Top 15 Best Keylogger for Android Updated In 2022

With the Android best keylogger apps, it is easy to track and record every keystroke on a keyboard. With the help of key loggers, anyone can monitor the keystroke made on the target device. In other words, it is a surveillance technology with which you can look at the keyboard keys pressed by your child or employees.

Despite this, the key logger will check for the fraudulent activity taking place on your device. Among the lots of such tools, we have handpicked the best keylogger software for Android. keystroke logger come in various kinds, depending on their required login methods. The process usually involves secretly tracking and capturing every keyboard keystroke made on your target’s device.

The best key logger apps can be used to capture data on both hardware and software pieces. On the downside, they are prone to fraudulent uses such as accessing sensitive username & password information. Now that you understand the nature of keylogger software.

Keylogger for Android

They are starting with the Android keylogger feature, which is exclusive to mSpy. The user can have the mSpy key logging feature is at the moment only available for parental control for Android.

This is incredibly popular among employers and parents. When the target person or phone enters one of the areas, you will get a notification. The alarm may appear in the app dashboard, or you may choose to receive it via email. Other than that, this Android key logger includes Monitoring of messenger apps and social media apps Monitoring calls App blocking and app deletion Account and password on device.

Basically, this Android key logger application offers everything you require for parental controls for the safety of your kid or teen, as well as what employers need for company security, confidentiality and improved employee performance available to you free.

15 Best Key Logger for Android

There are many best keylogger software for android available in market, let’s now proceed to highlight our top 15 key logger app recommendations:

1. mSpy 


mSpy is among the popular on the market. This company started developing its software in 2011, and it has been producing upgrades.

They have successfully developed an A-parental control app for monitoring child activities on Smartphones/tablets / mobile devices. They have a faithful following of millions of users all over the world. Producing high-quality products and maintaining their good reputation, there is no doubt why it remains a trusted market leader in the world of Android key logger.

It functions to monitor calls, text messages, browsing history, GPS tracking, and social media apps on the target person, smartphone, or target android device.

2. Hoverwatch


Monitoring the Android phone is simple if you have Hoverwatch. It remains utterly invisible on the target device. So, it can be used as a parental control app and thereby get information about your child’s online activity. Hoverwatch will record text messages, calls, MMS, and messages sent through chat apps. The GPS mobile tracker will let you know the location of your child in real-time. Find out the to-do lists, phone history, and more at affordable prices. To access Hoverwatch, you don’t require an Android device to be rooted.

3. KidsGuard 


Here’s a key logger for Android created with kids’ online activities in mind for parental control. Kids Guard Pro has become a parent favorite. It has a user-friendly interface, straightforward downloading without jailbreak or root required, and updates on time logging, which is needed when you want to track your kids’ activities discreetly.

4. Spyzie


One of the best keyloggers to monitor Android includes Spyzie. It is a powerful key logger to keep track of everything. Spyzie will check for messages on different social media platforms. It includes WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and text messages.

In addition to this, it tracks call logs, screenshots, contacts, and the location of the target devices. Supports exporting and viewing the data you have monitored. This key logger will record all the input information automatically. When any abnormal activities take place on the target devices, you will be reported. Get alerts regarding the deleted media; SIM card is changed, suspicious contacts, etc.

5. Kidlogger


KidLogger is a keylogger, especially for parental control. It is a tool for monitoring children’s smartphones by logging keystrokes, as the application name suggests. This keylogger performs pretty well, considering that it comes free of cost.

KidLogger has gained a reputation as a great phone monitoring solution, first for parents and then for the entire market. To date, KidLogger has tracked the following up to 200 countries. We will start by focusing on the critical feature of the Android key logger, which is one of the best features in the App.

6. Highster Mobile


Monitor your child’s Android phone with the help of Highster Mobile. It is the best keylogger to keep kids safe online. Parents can look for the browsing history of children anytime. Keeping an eye on their online activity will keep them away from cyberbullies and inappropriate content.

In the same way, this keylogger will monitor the employee’s training and thereby increase productivity. So, Highster Mobile is useful for the individual, parents, and employers. It tracks social chat apps, GPS, photos, videos, text messages, and more. The live control panel will let the users dynamically access the details on the target device.

7. Cocospy

Keyl ogger

Cocospy is a well-known Android keylogger with the following best user on all continents. People tend to praise the App more for the parental control features it has.

Interestingly, most people start using it to determine if their teens are being abused and whether their children are bullying others or not. The click of a button applies to sites, social apps such as Instagram and WhatsApp, and all browsing sites, including Google, search. Some people find it necessary to press a key to search for phone content such as phone numbers, photos, videos, and SMS.

