, Keep Reading!

Besides, let’s face it, it’s not the iPhone users but also iPhone app developers that face a similar issue in making light-functioning apps that shouldn’t deplete the battery life fast. However, one of the main reasons for fast battery drainage is the constantly working apps. Those apps function in the background even when closed and cause to reduce iPhone battery juice quite significantly.

So, what causes quick iPhone battery life drainage, and how to eliminate them?

iPhone does have a large user community than ever. Still, no one is a fan of its battery capabilities – that’s not quite commendable unless it’s an iPhone Max series (which has more extensive battery power).

In this written post, we’ve pulled together some reasons that affect iPhone battery life and a few hints and remedies on how you can eliminate those.

Top 6 Ways to Extend iPhone Battery Life

Here are some of the highlighted problems that negatively affect iPhone Battery Life and how to address them:

1 – Location Services

Know that many of the reasons that cause battery drainage in the first place are running or background functioning apps. Thus, one of the primary ones is the location services. This feature eats up your battery life regardless of your phone, although it’s quite a helpful feature that helps maintain your necessary security. Additionally, this feature allows you to connect to the satellite and from which you can easily navigate from one location to another. Therefore, applying this feature can drain your battery life increasingly. Besides, this feature is used by many apps to function correctly. Not to mention almost every app require you to share your location to work correctly.

So, what’s the solution?

For starters, now you know the problem, you may as well know the solution. As the maxim goes, “A problem well stated is a problem half solved” – John Dewey.

The solution is a breeze. Never share your location unless you need to. And always switch off the location feature except when you require it, like using GPS tracking and turning it off immediately after accomplishing your task.

2 – Notifications

Another critical thing that adversely affects your phone battery life is the apps’ useless notifications every minute. While I should remind you, they are the ones you approve yourself of during app installation. When you install an app, they pop up with a message, asking “Allow Notifications” or “Don’t Allow Notifications.” Whereas many of us, without giving it a second thought select, “Allow Notifications.” What that does, the app will run in the background (while depleting battery life) and alert you with any current notifications.

Have you thought about that? Now you do. Hence, be careful and don’t allow any app to function in the background unless it’s imperative. On the other hand, they are barely necessary, so why don’t you enable all of them to save maximum iPhone battery life. Then, just directly open the app and know for yourself when you need something. In this way, you can have a less distracted life.

3 – Widgets

Widgets are the mini version of apps that run in the background, ensuring 24/7 access to the internet from your device. Thus, depleting the phone’s battery life. Despite how important the app is, running in the background of your phone can cause severe drainage to the battery life. Therefore, it’s a good practice to minimize the use of widgets and save a large amount of the phone’s battery juice for the rest of your day for important calls. Not to mention many cool apps offer unique and compelling features that require access to run in the background but always be the main reasons for battery drainage.

4 – 24/7 Active iPhone

Whether the mobile device is in use or idle, we always tend to make our phones active. For whatever reason, this thing not only drains our phones’ battery lives but also overloads them for many reasons. In addition, always making our iPhone active can be unhealthy too. What if you are sleeping and your phone keeps ringing or vibrating while breaking your sleep cycles (that’s the very reason some people can’t sleep and wake up well-timed).

And more importantly, having the phone silent during sleeping hours isn’t the best option while it has no use and still running.  At least while sleeping, you should switch your phone off and save battery life in addition to resolving other technical issues that may come up to an active device. Thus, switching off your device 1 or 2 times a day can hold back battery life and help you keep a healthy sleep cycle.

5 – No Auto-Lock

While keeping your iPhone auto-lock option off, which always means bright and busy, perhaps that’s a significant reason for the phone’s decreasing battery life. Hence, you should know that keeping the auto-lock feature on might save you some battery juice for later use. On the other hand, keeping your phone auto-lock option on will put your phone into sleep mode. As a result, you are increasing battery life. Further, setting the auto-lock option on is super easy. All you require is to go to “settings,” find the auto-lock option and switch it on. Apart from that, you can even set the auto-lock time. Thus, choosing a lesser time to auto-lock phone is better for your iPhone battery life.

6 – Decrease Brightness

This thing is beneficial to your health and phone battery life as well – reduced brightness level. You should know intensified brightness affects the phone battery life and negatively affects your eyes. Having brightness set as low as you can, yields better iPhone battery life in addition to better eye sights. Not to mention bright rays can damage your eyesight significantly. Thus, you should set the brightness level to the lowest as possible to save battery life and vision.

Poor Battery Life Effects iPhone App Development

iPhone battery life also affects iPhone app development – especially iPhone app developers who constantly worry about sitting app’s priority straight while having the phone’s battery life in mind. For that, the app developer should know, unless their apps are working around a real-time scenario, they shouldn’t run in the phone’s background.

Too often, the users check their phone’s app usage to battery life or background running apps. No matter how important your app is, the user will uninstall it if was running in the background and depleting battery energy. Thus, making your app run in the background can be costly at times. On the bright side, that’s how you can get your app to stick around in a user phone – having no background running unless the user opens it for himself. Perhaps that’s how iPhone app developers can address their issues.

Wrap Up

To sum up, battery drainage can occur for many reasons, although the causes mentioned above in this blog are the main ones.  The users can save their phone’s battery life by careful usage, and developers, by optimizing their apps from useless functions running in the background that users may never require. For users, applying the above-discussed points can improve iPhone battery life to a more significant extent. Many hidden culprits in apps cause major battery drainage, although some of which are mentioned in this blog, and others are yet to be found by app developers and technicians.

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