Review: – German Streaming Portal has a very poor trust rating. This is a clear indication that the website is a fraud. We used a computer program to rate The program analyzed the website for source code, terms and conditions, registry, firm location, and if the website has gotten a lot of positive or negative feedback.

Based on our research, we gave the kinoger website a very bad score. If we give a website a poor rating, we strongly advise you to double-check that the source is not an online fraud and is indeed safe to use. In the following post, we address your most pressing concerns: Is KinoGer a felony?

Positive points to remember

  • Based on visitor volume, Alexa has given this website a high rating.
  • This website has received mostly positive feedback.
  • A valid SSL certificate was discovered.
  • The website’s “registered till” date is a long way off.
  • The site was created some years ago.
  • This is an arts and entertainment website. Overall Review a German streaming-on-demand service? Fans of movies and television shows are usually on the search for free series and film streaming. Even as judicial prohibitions on platforms become increasingly regular, they are thriving in Germany. Some of the most popular places to do this, like and, used to be completely blocked. Kino Ger is one gateway that, strangely enough, can still be reached without issue. However, you may also find the most recent movies and other items on


As a KinoGer Streamen user, may you be held liable?

How can you safeguard yourself from warnings? An error warning appears at & co. but not at Rather than paying for a new series or a movie, you can stream it for free on Netflix. That sounds promising. And it was always simple to accomplish. However, if you go to or other similar streaming portals that provide free series and film streams, you will now receive an error warning. Because the providers had no choice but to ban these portals, users from Germany, as well as Austria, were no longer able to access them. It’s possible that streaming services are unlawful!

Why is this the case? Simply put, it is against the law for a streaming service like KinoGer to show the newest movies without first getting permission from the filmmakers. A 2017 decision by the European Court of Justice says that portals can also be punished for this crime. Because of this, internet providers block streaming sites like,, Movies123,,, and others that look sketchy.

Is KinoGer a safe and legal way to watch movies online? is another example of a streaming-on-demand service. But one that hasn’t been (yet) blocked. Kino Ger is waiting for movies like “Sonic: The Hedgehog,” “The Gentlemen,” and “Birds of Prey,” which are now or have recently been shown in theaters., of course, also has older films and programmes. However, the fact that you can stream new blockbusters online should make you suspicious.

You may also be held accountable as a KinoGer user.

Because a 2017 ECJ ruling says that people who use illicit streams without hiding it could also be held responsible. Also, every user should know that they can’t legally trade a free video like “Birds of Prey” on KinoGer. That is how the court sees it as well. You’re not making any arguments here by claiming ignorance. If you do your research through an Internet provider, you’ll see that it states “warning and pay.” The money might be gone in a matter of minutes.

Use a VPN to shield yourself from these warnings!

Do you want to continue using Of course, that is all your decision. However, if you choose to stream with Kino Ger, you must safeguard your privacy and identity (and save your wallet from expensive warnings). A trustworthy VPN that prioritises user confidentiality will assist you in the following ways: Your IP address is hidden and the data you send and receive is encrypted as soon as you connect to a VPN server. Nobody is aware of who you are or what you are up to. As was already said, you need to choose a VPN company that doesn’t keep logs and uses other security measures.

KinoGer Alternatives

Of course, instead of using, you should use a premium streaming service to be safe. Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Sky are just a few examples. A little tip: a VPN can help you with both Kino and paid streaming sites. Because while you’re on the go, things don’t always and everywhere function.

Review of the Organization

The website owner’s identity has been concealed. Spammers use this information to email website owners, so this may be done for a good cause. Unfortunately, this makes identifying the owner more difficult. We would prefer that the website reveal his genuine identity. This website entertains visitors by creating, promoting, and/or hosting interesting material. A lot of animation, discussion boards, exhibits, audio, video, online games, and other multimedia activities are common on this type of website.

Review of a Webstore

We revised our assessment of the website because Alexa has given it a high rating. Alexa ranks websites based on their popularity (the number of monthly visitors) and listings (how many other websites link to the site because they consider it valuable). Most businesses only reserve the name of their website (also known as a domain name) for a year. They can get the registration renewed automatically every year. If a domain name is registered for more than one year in the future, we consider it a favourable indicator.

It means that the firm plans to be in business for a long period. As a consequence, the trust score of has improved. This website’s domain name was registered some years ago. In general, the older a website is, the more reliable it is. Scammers, on the other hand, have been known to purchase established websites and begin conducting their bad deeds, so make sure you look for other suspicious characteristics as well.

Review of the Technical

We discovered an SSL certificate, which means that the information sent between your browser and the website is encrypted and cannot be read by third parties. Legitimate and secure websites always employ SSL certificates. Unfortunately, scammers are increasingly using SSL certificates, so there’s no guarantee you’re visiting a trustworthy site.

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