8. iKeyMonitor

Key logger

Yet another powerful and feature-rich keylogger to spy on an Android device is iKeyMonitor. It can be used as parental control and employee surveillance. So, with one tool, you can monitor your kids and employees. iKeyMonitor works on rooted as well as the non-rooted Android device. It is quite pricey and has only a 3-day free trial.

However, you will never miss a single keystroke with this tool. It can keep track of messages, calendars, notes, and social chat apps. Besides this, the iKeyMonitor App will record the voice around the target device. It will record the data of the target phone and email it to you. iKeyMonitor will work from behind, and the target device users will be unaware of this keylogger.

9. Mobistealth

Key logger

Mobistealth is remotely monitoring the Android phone is made possible with the Mobistealth App. It has an advanced keylogging feature and is versatile. Using this tool, the users can check every other activity of an Android phone.

It includes texts, call logs, emails, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Viber, etc. Monitoring the location is possible even if the GPS isn’t active on the target device. It will record the target Android device’s surroundings by listening to the sound. Additionally, it can record the calls and bring them for you via online accounts. Mobistealth app will track photos, web history, contacts, videos, and more.


Key logger

The world’s most trusted spy app to monitor Android device is XNSPY. It can be used as parental control or employee surveillance. So, you can monitor your children as well as the employee’s activity remotely. It will monitor phone calls, contacts, SMS, and IM chats from chat apps like WhatsApp, Viber, etc.

The GPS location will track your children’s area on the map. In addition to recording phone calls, XNSPY will record the surroundings. It will check the photos, videos, and files saved on the target devices. Set to receive alerts when specific words are used on SMS, locations, phonebooks, etc. and protect kids from being abused. It will keep the logs of your WiFi network with date, time, and address stamp. 

11. Copy9

Key logger

If you want an all-in-one monitoring solution, then Copy9 is all you need. With this tool, you can track your kid’s and employee’s online activity. It will monitor the text messages, GPS location, call, and chats apps. Copy9 is the best keylogger and records everything that is typed, deleted, and saved. It will track online activities as websites visited and those cited accessed the most. Copy9 app can record the calls and surroundings near the phone. You can view the multimedia files like photos, videos, files, notes, etc. saved on the target device with ease.

12. Spyic

Key logger

sPyic is also a favorite among those familiar with spy apps and keyloggers for Android and iOS. Since its launch, this app has gained a lot of popularity and made it visible on established platforms.

Spyic provides real-time and instant login updates. Clicking the keys from all and any social media used by the targeted user on the targeted Android phone will be displayed on the dashboard. Additionally, website searches across Google Chrome, Firefox, and other providers are synced and updated accurately. It was the first thing that caught the attention of parents who wanted to monitor activities and know what their children and teens were watching online.


Key logger

ThetruthSpy key logger comes with a highly advanced system for tracking and monitoring smart devices. It is the best key logger apps on this list that has lots of extra functions.All you have is to install the ThetruthSpy key logger app on your target device without arousing any suspicion. You can then begin to enjoy unlimited access to all communication. The Premium plan is also quite affordable and comes with more advanced spying solutions.

14. Windows Keylogger

Key logger

Windows Key logger, as the name suggests, is a computer running Windows. There are a free version and a paid version of this keylogger key software. Windows Key logger records key clicks, clipboard, online activity, and app usage without screenshots, only available in the paid version.

This free Key logger provides you with a sidebar to your right that provides a calendar and record count for each day. This and the addition of the appropriate app icon before each record make it much easier for users to understand the report viewer’s messages. Report submission is only available in the paid version of Windows Key logger. However, if all you need is a free key that records location viewing tickets, a Windows Key logger may be right for you on this list of the best key loggers you can download by 2020.

15. All in one Keylogger All

Key logger

The All in One Key logger developed by is not precisely “Free” but offers a 7-day trial period. Its interface doesn’t look very modern, but it does know all the other free key logger apps’ critical features on this list. For example, it can record necessary clicks, chats, web activities, screenshots, etc.

However, the way it is presented in its reports differs in some ways from its appearance in many other programs. While the All in One Key logger is beyond measure in performance, it can improve a lot in the user experience category. With an attractive and easy-to-use interface, all in One Key loggers would be at the top of the list of the best key loggers, especially by the year 2020, when user-friendly “Modern” touches are a big hit.


There are so many good choices of keylogger software for Android available, and we have listed the top ones. it has to be chosen carefully after looking at various factors. It includes ease of use, functionality, installation, etc. We recommend not to use the key logger as a medium to steal other personal information like password, login id, credit card numbers, etc.

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