Why and How to Create a Lead Magnet?

Conducting business in the digital sphere requires entrepreneurs and business actors to apply various marketing tactics. The critical goal is to encourage people to visit their website, subscribe to a newsletter, and buy goods or services.

Notably, much depends on the leads the marketing and sales teams attract. What are their main instruments?

Lead magnets! Yes, they get leads like a natural magnet, and its power depends on the value you offer.

Read on to learn more about lead magnet marketing and how to create a lead magnet campaign that will contribute to your CRM.

What is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is a valuable piece of content that the leads willingly exchange their email or contact information for. The common condition is that it is free and provides the solution to the customer’s issues.

Why use it?

For various actors, both in B2B and B2C sectors, this lead magnet marketing tactic allows finding the prospects and cost-effectively getting their contact information. At the same time, the highest converting lead magnets bring not only knowledge but greater awareness and recognition. The chances are high that the leads will recommend the materials you share to other people.

By using lead magnet marketing, the brand optimizes its lead generation efforts and adds another tactic to attract quality leads. Some use targeted research or try to guess leads’ email addresses and then verify them with special software like this: https://getprospect.com/email-verifier. The lead magnet offers a different approach where the leads contact the brand first, which adds to the trust development. However, these tactics work best together.

How to Create a Lead Magnet?

You may think that, to create a lead magnet, you just need to know the interests of your audience and provide a quality piece. Nonetheless, it is not as easy as many would consider. The critical factors in designing lead magnets for sales improvement relate to researching the customer persona, the content, distribution, and the solution the brand provides. Here is a lead magnet checklist of the critical steps to follow:

Pick a target and study a customer persona

In pursuit of designing the best B2B and B2B lead magnets, marketers and salespersons try to create an ideal piece that will satisfy all of the potential clients. Nonetheless, it can be the wrong tactic. For example, the best B2B lead magnets target a specific group and reflect their needs.

That’s why the lead magnet campaign should start by picking the target, studying customer persona, and doing outstanding research. Knowing people’s preferences, you will be able to create lead magnet pieces that are relevant, specific, and exciting.

Define a need to solve

Importantly, lead magnet marketing works efficiently if it provides value to the leads. In this regard, the best B2B lead magnets are offering insights and solutions to the target audience’s needs. Thus, the primary goal of marketers and salespersons is to study the pain points of the leads and provide an excellent solution.

You should learn how to read the minds of your audience. Notably, social listening can help with it.

Select the correct format and distribution channel

At the same time, depending on the needs of your audience, you should select the format that would fit the solution. There are different types of lead magnets that suit various goals.

For instance, if you have stats to share, then create a case study. On the other hand, the recommendations and solutions fit the guide and ebook formats well. For sure, if you have the pieces that will educate the audience, you can share a course or video lesson as a part of the lead magnet campaign.

Besides, to get good results, you need to place the lead magnet in places where your audience will engage with them. The usual practice is to distribute a lead magnet on the landing page or other popular pages, as the audience visits these pages more frequently. Guides is a popular lead magnet type to share there.

However, you can as well share the links to the lead magnets on social media. For instance, LinkedIn and Instagram have excellent targeting features, primarily if the distributed piece can educate readers. Besides, you can engage with people on the blog pages. There, you can start with a quiz and offer a course to download based on the results of the quiz.

Check the results

Lastly, it is essential to make sure that you target the right people and that your lead magnet works. In this regard, you can send people the newsletter and check their engagement. Also, you can do polls with the existing emails and re-segment the audience based on the responses. In the end, if you do not send the confirmation email immediately after you get the address of people, then you can use the email verifier to check the validity of the email addresses provided.

Crucial Lead Magnet Campaign Tips

To create lead magnet pieces that will convert leads, you need to consider the lead magnet tips to position yourself right and go beyond the essential lead magnet checklist. They will allow you to establish connections and build relationships that are likely to support the decision of the lead to engage with your brand. So, what are the lead magnet tips, then?

  • Focus on expertise. First, it is about creating an authority to which people will appeal to. Besides, expertise can bring an added value. Thus, when you design a course or a video piece that leads can learn from, it is an excellent tactic to contact experts in the industry. In this regard, you can use an email finder add-on and extract the email addresses of experts from LinkedIn to get them.
  • Educate first. Also, it is important not to sell first and integrate your product as a part of the solution. Therefore, instead of selling, educate first, and share insights or pieces of advice. It is a soft selling technique that will help you develop relationships.
  • Leave some secrets unknown. Lastly, some marketers make a common mistake and share all the advice at once. Such an action deprives you of the ability to keep the audience interested in the subscription for new materials. Thus, make sure you leave some secrets on your sleeve that you will share after they become your clients.

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